[Congratulations to the host, solve the mystery of the plot of the tenth life!].


With a deafening sound rang out.

In front of Xu Ze's eyes, the system interface suddenly popped up automatically.

Originally, there was only one 'ten' character system screen, but it began to have text.


Xu Ze was taken aback.

In the first nine reincarnations, Xu Zeke had never seen the system appear automatically.

Every time he turned on the system, Xu Ze was just to determine what life he had reincarnated.

It can be said that this system, except for arranging a task for itself, does not have any eggs.

Unexpectedly, now, it is ......


"What's going on, system, are you all messing with this?".

Xu Ze hurriedly asked.

[Back to the host, this system is a reincarnation plot system, as long as you complete the world plot ten times, you can lift the restrictions of the ten worlds and enter the supreme avenue].

"I know all this......" Xu Ze frowned.

Of course he knew that.

If it weren't for the achievement of the true body of the Great Dao, how could Xu Ze take the trouble to go through the plot over and over again?

[The plot of the first nine worlds, you have completed it with a perfect evaluation].

[And the plot of the tenth life, will combine the completion of the plot of the first nine lives to tailor the plot of the last life for you].

[In this life, you have only one goal, host].

[On the premise of not revealing the identity of the reincarnation, complete the final redemption of the ten heroines!].

Final Redemption?

Xu Ze looked confused.

What is the final redemption?

Is this for me to revisit them again?

"No, you mean that the reason why the difficulty of my reincarnation in this life has soared is because I have done so well in my first nine lives?"

Xu Ze always felt that something was wrong and was a little annoyed.

[If the plot of the first nine lives of the host is not completed perfectly, the difficulty of reincarnation in this life will be a thousand times higher than it is now].

A thousand-fold?

Xu Ze was stunned.

The plot is hard enough now.

You told me that if the plot of the first nine lives was not perfect, this life would be a thousand times more difficult than it is now?

Xu Ze was afraid for a while.

Fortunately, I didn't do anything too out of the ordinary in the first nine lives, and everything was honestly completed according to the plot.

"However, in this life, don't you have anything to suggest from the system?" Xu Ze had a headache.

If these ten heroines really recovered the memories of the first nine lives.

Then I'm afraid that my life will not be guaranteed.

You know, when they abandoned them at that time, their hatred for themselves was real!

[Back to the host, this system has no comment.] 】

[Please ask the host to successfully redeem the ten heroines].

[If any of the ten heroines are completely blackened, the reincarnation of this life will fail].

[Please also ask the host to make efforts].

The voice fell.

In the system interface, the names of several of the heroines emerged.

[Qu Dumping Cold].

[Blackening degree: 67%].

[Lin Yuer].

[Blackening level: 15%].

[Lu Qingqing].

[Blackening degree: 87%].

[Jing Xiaoxuan].

[Blackening degree: 33%].


See these.

Xu Ze gasped.

I'll go.

Here, there are some heroines whose blackening degree is ridiculously high!

Lu Qingqing, what's going on with you?

Aren't you always happy when I look at you?

Why is the degree of blackening so high!

And you Qu Tianhan! It turns out that you are angry with me because of this kind of thing!

You should have said it earlier! Your degree of blackening is not low!

After reading the information of these heroines.

Xu Ze's forehead was dripping with cold sweat.

I didn't expect that I had missed so many things because of my previous neglect.

"Fortunately, it's not too late, fortunately, I found out ...... early."

looked at Lu Qingqing's blackening degree.

Xu Ze swallowed his saliva with difficulty.

Unexpectedly, the first to blacken was not the cold Qu Tianhan.

It turned out to be the most childish and lively Lu Qingqing.

[Please try to reduce the blackening value of the ten heroines to zero].

[Please note that the host must not reveal his identity as a reincarnated person, otherwise the system will be cancelled and everything will be irretrievable].

When the redemption is fully successful, the host will be granted and enter the supreme path

The sound of the system fades away.

Xu Ze was stunned for a moment, and then sighed helplessly.

He glanced at Jing Xiaoxuan, who was asleep on the bed.

A hint of guilt rose in his eyes.

"I didn't expect it...... It turns out that you have all returned with the memories of the previous nine lives. "

"I've been obsessed with the original plot, but I didn't realize that you ...... in this life


Xu Ze stretched out his hand and gently stroked Jing Xiaoxuan's cheek.

In my mind, I recalled the scenes between the first nine generations and the heroines.

Xu Ze sighed deeply.

"Redeem you......


"In the first nine lives, I Xu Ze was ashamed of you, and in this life, I will compensate you. "

"I swear ......".

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