Return to the staging area.

At this time, many disciples of the Holy Land had already returned here.

Looking at their radiant appearances, it is obvious that they have gained a lot.

Qu Tianhan's figure stood impressively among them.

Like a proud snow lotus, noble and inviolable.

By her side.

Lu Qingqing hung her head, looking depressed.

His eyes were hollow, his face was full of sadness, and he didn't have his usual lively and clever appearance at all.

Xu Ze's appearance made Lu Qingqing's face show a bit of brilliance.

However, it seems that he is afraid of the Qu Tianhan around him.

She glanced at Qu Tianhan cautiously.

Seeing that she didn't seem to say anything, she swallowed her saliva and was about to walk in the direction of Xu Ze.

"Brother Xu Ze ......".

Lu Qingqing walked towards Xu Ze and shouted weakly.

However, when she saw Lin Yu'er behind Xu Ze, she was slightly stunned, and her expression was obviously even lowered.

"Oh, Qingqing's trip to the secret realm, how did you gain from it?".

Xu Ze reached out and touched Lu Qingqing's head.

At this touch, Lu Qingqing seemed to be startled, and shrank back like a frightened kitten.

Lu Qingqing took out the thousand-year-old dragon grass from his arms and said in a low voice: "Brother Xu Ze, this is what Qingqing found in the secret realm, and I want to give it to Brother Xu Ze ......."


Xu Ze was stunned for a moment.

Ye Fan and Chen Bin behind him were also stunned for a moment.

"That's our ......".


Glancing at the two sneaky guys behind him.

Xu Ze seemed to understand something.

The injuries on these two people shouldn't have been caused by Lu Qingqing, right?


Xu Ze wanted to say something.

But looking at Lu Qingqing's sluggish look.

Xu Ze was inexplicably distressed in his heart.

After all, she is the youngest of the ten heroines.

The mind is also very simple, just like yourself.

"Thank you, Qingqing. Xu Ze took this thousand-year-old dragon grass, and his eyes were full of tenderness.

Although, this thousand-year-old dragon grass is the material used for Ye Fan's breakthrough in the original plot.

But Lu Qingqing's kindness, Xu Ze couldn't refuse no matter what.

"Brother Xu Ze ......".

looked at the tenderness in Xu Ze's eyes.

The grievances in Lu Qingqing's heart suddenly turned into tears and poured out of her eyes.

She threw herself into Xu Ze's arms and cried.

caused the surrounding disciples to look sideways again and again.

Qu Tianhan naturally noticed this.

Looking at Lu Qingqing, who was crying in Xu Ze's arms, she frowned slightly and walked here.

"The Son has had a hard trip. "

Qu Tianhan still had a calm face.

However, the small eyes looking up and down still showed her somewhat anxious heart at this time.

It was determined that Xu Ze did not seem to be contaminated with half of the evil spirit from beginning to end.

She breathed a sigh of relief, and her expression became even more light.

"It's not hard. "

Xu Ze rubbed Lu Qingqing's head.

Lu Qingqing bit her lower lip and retreated behind Qu Tianhan aggrievedly.

As a disciple of the Heavenly Cold Palace, Lu Qingqing obviously didn't dare to make too much of a mistake in front of Qu Tianhan.

This made Xu Ze slightly surprised.

"Oh, these two seem to be disciples of the Longxiao Sect and disciples of the Tianwei Sect, right?" Seeing that Lu Qingqing retreated very interestingly, the corners of Qu Tianhan's mouth were raised, and his eyes were on Xu Ze.

The Long Yang in silver armor, and Zhou Hong, who was held by Ye Fan and Chen Bin, made her slightly interested.

"Hmm. "

Xu Ze nodded lightly, "I need the Tianwei Sect Master to come out and explain this matter." "

looked at Xu Ze with a slightly serious expression in his calmness.

Qu Tianhan seemed to understand something.

"In this case, with the Holy Land Order, gather all the monks in the secret realm and gather here. "

Qu Tianhan's jade hand flipped over, and a jade pendant in his hand shattered.


Suddenly, a mysterious qi rose into the sky, turned into countless star spots, and scattered in all directions.

At that moment, almost all the monks in the secret realm were aware of this summoning order.

In a few moments, everyone responded and gathered here.

"What's going on, what's going on?".

"It's the Holy Land Order, and there is a Holy Land Messenger summoning!".

"Something big has happened. "

The people gathered together.

In the crowd, Yang Yuanheng, the sect leader of the Tianwei Sect, saw Zhou Hong who was kneeling on the ground, his face changed, and he seemed to understand something.

He walked out quickly, immediately knelt down in front of Xu Ze, and said anxiously: "Holy Son, Yang Yuanheng, the sect master of the Lower Heavenly Wei Sect, I don't know what a great crime my traitor Zhou Hong has committed, so the Holy Son will gather everyone together. "

Xu Ze stood with his hands in his hands and said indifferently: "Grab the treasure and kill people." "

Treasure Hunt Killing?

A hint of strangeness flashed in everyone's hearts.

Although everyone prides themselves on being an alliance of the righteous path, in fact, it is good to rob the treasure and kill people, or to kill each other in the secret realm.

It's all tacit.

For the sake of profit, who is willing to make concessions?

The Holy Land has never cared about this kind of thing in previous years, so why this time...

Yang Yuanheng also looked puzzled.

Xu Ze continued: "The second crime. "

"Vainly attempting to murder disciples of the Holy Land. "

As soon as these words came out, the audience was in an uproar.

Yang Yuanheng's face was also pale.

Murder of the Holy Land disciple?

Are you crazy?

Looking at Zhou Hong, whose face was pale, a trace of fierceness flashed in Yang Yuanheng's eyes.

He pulled out his long sword, and without saying a word, cut off Zhou Hong's head with one sword.

Watching Zhou Hong's head roll out of the distance, there was still fear on his face before he died.

Yang Yuanheng's eyes were ruthless again, and he actually cut off his left arm with a knife.


The monks present all gasped.

Watching Yang Yuanheng puff and kneel in front of him again.

A hint of surprise flashed in Xu Ze's eyes.

He didn't expect that this Yang Yuanheng would be so ruthless.

Move, even he didn't let go.

"In the lower sect, there is no way, let the Holy Son be angry, and in the next wish to cut off an arm, after that, Tianwei Sect will offer five thousand spirit stones to the Holy Land every year, and beg the Holy Son for forgiveness!"

For a moment, the audience was silent.

Xu Ze's eyes narrowed slightly.

The corners of his mouth hooked up with a sneer.

This kind of ruthless person is a bit interesting......

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