Gu Lichuan was originally a person with a small belly and chicken intestines.

has lost face here in Xu Ze, so naturally it is impossible to just give up.

When the Seven Killing Elders lead the rest of the evil cultivators to find the Secret Realm Guardian Beast.

Gu Lichuan couldn't wait, and brought his loyal little brother to trouble Xu Ze.


Roughly swept over the black-robed man beside Gu Lichuan.

Xu Ze no longer took him seriously.

This person's strength is only in the late stage of Ning Xuan, and there is no threat to him.

And this ancient Lethe.

Although there is a distraction in the middle of the period.

But in Xu Ze's eyes, he still doesn't see much.

The only person who threatens him now is the Seven Killing Elders beside him.

However, according to the original plot of "Qiankun Immortal Emperor", the current Seven Killing Elders should be looking for the guardian beast of this secret realm.

That is, the golden toad who had just been killed by Xu Ze.

Not even the only one who could protect him.

This Gu Lechuan dared to come over to find trouble.

Xu Ze really didn't know what to say about him.

"It seems that the young master Gu is prepared. With a sigh, Xu Ze said calmly.

This unwavering tone, the contempt in it, is self-evident.

The smile on Gu Lichuan's face froze.

It gradually became gloomy.

"Xu Ze, don't think that you can suppress me casually by relying on your identity as the Holy Son of the Holy Land. "

"The strength of my Demon Yuan is not much worse than your Holy Land!".

"Today I will bury you and your little mistress here, so that the world will know about the scandal between you and the two!"

Lin Yu'er was annoyed for a moment, and hid behind Xu Ze and shouted angrily: "Who is the little mistress, woman! Do you have shit in your head? The Holy Son is a bright and upright person, will he be as obscene and filthy as you?"

Ahem, ahem, ahem, ......

Xu Ze's old face turned red.

He wouldn't be surprised if others praised him like that.

But it was Lin Yuer who said so about him.

You let him, the ninth-generation old scumbag who abandoned the ten heroines, put his face where to put it.

"Stinky......" Gu Lichuan gritted his teeth.

He has been pampered since he was a child, and the people around him are all touting him, how can he listen to the insults of others.

With a bang, Gu Lechuan came over.

I saw that his robe shook, and a cloud of black gas shrouded Xu Ze and Lin Yu'er together.

"Haha! Xu Ze, you underestimate me too much!".

"The evil qi of the Demon Abyss will corrode all things! You just wait for the evil qi of the Demon Abyss to enter your body, destroy your righteous path foundation, and explode to death!"

"Hahaha! When the time comes, when others see your corpse, they will only think that you have practiced magic skills and exploded your body and died!"

"As a holy son, you will die due to evil spirits, then your holy land, I am afraid that you will also be spurned by others!"

"I ......


Laughed for a long time.

Gu Lichuan's expression suddenly froze.

He looked at Xu Ze, who was wrapped in evil qi in front of him.

found that Xu Ze was not half uncomfortable.

The whole person is still in good spirits, and he can't see that he has been affected at all.

"That's it?".

Xu Ze almost burst out laughing.

I thought that this Gu Lechuan, as the young master of the Demon Abyss, would be able to show a little bit of a trick that would make Xu Ze's eyes shine.

didn't expect that the mysterious skills displayed would be so superficial.

With this little evil spirit, you want to kill the Ninth World Villain in seconds?

Are you kidding.

Xu Ze raised his foot and kicked Gu Lechuan in the abdomen.

That kick was extremely fast.

Gu Lichuan couldn't even see how Xu Ze came out of his feet at all, and the whole person had already soared out more than ten meters away.

Rolled on the ground several times in embarrassment.

I haven't had time to get up from the ground yet.

Xu Ze appeared behind Gu Lichuan again.

A blow to the sky actually trampled Gu Lechuan's head into the dirt.

The black-robed man on the side was dumbfounded.

In terms of clear realm, Gu Lichuan is a small realm higher than Xu Ze.

But why, judging from the performance, Xu Ze seems to be crushing this Gu Lechuan everywhere?

"You ......


Gu Lichuan struggled to get up, his nose and mouth were bleeding, and his face was covered with mud.

He didn't expect Xu Ze to be so powerful.

In his mind, he suddenly recalled what the Seven Killing Elders had said to him before.

'In his eyes, you're just an ant...'


"Xu Ze, this is what you forced me!".

Gu Lechuan shouted.

The wind is blowing all around.

The mystic power of the whole person rose sharply.

saw that his eyes were red, and his mouth was full of fangs.

On his body, his skin began to turn red.

Covered in blood, it began to boil.


Demon Abyss's evil cultivator's stunt at the bottom of the box.

It can greatly increase one's strength in a short period of time, but there are certain side effects.

Xu Ze looked at Gu Lechuan's demonization with an expressionless face.

still remembers that in the original plot, it was precisely because of this demonization that Ye Fan almost overturned.

It's just that this kind of demonization, put in front of Xu Ze, is really too pediatric.

After all.

Xu Ze has become the Lord of the Ninth Demon Abyss.

This kind of pediatric stuff doesn't get into his eyes at all.

A ray of red light flashed from Xu Ze's eyes.

Gu Lichuan was slightly stunned.

Before he could react, Xu Ze waved his palm.

The holy fire in his hand, even in an eerie gray, burned brightly.

Gu Lechuan was shocked.

Hurriedly transported the whole body's Xuan Force to parry.

However, this gray fire seems to be completely unhindered by all the mystical forces in the world.

Easily, it shattered the Xuanli protection of Gu Lechuan.

Gu Lechuan looked frightened.

"It's ...... Demon God Cult ......


"Impossible! You, why would you not pass on the secret method ...... my Demon Yuan."

Xu Ze was silent, and slapped a palm on Gu Lichuan's chest.

Suddenly, the flames burned to the ground.

In the midst of a miserable scream, Gu Lichuan was burned to ashes in an instant.

Not even a drop of flesh remained.

Xu Ze withdrew the flame from his hand.

Turning his head to look at the black-robed man whose legs were trembling.

"You, don't come here!".

The black-robed man screamed, and he actually rushed towards Lin Yu'er.

He could see that Lin Yuer's realm was still shallow, and she was only in the early stage of Tongxuan!

However, just arrived in front of Lin Yuer.

The black-robed man saw Lin Yu'er with a black poisonous mist in his hand and slapped his palm on his chest.

This palm, fluffy, has no strength.

However, Lin Yu'er's eyes were gloomy, as if she was looking at a corpse.

"After three seconds, your body will turn to blood. "

The man was slightly stunned.

The third second.

He suddenly felt his gaze tilt rapidly.

As if it no longer existed, the body quickly fell to the ground.

He looked down.

only to find that his skin and flesh turned into thick blood.

Even, all of them exposed the white bones of Sensen.

"South, South Xinjiang witchcraft!".

The man had a look of despair on his face.



looked at Lin Yu'er with a gloomy smile.

Xu Ze couldn't help but shudder.

Southern Xinjiang witchcraft, although it does not have an advantage in terms of occult power.

can be in the same realm, or even within a few realms of the level.

As long as you are stained with poison, you are basically certain to die.

Although Xu Ze is not afraid of poison skills.

But seeing that the usually gentle and considerate woman could show such an expression, I couldn't help but feel a little scared in my heart.

"I always feel that sooner or later, I will seem to be the next victim......

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