The day of the Hundred Flowers Festival will soon come.

At the foot of the holy mountain, the town is lit up.

Everyone is busy preparing for this annual celebration.

On the side of the road, a hundred flowers bloom.

The fragrance of flowers, wafting through the town.

Even the disciples of the Holy Land have a rare rest on this day, and they can put down all the things related to cultivation and come to the bottom of the mountain to enjoy themselves.

For monks, spiritual practice may be the only thing they pursue in this life.

But experiencing life is also extremely necessary for them.

Qu Tianhan wore a blue dress, and his long hair fell to his waist.

It seems that in order to attract people's attention, this time Qu Tianhan gave up the extremely conservative mopping skirt on weekdays, and instead changed to a short skirt that could only cover his knees.

The jade legs are white and flawless, enough to make countless people drool when they look at them.

On the green silk, there is a lovely blue butterfly-shaped silk ribbon.

This saintess, who is cold and unparalleled on weekdays, seems to be much cuter at the moment, and has many relatives.

Looking in the mirror, such a lovely self.

Qu Tianhan turned left and right, making sure that there was no flaw on his body, and couldn't help but show a smug smile.

"Count this Xu Ze's acquaintance, and two days ago, he sent someone to send him a handwritten letter. "

On the dresser, a piece of stationery that had been opened and read an unknown number of times was placed there.

It is clearly written that Xu Ze invited Qu Tianhan to visit the Hundred Flowers Festival together.

"It's almost time, Xu Ze should already be waiting in the town. "

Qu Tianhan glanced outside.

Immediately, he jumped and flew towards the town outside.


Xu Ze's agreed location was outside the holy mountain town, on the edge of a lake.

Soon, Qu Tianhan came here.

His eyes patrolled around the lake, looking for Xu Ze's figure.


After landing, Qu Tianhan realized that there was no one else by the lake.

Before her, there were several young girls, who were standing by the lake.

And these girls are all acquaintances......

Lin Yuer, Lu Qingqing, and ...... Jing Xiaoxuan?

When Qu Tianhan came to the lakeside.

The eyes of the three girls looked at Qu Tianhan in unison.

"Qu Tianhan ......" Jing Xiaoxuan's face showed a hint of disgust, and she subconsciously stepped back.

"Jing Xiaoxuan, why are you here? "

Qu Tian looked at Jing Xiaoxuan coldly, and felt a little unhappy in his heart.

When did this woman appear?

"I, why can't I be here anymore!Wait, how can you know me now!" Jing Xiaoxuan gritted her teeth and pointed at Lin Yu'er and Lu Qingqing, "You won't have the same memories as the two of them, right?"

"Oh, I see, you all know. "

Qu Tian laughed coldly, raised his eyes and looked at Lu Qingqing and Lin Yu'er, "What should I say? Unexpectedly, we are together again?"

"To be honest, I'd rather not live again in this life than meet you as a woman. Jing Xiaoxuan looked unhappy.

Lin Yu'erqiong's nose wrinkled slightly, and she also snorted: "If it weren't for the face of the Holy Son, I wouldn't want to see any of you." "

"......" Lu Qingqing's eyes were gloomy and silent.

Between the heroines, the relationship is not harmonious.

Even if the former nine generations cooperated, it was just to punish the scumbag.

Now live again.

Facing Xu Ze, who has not yet blackened and degenerated, everyone knows that this is a brand new opportunity to monopolize him.

How can you give each other a good face.

"What about Xu Ze?".

Suddenly, Qu Tianhan asked the question in everyone's minds.

"Ahem, I didn't expect you to come so early. Xu Ze's voice appeared not far away in a very timely manner.

saw Xu Ze holding the four flower cakes he had just bought in his hands, with a shallow smile on his face, and walked towards the four of them.

"Holy Son......" Qu Tianhan's eyelids jumped.

She really wanted to ask why Xu Ze invited the remaining three women after inviting herself.

Not only her, but even other girls were full of doubts.

"This Hundred Flowers Festival, according to legend, has a grand scene that is rare in a century. "

Xu Ze came to the four of them, and the flower cakes in his hands were distributed to the four girls one by one.

"And the four of you, one of whom is the maid who has been with me for the longest time. "

"One is the junior who likes to stick to me the most. "

"One is a fool who wants to plot against him. "

"There is another ......" handed the flower cake to Qu Tianhan, Xu Ze smiled, "It is a green plum who grew up together." "

Looking at the flower cake in his hand, Qu Tianhan's face turned red.

"Each of the four people has its own meaning to me, and it would be too sorry to invite only one of them. "

Xu Ze smiled lightly and gave full play to his scumbag skills.

"If you don't dislike it, can you come with me to visit this rare flower festival in a hundred years?"

Stretching out his hand, Xu Ze asked with a smile.

The four girls seemed stunned.

Where have they ever seen such ......

Such a brazen man!

Although they all wanted to stuff the flower cake in their hands into Xu Ze's ass.

Then he kicked him in the ass.

But looking at Xu Ze's clear smile.

In the hearts of the four girls, a trace of sweetness inexplicably rose.

Subconsciously, four people reached out at the same time.

The four white and soft jade hands were actually on Xu Ze's hands at the same time.

When they came to their senses.

Xu Ze had already slowly clasped his palms.

The fingers of the four people were gently squeezed into the palms.

"Shall we go?".

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