The reason why Lu Qingqing dared to fight against Qu Tianhan was that she relied on the memories of her previous nine lives.

She knew that even if she practiced to the end, there was still an insurmountable gap between her and Qu Tianhan.

Therefore, Lu Qingqing must use the memories of his previous life to grow up in advance.

Only in this way can she defeat Qu Tianhan and monopolize Xu Ze.


When Qu Tianhan debunked her hole cards.

Lu Qingqing suddenly felt that the woman in front of her was really terrifying.

She is no match for her at all.

Whether it's scheming, strength, or hole cards, it's ......

"Hehehe, it seems that I guessed it. "

Qu Tianhan let go of his hand.

Lu Qingqing fell to the ground with a puff, clutching his throat and coughing desperately.

After calming down for a moment, Lu Qingqing turned over with tears in his eyes, desperately trying to escape.

However, Qu Tianhan stepped on Lu Qingqing's ponytail and let her struggle.

"Qu Tianhan, you, what do you want to do......".

"If you kill me, Brother Xu Ze won't let you go!"

"He loves me in his heart, and he loves me more than he loves you!"

Lu Qingqing choked and screamed, tears falling down.

She was already scared.

She was afraid that she would be killed by Qu Tianhan, and she was afraid that she would never see Brother Xu Ze again in the future.

I heard Lu Qingqing's hysterical cry.

Qu Tian laughed coldly.

"You think the person he loves the most is you?"

"Do you think he really has love for us?"

"He abandoned us nine, a whole nine! You know!".

looked at Lu Qingqing's gradually languishing expression.

Qu Tianhan knew that Lu Qingqing was on the verge of collapse.

This is also the purpose of Qu Tianhan.

She wants to gather all the women of Xu Ze's former nine generations.

She wants to gather the strength of ten people to completely defeat Xu Ze!

Because she realized that she couldn't defeat Xu Ze on her own.

Her heart was too fragile.

She would forget the pain he had hurt herself because of Xu Ze's smile.

She would forget her hatred for Xu Ze because of his danger.

When she saw Xu Ze, she couldn't help but put her eyes on him.

But when she couldn't see Xu Ze, she was irritable and held a grudge against him.

Qu Tianhan knew that he still loved him.

However, if you love him, you can't punish him, and you can't make him know how to cherish him

"I want Xu Ze to never be able to betray us again in this life. "

Qu Tianhan's expression suddenly softened, she leaned down and gently held Lu Qingqing's face.

"You also hope that Xu Ze can love you and be by Xu Ze's side forever, right?"

Lu Qingqing looked at Qu Tianhan's gentle face and nodded in a trance.


This is Lu Qingqing's only goal in this life.

What clears the obstacles around Xu Ze.

That's all excuses.

Lu Qingqing just wanted Xu Ze to continue to love her and not abandon her.

"So ......".

"Then let Xu Ze know how good we are......


"Let Xu Ze be inseparable from us. "

"Let Xu Ze never live without our love in this life!".

"That's enough for you, isn't it?".

Qu Tianhan's words made Lu Qingqing's heart beat wildly.

Her head was a little confused.

However, looking at Qu Tianhan's gentle expression, Lu Qingqing felt inexplicably relieved.

"yes...... No matter what, I just want Brother Xu Ze to be by my side......


"I just want him to love me ......".

Lu Qingqing muttered in a low voice.


Qu Tianhan's brainwashing has been successful.

She knew very well what Lu Qingqing wanted in her heart.

In other words, she knows very well what the woman who was abandoned by Xu Ze longs for the most in her heart.

She can start from here, and she can completely control them.


Qu Tianhan vaguely has the leadership that can unite the remaining nine heroines.

And this life is even more vividly embodied.

This may be the majesty of the main palace, right?



Xu Ze couldn't help but sneeze.

Lin Yu'er on the side hurriedly took out her clothes from the storage ring and draped them on Xu Ze's body: "Holy Son, are you okay?

"How could it be a wind chill. Xu Ze couldn't laugh or cry.

He majored in Xuanhuo, and he is a pure yang body, so he is simply immune to all diseases, right?

Now that he has won the Golden Toad Golden Pill, after taking it, it is the body of all evils.

As for the sneeze just now.

Xu Ze felt that maybe someone was thinking about himself.

"Holy Son, Golden Branches and Jade Leaves, has a noble status, it is better to pay more attention. "

Lin Yuer stared at Xu Ze affectionately and said softly.

"Yu'er...... Thank you. Xu Ze's heart warmed, and he couldn't help but reach out to cover Lin Yuer's cheek.

Maybe Lin Yuer is not the most beautiful and resourceful of the ten heroines.

But she is definitely the one who cares about herself the most among the ten heroines.

Lin Yu'er's face flushed, as if something was about to come out in her heart.

"Holy Son, that, Yu'er...... Yu'er has something to say. "

She decided to take the initiative to express her love for Xu Ze in her heart.

Even if Xu Ze won't marry her a little maid in the end.

But Lin Yuer felt that as long as she could be by Xu Ze's side, she would be satisfied!

Xu Ze's eyes froze.

The originally gentle face suddenly became serious.

As soon as he raised his hand, he stopped Lin Yu'er from continuing.

His gaze turned to the depths of the forest.

"Young Master Gu, is it a little too rude to hide to the side and peek at others like a mouse?"

Lin Yu'er hurriedly hid behind Xu Ze, revealing her head and looking in that direction nervously.

"Hahaha, the Holy Son of the Holy Land actually flirted with a maid here. "

"It's really interesting. "

Gu Lichuan laughed and walked out from one side with a black-robed evil cultivator.

The two of them were full of murderous spirit and had no reservations.

Look at the two people standing in front of him.

In Xu Ze's heart, he already had a little understanding.


The role of this ancient young master can't hold up for the male protagonist to pretend to be slapped in the face.

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