Demon Abyss.

Purgatory Bluff.

At the bottom of the cliff, the evil aura is vertical and horizontal, and the black mist is swirling, like an endless abyss.

An old man stood on the edge of the cliff with his hands in his hands, silently listening to the story of the secret realm narrated by the Seven Killing Elders.

This person is the Demon Yuan Ancestor, who is extraordinary.

When he heard that the golden toad was obtained first, Gu Lichuan died in the secret realm.

Gu Bufan's face seems to have aged a lot.

He was silent and waved his hand to let the Seven Killing Elders leave.

The Seven Kills Elder sighed and turned to leave.

As he was leaving, a bewitching woman dressed in a black veil walked past him.

Seeing this person, the Seven Kills Elder was shocked in his heart, and hurriedly bowed and saluted: "Big, Miss...... Why did you get out of customs early?".

The woman glanced faintly at the Seven Killing Elders.

The seductive eyes shocked the Seven Killing Elders.

"Miss, you ...... You have broken through the Infinite Realm and entered the Extreme Creation Stage?".

The woman smiled shallowly, enchanting and moving, as if she was charming and charming.

"This trip, it's hard to kill the elders. "

The Seven Kills Elder's forehead was suddenly dripping with cold sweat.

"Go down, I have something to discuss with my father. "

"Yes......" The Seven Killings Elder hurriedly left.

Descend the Cliffs of Purgatory.

Seven Kills glanced back with palpitations.

"Eldest Lady's retreat, why is that look so frightening......

"That look was as dark as if ...... had fallen into hell


Seven Kills wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and hurriedly left.

Seeing Seven Kills Leave.

The woman walked up to Gu Bufan and looked at the old man who was secretly weeping.

"Chuan'er...... My Chuan'er, ah......".

Listen to the words that come out of his mouth.

A chill flashed in the woman's eyes.

"Father, don't be sad, although my brother is gone, I still have my daughter by your side. The woman comforted, wanting to support Gu Bufan.

However, Gu Bufan shook off the woman, and blood and tears welled up in his eyes.

"No one can replace my Chuan'er! No one can replace me!"


looked at Gu Bufan so paranoid.

The woman's face gradually became gloomy.

"My only relative is so cruel to me, just because I am a woman, I have never looked at me in the eye. "

"The only lover who loves me and gives me warmth is just to take advantage of me and abandon me for a whole nine ......lifetimes."

"Huh. "

"God, you've been so unfair to me. "

"What about this life...... I'm going to destroy everything...... dominate all ......".

Gu Bufan's brows tightened, looking at this woman with a lot of mysterious power all over her body.

An ominous premonition rose in his heart: "Ling'er, what's wrong with you! This, this pure evil spirit ......


"No, why is this evil spirit so pure, you, what are you going to do!".

"Gu Ling, you, you dare to kill your father!".

"This, this realm, impossible! What kind of Xuan Gong have you practiced!".


Boom ......

Bursts of thunder that seemed to split the void fell from the dark clouds.

The entire demon abyss, shrouded in this terrifying lightning net, trembled.



"Which palace gate are you from?When you enter the Holy Land, please show your waist card!".

Outside the Heavenly Gate of the Holy Land.

The disciple at the gate looked at the 'young man' in front of him, who was short in stature, dressed in gray cloth, and covered his face with a hood, and frowned.

The 'young man' silently took out the Sacred Fire Palace waist card from his waist.

The disciple guarding the gate took a look and immediately showed a flattering look: "It turned out to be the senior brother of the Holy Fire Palace, why didn't the senior brother wear the clothes of my disciple of the Holy Land on this trip?"

"Ahem...... When I went down the mountain, my clothes were broken. "

The 'young man' hoarsely swallowed, and took out a few lower-grade spirit stones from his arms, "It is not easy for a few junior disciples to guard the mountain, these things are all obtained from experience, you can take them and divide them." "

Seeing these spirit stones, the disciples guarding the mountain immediately looked happy.

The only doubt left in my heart was also dispelled in an instant.

"Thank you, brother!".

"Senior brother, please come in. "

"Senior brother has worked hard all the way!".

In this way, the 'boy' swaggered into the holy place.

And those few disciples who guarded the mountain.

Immediately, he was full of joy and divided the spirit stones, and kept saying things like 'Senior Brother of the Holy Fire Palace is generous'.

Not much.

At the foot of the holy mountain, two men with scorched black bodies and tattered clothes rushed up to the holy mountain in embarrassment.

Several disciples guarding the mountain suddenly became serious and stopped the two.

"Stop! Where did the black guy come from, dare to break into my holy land!".

"you! I'm Ye Fan! Ye Fan!".

Ye Fan was furious, pointing at his pitch-black bear-like face, and roared angrily.

"Senior Brother Ye?" The disciple guarding the mountain looked at it carefully for a moment, and finally recognized that these two people turned out to be Chen Bin and Ye Fan, who had gone down the mountain before.

"Senior Brother Ye, Senior Brother Chen, how did you two become like such bears?".

"This bear-like?" Chen Bin and Ye Fan were angry.

Looking at the lower grade spirit stones in the hands of these mountain guarding disciples, they almost fainted in anger.

"Damn, aren't these our spirit stones?"

"You didn't put that spy in just now, did you?"

looked at Ye Fan and Chen Bin stomping their feet.

Several of the mountain guarding disciples looked at each other with a confused expression.

"It's over, it's like...... Trouble. "

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