The Seven Kills Elder is leading several evil cultivators at this time to find the Secret Realm Guardian Beast.

The Guardian Beast of the Secret Realm is powerful and extremely difficult to deal with.

Although Gu Lechuan said that the realm has a middle stage of distraction.

But the strength shown is really not enough.

With him there, it's a bit of a drag.

"If it weren't for the fact that the ancestor felt sorry for his son of waste wood, how could he convince the public with his strength?"

The Seven Killing Elder said secretly in his heart.

If it weren't for the fact that he was the Young Master of the Demon Abyss.

Don't talk about the Seven Killing Elders.

The other elders were eager to slap him to death.

"Elder, I've been looking for so long, why hasn't the guardian beast here shown up yet?"

"Yes, not to mention that the guardian beast has not appeared, and even the breath of the guardian beast has not been discovered, this secret realm, could it be that there is no guardian beast?"

"Don't forget it, it's just a golden pill, and the ancestor is not bad for that kind of thing. "

I've been looking for the Guardian Beast for a long time.

Several cultivators were a little impatient.

The treasures of the secret realm are not snatched, but they are looking for something to send toads.

And after looking for so long, I didn't even see a toad leg.

Seven Kills frowned, and looked at those evil cultivators with cold eyes.

The cultivators were immediately silent and closed their mouths.

"Hmph, that golden toad golden pill is invincible, and it is a treasure necessary for cultivating the seventh level of the Demon God Cult. "

"However, this golden toad is encountered once in a thousand years, which means that only one person can cultivate to the seventh level in the Demon God Cult for a thousand years. "

"If you let the ancestor know these words of yours, I'm afraid you won't know how you died. "

The evil cultivators were drenched in cold sweat and nodded yes one after another.

The group soon entered the depths of the island, in a dense forest filled with poisonous mist.

Running the breath-holding method, all the evil cultivators walked into the poisonous mist.

Soon, a behemoth appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

"Found it!".

The Seven Kills Elder had a smile on his face.

He hurriedly dispelled the poisonous mist around him, trying to see the behemoth in front of him clearly.

But wait for the poisonous fog to dissipate.

What appeared in front of him was a huge golden toad corpse like a mountain and a river.

Several evil cultivators gasped.

The Seven Killing Elders also looked shocked.

"This, this is ...... Guardian Beast?".

"Dead, won't it?".

Under the astonished discussion of the evil cultivators.

Seven Kills jumped onto the golden toad's corpse.

"Jindan was taken away...... And. "

Look at the tragic death of this golden toad.

Seven Kills was suddenly a little frightened.

"This golden toad is full of evil energy, was he killed by someone with evil skills?".

"Are there any other cults that have come before us?"

There are countless evil cultivators in the Demon Abyss.

But there are not many really famous cult cultivators.

There are even fewer evil cultivators who can kill the guardian beast Jin Toad with their own strength.

The only few people who can think of seven killings are all old monsters who don't ask about the world and can't hide in the world.

Back to the crowd.

The Seven Kills Elder had a solemn face: "Being the first to get there, it seems that this trip to Hanhai is a failure." "

Several of the evil corrections sighed.

Suddenly, the Seven Kills Elder felt a shock in his waist.

looked down, but found a jade pendant shattered with a bang.

The Seven Kills Elder was slightly stunned, his brows furrowed.

"The young master is dead. "

Hiss ......

Several evil cultivators immediately looked at each other.

"Hmph, this kind of waste, it's dead...... Huh?".

The Seven Killings Elder just wanted to leave.

Suddenly, he found that the broken jade pendant actually emitted bursts of black aura.

This breath is incomparably evil.

It actually made all the evil cultivators feel a little frightened!

"No, it can't be! The young master was killed by evil spirits?".

"No! How could there be an evil cultivator who cultivated the evil qi to such a realm!"

"This kind of breath, even if the ancestor is here in person, it will never be so pure!"

"Could it be that the demon god is here? What are you kidding?"

The cultivators were dumbfounded.

This kind of pure evil spirit.

Have you been cultivating for ten lifetimes since your mother's womb?




Xu Ze felt that his nose was a little itchy again.

Ever since he entered the secret realm, he has been a little absent-minded.

Although it is the plot of reincarnation of the ninth life, the re-experience of this life is always full of awkwardness.

As for whether this young master of the Demon Abyss dies or not, and who kills him, it doesn't matter to Xu Ze.

In the first nine generations, this Gu Lechuan sometimes made Xu Ze unhappy, and he would also take action for the male protagonist Ye Fan and kill him in advance.

After all, this kind of cannon fodder small role, whoever kills it, does not affect the plot.

What really made Xu Ze feel uneasy was these heroines.

glanced at Lin Yu'er beside her.

Lin Yu'er was secretly looking at Xu Ze's side face at this time, and when she saw him coming, she immediately blushed and avoided her eyes.

This shy girl's appearance.

It's hard to imagine.

With the understatement she just made, she turned a person into blood.

I always felt that this was not the first time she had done this.

That skillful technique made Xu Ze even shudder a little.

"Yu'er, do you usually practice those poisonous skills?"

Xu Ze pondered for a moment and couldn't help asking.

Lin Yu'er blinked and shook her head with a cute face: "No, Lord Holy Son, Yu'er just used this trick for the first time." "

She really wasn't lying.

This was the first time she had used this trick to transform her corpse palm.

In the first nine lives, Lin Yuer naturally had this kind of vicious mystical technique.

But because it's so vicious, it's creepy.

So Lin Yuer will return, but she has never used it.

However, Lin Yuer's words made Xu Ze even more embarrassed.

The first time I use it, I can already do it without blinking an eye

Some, it's a little too scary.

"Holy Son, Yu'er is willing to do anything for the Holy Son! So, whether it is murder or a sea of swords, Yu'er will not frown


Lin Yuer raised her head, and her empty eyes seemed to be full of indescribable obsession.

As long as this is the case, the Holy Son will not abandon Yu'er again!


I always feel that it seems that because of myself, this originally gentle and lovely girl, has become such a terrifying and paranoid look.

If he chooses to abandon her in this life according to the original plot.

With her current character, will she be directly blackened?

Xu Ze felt a lot of pressure for a while.

Alas, it's not easy to be a scumbag......

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