In the secret realm.

A group of evil cultivators walked in the dense forests of the island.

Gu Lichuan walked at the end, with an unwilling face.

He glared at the black-robed old man in front of him, and said, "Elder, why did you stop me just now, if you hadn't stopped me, that Holy Son, I would have been able to ...... with one palm."

Seven Kills glanced at Gu Lechuan.

There was a blood-red glint in his eyes.

Gu Lichuan trembled and suddenly closed his mouth.

"Could it be that the young master thinks that the strength of that Holy Son is only in the early stage of distraction?"

"It's difficult, isn't it?, although his breath is in the distraction period, it is obviously too thin, and it is just a breakthrough......" Gu Lichuan said stubbornly.

There was a hint of disgust in Seven Kills' eyes.

This waste young master who only knows how to enjoy fun and rely on pills for his cultivation has long been disgusted.

"Hmph, fool, you only see his superficial vague aura, but you can't see his chilling eyes. "

"In his eyes, you are nothing more than an ant!"

The words of the seven killings made Gu Lichuan feel a little unconvinced in his heart.


You are a monk, do you evaluate the strength of others with your eyes?

However, the Seven Kills Elder was an elder with the highest qualifications in the Demon Yuan.

Although Gu Lichuan wanted to refute, he couldn't say it, so he could only hold a grudge in his heart.

"The Holy Son of the Holy Land, as his name suggests, is indeed the only genius in the Xuan Realm. "

"It's a pity that such a genius has cheapened the Holy Land ...... for nothing


The Seven Killing Elders looked regretful.

Look at the young master of his own family, and then look at the Holy Son who seems to be very different.

It can only be said that people are more angry than people.

If only the Demon Yuan could have such a genius in charge.

How can you be inferior and everyone shouts and beats?

In the mind of the Seven Killings, there seemed to be a picture of Xu Ze ruling the Demon Yuan and destroying the Qiankun Continent in the future.

It's a pity that after seeing Gu Lechuan, the picture shattered instantly, and it could only turn into a helpless sigh.


In the dense forests of the islands.

Ye Fan and Chen Bin quickly scavenged the spiritual grass on the island.

"Senior Brother Chen, there's an herb here. "

"Senior Brother Chen, this way!".

According to Ye Fan's shout, Chen Bin secretly claimed to be surprised while selecting the spirit grass.

It can be said that Ye Fan's luck seems to be a little good.

Only then did the Holy Fire Palace enter the island.

The Holy Son Xu Ze instructed the disciples to find opportunities on their own.

Chen Bin chose to be with Ye Fan, and the two could take care of each other.

However, this way down.

The spirit grass alone picked up less than twenty plants.

"Good fellow, are you a treasure hunter?"

Seeing that Ye Fan picked up another low-grade spirit flower, Chen Bin was stunned.

"Mean, if nothing else, I'm still very confident in my own luck. "

Ye Fan's face was not red and he was not panting and bragging.

Of course, he didn't tell Chen Bin that he picked it up according to the system's instructions.

In front of Ye Fan, a system map was clearly displayed in front of him.

All kinds of spiritual grasses and valuable things everywhere are clearly marked on them.

"Amazing. "

Chen Bin nodded again and again and gave a thumbs up.


I'm looking for a lot here.

On the other side, a group of female disciples from the Tianhan Palace also came to the secret realm.

Look at familiar scenes nearby.

Lu Qingqing held the bamboo knife and touched his chin.

"Speaking of which, in the first nine lives, I followed Ye Fan's guy to find treasures. "

Recalling the former ninth life, Lu Qingqing remembered that although this Ye Fan was not pleasant, his luck was still very good.

Following him all the way, Lu Qingqing also picked up a lot of good things.

Moreover, the most important thing is that Ye Fan also picked up the strange treasure in the secret realm, a thousand-year-old dragon grass.

"If you can grab that kind of good thing, give it to Brother Xu Ze ......."

His mind was full of Xu Ze's imagination of stroking his head.

Lu Qingqing blushed and happily ran towards the depths of the dense forest.

And the song is cold.

watched Lu Qingqing run away alone.

His eyes suddenly became gloomy.

With the ice sword in her hand, she followed Lu Qingqing step by step, and disappeared into the dense forest together.


And at the moment.

Xu Zezheng and Lin Yuer were walking in the dense forest on the other side.

"Holy Son, where are we going?"

Lin Yuer followed behind Xu Ze curiously.

Along the way, she saw a lot of spirit grasses and spirit flowers on the ground, and the quality and vintage were quite good.

However, Xu Ze didn't look at it, just kept walking towards the depths of the forest.

"Go fix something. "

Xu Ze smiled slightly.

The treasures in this secret realm, although they are all very good.

But to be honest, for Xu Ze himself, it is of little value.

The only thing that is valuable to Xu Ze is the thing in the plot that poses the greatest threat to the monks in this secret realm.

"Solve a thing?".

Lin Yuer blinked.

Although I still want to continue to ask Xu Ze what he wants to solve.

But seeing Xu Ze's slightly absent-minded appearance, Lin Yuer didn't say anything, just followed behind Xu Ze honestly.

At this time, Xu Ze's heart was still full of the words Qu Tianhan said just now, pulling his sleeves and using an almost pleading look.

"Don't get in touch with the Demon Abyss......

Xu Ze sighed in his heart.

He didn't know why Qu Tianhan wanted to say such things to himself.

It may be that she thinks that the Demon Yuan is a threat to herself.

She was worried that she would be targeted by evil cultivators in the secret realm.

However, Xu Ze was very confident in solving these evil cultivators.

Although on the surface, he is only in the early stage of distraction.

But after the reincarnation of the ninth generation, how could he not have his own means.

"Is this a matter of concern? Could it be that she has me in her heart?"

Xu Ze thought messily in his heart.


At this time, a strange voice sounded from the front.

A green fog obscured the vision ahead.

It's vague and unclear.

Lin Yu'er frowned.

She saw what seemed to be something beyond the fog ahead.

Cautiously take a closer look.

Lin Yu'er's face changed, and she hurriedly ran back and grabbed Xu Ze's sleeve, pointing ahead: "Holy Son, front, there is a dead man's ...... in front."

Look at it.

Several miserable corpses fell to the ground.

His body was covered with signs of corrosion.

Xu Ze nodded silently, put his fingers together, and waved his hand casually.

The wind was blowing.

The green fog around him was suddenly blown away.

However, after seeing everything in front of you.

Lin Yu'er was so frightened that she almost screamed.

I saw that a giant toad nearly a few tens of meters long, like a mountain and river, appeared in front of the two!


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