Ye Fan and Chen Bin immediately reported the matter to Xu Ze.

thought that after Xu Ze heard this, he would be furious and punish them.

Unexpectedly, Xu Ze heard that someone had infiltrated the holy land.

Not only was there not the slightest surprise, but there was even a hint of a smile.

"It's finally here. "


Ye Fan and Chen Bin glanced at each other.

It's finally here?

Why does the Holy Son seem to know who that person is, and it seems that he has been waiting for her for a long time?

"But why did she sneak in ......this way?"

Although Xu Ze knows that the plot has collapsed now.

But I still think that this Jing Xiaoxuan's appearance method is a little too unreasonable.

What is the purpose of entering the Holy Land in such a purpose?

Xu Ze did not associate Jing Xiaoxuan with himself.

Although he felt that the heroines in this life had different personalities from the previous nine lives.

But it doesn't take into account the fact that they have awakened the memories of the former ninth life.

If you really awaken the memories of the first nine lives.

That Xu Ze felt that he was afraid that he could only run away.

Now, Xu Ze can only comfort himself.

The heroines have different personalities, just because the tenth life is different from the previous nine.

glanced at Ye Fan and Chen Bin, who were still waiting for their response.

Xu Ze waved his hand: "You guys go down first, remember, don't make a noise about this matter, just rot in your stomach." "

"What you have lost, I will find it for you in these two days. "

"Ugh...... Yes, thank you, My Son. "

Although Ye Fan and Chen Bin felt strange in their hearts, they didn't dare to ask anything more, so they could only leave.


Soon, night fell.

At Xu Ze's suggestion, the matter about Jing Xiaoxuan was completely blocked.

No one knew that there was such a mortal who had mixed into the Holy Land.


"Ahem, ahem, ahem, ......


The Holy Land, outside the side hall, in a courtyard with miscellaneous items.

The lid on a large water tank was slowly removed.

Jing Xiaoxuan crawled out of the water tank, her whole body was drenched, and she couldn't help but sneeze when she was blown by the cold wind.

"What's the matter, the Holy Land, is the action so poor? "

"I've been hiding here for a few hours, and I haven't heard a sound. "

"No one has noticed until now, has anyone infiltrated the Holy Land?"

Jing Xiaoxuan wiped a handful of water from her face, looked at her blistered white palms, and looked aggrieved.

It's really blind, she's hiding here so desperately.

Hungry and blistered in cold water.

Knowing this, wouldn't it be good if he walked directly into the Holy Fire Palace with a swagger?

Jing Xiaoxuan looked in the direction of the Holy Fire Palace.

On the top of the majestic mountain, you can see the buildings of the Holy Fire Palace.

The Palace of the Holy Fire was lit up at the moment.

And the bedroom in the middle fell into Jing Xiaoxuan's eyes.


Scumbag, I want you to look good tonight!

took out a dagger from her arms, Jing Xiaoxuan slowly pulled it out, and in the dark night, a cold light flashed in an instant.

She immediately ran towards the Holy Fire Palace.


skillfully dodged several waves of patrol disciples.

Jing Xiaoxuan climbed over the courtyard wall, and the scenery in front of her became more and more familiar.

She clutched the dagger tightly in her hand, looking at the courtyard that had allowed her to experience the joy of love and the pain of falling out of love.

Jing Xiaoxuan swallowed her saliva, and a hint of determination flashed in her eyes.

"Xu Ze, I, I will never forgive you!".

"You lied to me...... You shouldn't have been, and the last thing you should have done was not to lie to me!".

"I hate it when people lied to me......".

Walk outside this familiar dormitory.

Jing Xiaoxuan cautiously pushed open the door, and her eyes fell on the side of the bed, the man lying on the bed with his eyes slightly closed.

is still as handsome as in memory, so jade tree in the wind.

However, it is this kind of immortal-like man, when he abandons himself, that ruthless eyes are even more heart-wrenching.


walked to the side of the bed and looked at Xu Ze, who seemed to be asleep.

Jing Xiaoxuan held the dagger and fell silent.

"You...... You're still awake, aren't you?".

Xu Ze opened his eyes and looked at the girl in the dark, like a chicken in soup.

He sighed and sat up from the bed.

"I know that with your realm, how can someone touch the ...... so easily."

"You're afraid you already knew I was here, didn't you?"

Xu Ze didn't respond, he just stared at Jing Xiaoxuan silently with a gentle look.

looked at the hatred in Jing Xiaoxuan's eyes, and the undisguised anger on her face.

"But that doesn't matter!".

"Since I have infiltrated the Holy Land, I have no intention of getting out alive!".

"Xu Ze, I want you to die!".

Jing Xiaoxuan was ruthless, and the dagger in her hand stabbed at Xu Ze's heart mercilessly.


However, this dagger did not even break through the Xuan power on Xu Ze's body, and it was broken into two sections.

Jing Xiaoxuan was also shocked and flew out and fell to the ground.

"It hurts, it hurts...... Didn't a few disciples of the Yunxiu Sect say that this dagger is blessed with Xuan Qi, and breaking the monk's Xuan Qi body protection is as simple as cutting paper!".

"Damn, it actually deceived me! It hurts, it hurts to ......


watched Jing Xiaoxuan screaming on the ground holding her buttocks.

Xu Ze couldn't help but laugh a little.

Xu Ze turned over and got out of bed, walked in front of Jing Xiaoxuan, leaned down, and picked her up from the ground.

Jing Xiaoxuan's eyes widened, and she subconsciously struggled: "You, what are you doing! Let go of me! I, I'm going to kill you!".

"Hmm. "

Xu Ze nodded slightly, and looked at Jing Xiaoxuan with a gentle smile in his eyes.

"You ......


Jing Xiaoxuan's heart was beating wildly.

I don't know why, under Xu Ze's gentle gaze.

Jing Xiaoxuan seemed to have a blank brain for a while, and she couldn't say anything.

watched Xu Ze's clothes being soaked by the water on his body.

The hatred in Jing Xiaoxuan's eyes gradually turned into guilt.

In my heart, I wanted to cry.

"You...... Don't you ask me why I want to kill you?".

Xu Ze put Jing Xiaoxuan on the bed and rubbed Jing Xiaoxuan's head with a smile.

"There are some things, even if I don't say them, I know them in my heart. "

"It's been so long, you can take a good rest first......


With a mysterious force, it entered Jing Xiaoxuan's mind.

Jing Xiaoxuan only felt that it was dark in front of her eyes, and fell asleep groggy.

watched Jing Xiaoxuan fall asleep.

The smile on Xu Ze's face was a little bent.

Cold sweat, like rain, fell from his forehead.

"It's over, won't you really let me guess it......


"These heroines, have they really recovered the memories of the first nine lives?".

"Jing Xiaoxuan's eyes just now, I am too familiar. "

"Isn't this the reincarnation of the first nine lives, when they were abandoned, they looked at me......

At that moment, all the problems after the beginning of the plot of the tenth life suddenly became clear in Xu Ze's heart.

Xu Ze fully understood.

The task of the tenth reincarnation turned out to be the same as the previous ninth life, to let yourself complete the plot.

The tenth reincarnation, this is the ultimate test of the system for itself!

Let yourself, from the hands of these ten heroines who have awakened the memories of the first nine lives, live to the final ultimate test!

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