Holy Fire Palace.

Retreat room.

Xu Ze sat cross-legged with his eyes slightly closed.

From the outside of his body, a golden pill could be clearly seen, flashing with golden light in Xu Ze's abdomen.

Gradually, the golden light melted into Xu Ze's flesh.

makes Xu Ze's appearance seem to be covered with a layer of gold leaf, which is extremely sacred.

And with the ablation of Jindan.

The Xuan power in Xu Ze's body began to surge wildly.


There was a thunderous sound in Xu Ze's body.

A black evil aura swirled around Xu Ze's body.



It's as if something has been broken.

Xu Ze suddenly opened his eyes.

In the pupils of his eyes, a red light flashed.

"The Seventh Demon God Cult!".


Xu Ze's evil qi around his body was restrained.

He breathed a long sigh of relief, feeling the majestic evil qi in his body at this moment.

"The experience of this ninth world villain has really allowed me to accumulate a lot of things. "

Xu Ze moved his fingers, and a red light surged under his eyes.

At this time, Xu Ze's evil spirit was no less than that of those old monsters who had cultivated for hundreds of years.

It's just that because of "Holy Flame Burning Heaven".

Xu Ze's evil qi was wrapped in a pure holy flame, and outsiders couldn't see the slightest clue at all.

"This trip to the secret realm also has some unexpected gains. "

Xu Ze flipped his hand and took out the thousand-year-old dragon grass from the storage ring.

This thing is the treasure that Lu Qingqing gave him.

It can be said that it was originally the opportunity that the male protagonist Ye Fan should have, but because of Lu Qingqing, it came to his hands.

"This Dragon Yin Grass is a top-level cultivation herb, if it can be made into an elixir to take, my strength should be able to go to ...... next level


"However, although the dragon yin grass is extremely powerful, it also has very high requirements for alchemists. "

"Dan Masters below the seventh order can't perfectly exert the medicinal power of this Dragon Yin Grass. "

In the original novel, the male protagonist Ye Fan also had a headache with this dragon grass.

As for how to practice the pill later, it greatly increased his realm.

It's still thanks to one of the ten heroines, 'Little Hexagram Fairy' Jing Xiaoxuan.

In Xu Ze's mind, a girl who was a little cute and occasionally out of line appeared.

In "Qiankun Immortal Emperor", Jing Xiaoxuan is the top Dan master with the highest alchemy skills among the ten heroines.

And her identity when she appeared on the stage was the lowest of the ten heroines.

At the beginning of the plot, Jing Xiaoxuan's identity was a 'charlatan'.

Because the family changed dramatically when he was young.

Jing Xiaoxuan was born with a remnant body.

In order to survive, Jing Xiaoxuan has mastered a powerful deception technique since she was a child.

All kinds of cheating, fortune-telling, and defrauding some mortals of their money.

Later, because I heard that there were many opportunities and rich people in the holy mountain, I came to the foot of the holy mountain and wanted to make a lot of money here.

As a result, I met the male protagonist Ye Fan.

After a battle of wits and courage, Jing Xiaoxuan's identity as a liar was completely exposed, and she has held a grudge against Ye Fan since then.

Although the opponent was a disciple of the Holy Land, Jing Xiaoxuan was not to be outdone at all.

even went through a series of fraudulent methods and slipped into the holy land.

By mistake, he helped the male protagonist Ye Fan practice the Dragon Yin Pill, and Xu Ze, who was the villain, discovered his terrifying alchemy talent.

Then, before Ye Fan's relationship with her gradually warmed up, he used some special means to make Jing Xiaoxuan willingly commit to him.

After being later abandoned.

Jing Xiaoxuan was also heartbroken.

also left behind the heroic words of 'only I can deceive others, and no one else is allowed to deceive her'.

It's just that this kind of very distinctive heroine was marginalized by the author in the later period.

Even the readers are almost forgetting that this man exists.

When reading the original novel, Xu Ze liked this kind of quirky girl in his heart.

She doesn't have Lin Yuer's gentleness, Qu Tianhan's coldness, and Lu Qingqing's innocence.

But that quirky, brainy-minded character.

still made Xu Ze's eyes light up.

And this ninth reincarnation, in every life, Xu Ze can taste Fangze, feel the difference between this kind of eccentric girl and ordinary girls, and feel the unique love.

It's a matter of mind.

"According to the original plot, Jing Xiaoxuan should already be in business in the town below the Holy Land by now, right?"

"With her cleverness, she did cheat many monks out of their money. "

But it was broken on the spot by Ye Fan and Lu Qingqing, who went to the town auction house to sell things. "

Xu Ze thought secretly in his heart.

As for how to deal with this dragon grass, he was not in a hurry.

Anyway, Jing Xiaoxuan will come to the holy land by herself sooner or later.

Just wait.


"You have a good face, you are rich and noble, and you will definitely be the pillar of the Xuan Realm in the future. "

"Oh, this palmistry is really eye-opening, the blessing is very deep, this little brother Ye must have just come back from the secret realm, and he has gained a lot, right?"

"Ahem, if I'm not mistaken, you have met noble people in the Holy Land and often help you, but there are also people who are in conflict with your fate and hinder your luck. "

At the foot of the holy mountain, in the middle of the town.

Ye Fan and Chen Bin sat in front of the fortune-telling booth, listening to the girl's serious nonsense with a well-behaved face.

Jing Xiaoxuan helped her sunglasses, and when she saw the surprised looks of the two out of the corner of her eye, she couldn't help but show a smug smile.

Two fools.

In the matter of fortune telling, everything is said ambiguously, good words and nonsense are more, and the remaining two percent are left to the imagination of others.

The memory of the ninth reincarnation awakened, Jing Xiaoxuan knew these people too well.

"Awesome, this guy seems to have something. Ye Fan's face was full of excitement, and when he looked at this Jing Xiaoxuan, he was a little more respectful.

"I can't imagine that there is really a person in the Xuan Realm who can see through the heavens, master, can you help me look at palmistry? Chen Bin stretched out his palm and smiled.

Jing Xiaoxuan glanced at Chen Bin, and her eyelids jumped.

You ......

I don't know you.

Speaking of which, is there such a person in my memory of the reincarnation of the previous ninth life?

Who are you sending it?

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