Such a strong evil aura immediately aroused the vigilance of the disciples of the Holy Land Mountain Guard.

Looking at the dark and oppressive evil atmosphere in the sky.

One of the disciples guarding the mountain stepped forward and said angrily, "Who dares to break into my holy land!"

However, what answered him was a piercing beam of light in the black mist.

The disciple guarding the mountain was instantly pierced through the heart, and fell to the ground spitting blood from his mouth.

And at this moment, countless evil cultivators flew in, like locusts in the sky, covering the sky.

Suddenly, a group of mountain guarding disciples were shocked.

"Someone has broken into the Holy Land! Notify the elders!"

Fortunately, the disciples who guarded the mountain did not panic.

Several of them quickly returned to the sect and informed the elders.

And the remaining dozens of disciples guarding the mountain immediately set up a formation to deal with the evil cultivators who were attacking from the sky.

Outside the gate of the Holy Land, blood was splashed.

These evil cultivators are all murderous people who don't blink an eye.

Those who cultivate to the shallowest level also have a condensation period.

The Xuan Gong practiced is even more evil and vicious.

Dozens of disciples guarding the mountain fought with it, and soon there were casualties.

In a few moments, there was already a sea of corpses and blood in front of the gate of the Holy Land Mountain.

The remaining dozen or so injured Mountain Guarding Disciples, holding the remnant sword in their hands, looked in horror at the seemingly undiminished Heavenly Evil Cultivator.

"Hahaha! The disciples of the Holy Land are nothing more than that! they're just some condensing and condensing waste!".

A dark shadow descended.

But I saw a tall, fierce-looking man, holding a mountain-splitting axe, jumping into the midst of the dozen disciples.

He turned around and swept away, and then stopped and cut off several Holy Land disciples.

This person is one of the masters of the Demon Abyss, mad and evil!

An unimaginable pressure suddenly made the legs of the surviving disciples weak.

In this realm of madness, there is already a middle stage of distraction!

"Lord Demon Venerable has an order, quickly clean up the periphery of the Holy Land, find and kill the Holy Son Xu Ze. At this time, in the midst of the evil cultivators in the sky, an old man with a white beard and red eyes shouted loudly, "Crazy evil, don't cause more trouble!"

"Yes, Nine Elders!".

The mad evil responded with a fist clenched, and then looked at the group of disciples who had no intention of fighting with an evil face.

The mountain splitting axe in his hand fell mercilessly towards everyone.

"Stop! The remnants of the Demon Abyss dare to spread wilderness in the Holy Land!".

A burst of cheers rang out.

But I saw countless icicles, like a rain of flowers in the sky, flying by.

More than a dozen evil cultivators were instantly pierced by these countless icicles, and they fell from the sky like a hornet's nest.


The madman was shocked.

The few remaining mountain guarding disciples also turned their heads in surprise.

"Frost Elder!".

But I saw that a white-haired old woman led dozens of disciples of the Heavenly Cold Palace to come, and the terrifying cold suddenly suppressed the evil cultivators.

"This, this is the master of the Holy Land?".

"So strong! This person's strength is at least in the creation period!".

Seeing the white-haired old woman, the evil cultivators were shocked.

"Hmph, Frost, but it made you steal the limelight. "This frost elder has not stopped.

I only heard a cold snort sound.

There were more than a dozen old men dressed in various palace uniforms, leading the disciples of each palace to flash in front of the mountain gate of the Holy Land.

For a while, outside the Holy Land, there were disciples of the Holy Land everywhere.

The evil spirit was suddenly cleared away.

The evil cultivators who originally had a large number of people now seem to have become the inferior side in numbers.

"The thirteen elders of the Holy Land are here!".

"The Holy Land brothers have also arrived!"

"Great, it's saved!".

Several surviving mountain guarding disciples breathed a sigh of relief.

Each of these thirteen elders is a top master in the Qiankun Continent.

The strongest Great Elder Qi Tian even had a terrifying peak late-stage strength, second only to the Holy Lord!

"Bold and evil cultivators, let you live in the abyss, it is already the biggest concession of the Holy Land to you, and now, you dare to kill the Holy Land!

"Look for death!".

Great Elder Qi Tian took a step forward, and the terrifying momentum at his peak suddenly shocked all the evil cultivators.

Some of those who are still shallow in cultivation are even more shaky, spitting blood from their mouths.

Even the Nine Elders at the head were suffocated, their faces turned red, and a mouthful of blood stirred in their chests.

"It is worthy of being a holy place, and there are so many hidden masters ......."

The Ninth Elder wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and his eyes showed a look of horror.

They all know that with today's demon abyss, it is self-defeating to touch the holy land.

But don't ......

Because their purpose this time is not just the Holy Land.

"Holy Son Xu Ze is not here!".

A glimmer of light flashed in the eyes of the Nine Elders, and a thousand-mile transmission had already been transmitted.

"Elders of the Demon Abyss, the Great Array of Ten Thousand Evils!"

The Nine Elders let out a loud shout.

but they saw the holy place round about.

Several Demon Abyss elders appeared out of thin air.

Each floats in the air and crosses his knees, pinching his fingers and forming a circle.

The entire holy mountain was instantly enveloped in a huge formation.

The entire formation was like an upside-down blood-colored bowl, holding the holy mountain inside.

"It's not good, these evil cultivators want to trap us here. A look of solemnity flashed in Elder Qi Tian's eyes, "What are they going to do!"

Although this Ten Thousand Evil Array was not a threat to those of them.

But for a while, I really can't break free.

Do these people have another purpose?

Elder Frost seemed to remember something.

She was shocked and exclaimed, "Oh no! The Holy Son and the Holy Maiden are still at the bottom of the mountain! They are coming for the Holy Son and the Holy Maiden!"

The elders were shocked.

The Son and the Daughter are the future leaders of the Holy Land.

If you die in the hands of Demon Yuan, it is equivalent to breaking the foundation of the Holy Land!

"Quick, unite the strength of everyone, and break through this ten thousand evil arrays!"

For a while, in this blood-colored formation, countless colored lights overflowed.

However, the full force of the evil cultivators suppressed it, and it actually made this big array as stable as Mount Tai, and it was difficult to shake it in the slightest!


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