In the secret realm, all parties are constantly fighting.

Every now and then, the sound of a fight would be heard from the dense forest.

Although outside the secret realm, everyone looks kind.

But in the face of heaven and earth, who can control the heart?

"Tianwei Sect's! You kill my junior sister, I am inseparable from you!".

"If you can kill me, come and kill me!hahaha!"

In the middle of the jungle.

A man dressed in the gray robe of the Tianwei Sect, holding a long sword, his face full of pride.

He was holding a light blue spirit stone in his left hand, the spirit stone was transparent, and it was obviously of the highest grade.

And in front of him, a young man in silver scale armor held a blood-stained girl, and burst into tears.

"For this high-grade spirit stone, Lao Tzu has been following you for a long time, and finally waited for you to find a chance to do it. "

That day, the Weizong man sneered and put the spirit stone into the storage bag.

Looking at the young man, he shook the blood stain on his long sword and walked towards him again.

The boy's eyes were filled with hatred.

As soon as he gritted his teeth, he slapped his palm, shook a spear on the ground, and poked towards the disciple of the Tianwei Sect.

"I'm fighting with you!".

"Haha, it's a good time, I'll kill you together today, destroy the corpse


The man laughed loudly, and the mystical power of his whole body surged, and he actually had the strength of the late stage of the Xuanxuan!

The boy was only in the early stages of the mystery.

This shot poked out, but it didn't even break through the man's Xuanli defense.

The man threw out a sword qi with his backhand, which instantly shattered the young man's whole body.

The boy spat blood from his mouth and flew upside down.

With this blow, he was already seriously injured, and he couldn't even condense half of the Xuan Power in his body.

"Could it be that I, Long Yang, is there ......

end here?"

Long Yang fell to the ground, blood oozing from the corners of his mouth, and his eyes were fixed on the girl who had long since died.

In my heart, there were bursts of despair.

"Hahaha, your Longxiao Sect has repeatedly ruined the good things of my Tianwei Sect, the sect master has already given an order, but if you encounter a lone disciple of the Longxiao Sect, you will be killed!"

The man laughed, the long sword in his hand flashing with cold light, "Your junior sister looks good, it's a pity to die like this, when I kill you, Lao Tzu will use it while it's hot, hahaha." "


Long Yang was furious in his heart, but this anger, his chest was stuffy, and another mouthful of blood gushed out.


The man shouted, and a sword pointed directly at Long Yang's heart.


At this critical juncture.

The voices of Ye Fan and Chen Bin came from not far away.

That day, the long sword in the hands of the disciples of the Wei Sect froze.

He turned his head in horror.

After seeing Ye Fan and Chen Bin's clothes as disciples of the Holy Land, he was shocked, and hurriedly turned around and bowed with his fists folded.

"Originally, it turned out to be the senior brother of the Holy Land, Zhou Hong, a disciple of the Tianwei Sect, who had seen two senior brothers. "

Seeing Ye Fan and Chen Bin, Long Yang seemed to see a savior.

He hurriedly shouted: "Two Holy Land Senior Brothers, help! This week, Hong killed my junior sister, took away the treasure, and tried to kill me and destroy the corpse!"

"The two Holy Land Senior Brothers must not let him go!"

Ye Fan and Chen Bin glanced at each other.

They had just escaped Lu Qingqing's pursuit, and to be honest, they were already exhausted, and their power was at the bottom.

Seeing that someone had snatched treasures and killed people, the sense of justice in the hearts of the two swelled up, and they didn't think much about it for a while, and then stood up.

But to be honest, Ye Fan and Chen Bin were already at the end of their crossbows, and although they had the aura of the Condensation Period, they actually didn't have much strength to do it.

It would be great to be able to forcibly pretend to be a tiger and scare this person away.

"Ahem, the two Holy Land Senior Brothers Mingjian, it is clear that these two Dragon Xiao Sects are greedy for the opportunity in my hands, and they want to sneak attack me and be killed by me, but now they are slandering me here!"

That Zhou Hong looked righteous and said righteously, "This person should really be a scum of the righteous path!

Nima, you are the scum of the righteous path.

The corners of Ye Fan and Chen Bin's mouths twitched, and they hated to press Zhou Hong to the ground and beat him violently.

But the heart is more than enough but the strength is insufficient, the two know that they only have a thin layer of realm support left now, and if they really fight, the strength they can display is similar to that of mortals.

"Senior brother, don't be deceived by this person! I and my junior sister only have the early stage of cultivation through Xuan, how dare I grab the opportunity with him!" Long Yang's eyes were bloodshot, and he gritted his teeth and said, "And I, a disciple of the Long Xiao Sect, do things above and fairly, worthy of the sky and the earth, and will never do such a shameless thing!"

"This person is talking nonsense!Stay down and solve this righteous scum for the two senior brothers!".

Zhou Hong's face changed, and he was about to do it without saying a word.

"Didn't you hear if you stopped!" Ye Fan and Chen Bin were shocked and hurriedly shouted.

"Ah, it's ......" Zhou Hong was afraid of the identities of the disciples of the two Holy Lands, and the fact that these two people seemed to have condensing stage cultivation, made him even more afraid to act rashly.

"This matter will be arbitrated by my holy land, and this disciple of the Dragon Xiao Sect will be brought back by us first!"

Ye Fan cleared his throat and said pretending to be calm.

Zhou Hong was dissatisfied, but he didn't dare to find trouble, so he could only laugh.

Seeing Ye Fan and Chen Bin coming over, he walked away with Long Yang in his arms.

A trace of doubt flashed in Zhou Hong's eyes.

"That, two Holy Land brothers?".

"Huh?" Ye Fan and Chen Bin's bodies trembled, and they turned their heads stiffly.

"The sect's meeting point is far away from here, why don't you fly back with a mysterious weapon?"

"This ......


Ye Fan and Chen Bin showed a hint of panic.

The flying swords of the two were destroyed, and there was no trace of mystic power on their bodies.

How can I fly back?

"Oh, you two, could it be that you little ghosts came out of nowhere, daring to pretend to be disciples of the Holy Land?"

Seeing the panic on the faces of the two, Zhou Hong sneered.

"If I'm not mistaken, the mystic power of the two of you has long been gone, right?"

Oh no! I saw through it!

Ye Fan and Chen Bin glanced at each other, and they both saw the panic in each other's eyes.

In the secret realm, life and death have their own lives.

Especially in this kind of situation where no one is around.

Whoever stands in the end has the right to speak.

This Zhou Hong, even if he killed Ye Fan and Chen Bin, as long as the corpses were destroyed, no one knew that he had killed two disciples of the Holy Land!

In addition, the Demon Yuan Evil Cultivator is also in the secret realm.

He could have blamed those evil cultivators.

"Hehe, pretending to be a disciple of the Holy Land, a capital crime!".

"Today, I will uphold the right path and destroy you two thieves for the Holy Land!"

Zhou Hong smiled evilly, and his aura skyrocketed!

He was just about to perform his mystical skills and kill Ye Fan and Chen Bin.

At this moment, an invisible aura suddenly enveloped Zhou Hong.

Zhou Hong trembled, and the whole person seemed to be shrouded by an invisible big hand, and he was pressed to the ground fiercely.

"Oh, Kuang Fu is righteous, and he wants to kill my disciple in the Holy Land?"

"You're just an ant, you're so daring. "

An indifferent voice rang out from the air.

Look at the handsome man who came down from the sky like a god.

Ye Fan and Chen Bin suddenly cried with joy, fell to the ground, and cried miserably.

"My Son!".

"Woo woo, the Holy Son has come to save us!".

"Holy Son, if you don't come again, the disciple will die here!"

looked at the two Ye Fan and Chen Bin who were kneeling and crying at their feet.

The corners of Xu Ze's mouth twitched without a trace.

What's going on?

When did you two get together?

Moreover, why is it so miserable?

Even a cannon fodder from the Xuan Period can step on your male protagonist's head?

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