Demon Abyss!

As soon as these two words came out, all the monks present seemed to be facing a great enemy.

Especially Qu Tianhan, Lin Yu'er, and Lu Qingqing, who was standing in the queue of disciples in the Tianhan Palace, had been sneaking a peek at Xu Ze.

The third girl seemed to recall the past.

At the same time, his face was shocked and angry.

Ye Fan stood in the queue of disciples of the Holy Fire Palace, with a suspicious expression on his face: "Demon Yuan?

Chen Bin on the side glanced at Ye Fan in surprise and said in a low voice, "Senior Brother Ye, you don't know about Demon Yuan?"

Ye Fan shook his head.

He is a traverser, where does he know what the demon abyss is not the demon abyss.

"Demon Abyss is the Qiankun Continent, where all evil cultivators gather. "

"Evil cultivators are all people who cannot be ranked, practice evil skills, and cultivate with the lives of living people. "

"The Demon Abyss Ancestor is a terrifying existence since ancient times, and it is rumored that there are even ancient demon gods in the Demon Abyss to suppress it, and its strength is extremely strong, even compared with the Holy Land, it is even better. "

After listening to Chen Bin's explanation.

Ye Fan's face turned pale and he swallowed his saliva with difficulty.

"That means that these people are all evil cultivators?"

"Hmm...... However, the Holy Lord's cultivation is boundless, and the Holy Son is also a heavenly pride, so these evil cultivators should not dare to do anything. Chen Bin nodded, clenching his fists, "If they dare to touch a cold hair of the Holy Son, even if I die, I will bite them down." "

Ye Fan glanced at Chen Bin and said with admiration: "Senior Brother Chen is really loyal to the Holy Son. "

"That's ...... nature."


This young master of the Demon Abyss is full of evil aura all over his body.

Cultivation is at least in the middle of the doppelganger.

However, in the face of this young master of the Demon Abyss.

Xu Ze's face still did not change, and the clouds were light and the wind was light.

Between the gestures, he is full of great confidence and calmness.

Demon Yuan, this is really a familiar place for Xu Ze.

You know, in the plot of "Qiankun Immortal Emperor".

After Xu Ze was forced to flee the Holy Land, the first place he chose to go was Moyuan.

From the Holy Son of the Holy Land, to the Lord of the Demon Abyss, and the ultimate villain.

Xu Ze only took three years.

During this period, Xu Ze fought all over the world in the Demon Abyss, and even finally seized the power of the Demon God, and was invincible in the world.

Although he lost to Ye Fan in the end, it can only be regarded as a plot kill.

This young master of the Demon Abyss, Xu Ze is naturally very familiar.

Although the first appearance is full of aura.

However, in the secret realm, he was forced to be slapped in the face by the male protagonist and solved it on the spot.

In addition, this person's setting is a waste poured with medicine, a cannon fodder role in the early stage.

So this seemingly terrifying evil spirit is as small as an ant in the eyes of the future villain Xu Ze.

In Xu Ze's heart, he didn't threaten at all.

Looking at this Demon Abyss Young Master Gu Lichuan, although he pretended to be respectful, his eyes were full of disdain.

Xu Ze's expression was flat, and he said: "I can't imagine that even a person in the Demon Abyss dares to set foot in the secret realm, could it be that the ancient young master has forgotten his identity that everyone shouts and beats?"

The mocking tone in his words made Gu Lichuan's face change.

"You ......


He just wanted to make a move, but the black-robed old man on the side pressed Gu Lichuan's arm.

"Don't be embarrassed. "

The words of the black-robed man made Gu Lichuan suddenly deflated like a deflated balloon.

Xu Ze looked at the black-robed man, listened to this familiar voice, and naturally recognized his identity.

This black-robed old man is also the key figure for himself to become a villain in the future.

Seven Killing Elders.

The gaze of the Seven Killing Elders shifted from Gu Lichuan to Xu Ze.

Narrowing his blood-red eyes, he was silent for a moment.

"Holy Son, the young master of my family is rude. "

After bowing and apologizing.

The Seven Kills Elder took Gu Lechuan and a group of Demon Yuan monks into the depths of the island.

Xu Ze stood with his hands in his hands, watching a group of evil cultivators enter.

Wait for the evil cultivators to leave.

Many monks behind him showed expressions of admiration.

"He really deserves to be the Holy Son, and in the face of evil cultivation, his face did not change. "

"The evil aura of those few evil cultivators is really terrifying, especially that old man, I can't help but shake my legs just by standing there. "

"That old man is already in the extreme stage of the Xuan Realm, and the evil spirit is naturally terrifying. "

However, the Holy Son not only had no fear in the face of the old man, but overwhelmed the man in momentum. "

Everyone was amazed, and Xu Ze's back in his eyes seemed to be taller in an instant.


Unlike the amazing crowd.

Qu Tianhan's face was pale at the moment, and his lips trembled.

Looking at Xu Ze's back, it seemed that he had seen the scene of reincarnation nine times again.

As if he saw it again, Xu Ze stepped on countless corpses, the unforgettable evil smile, and the terrifying evil aura all over his body.

"The Son ......


Seeing that Xu Ze was going to lead the disciples of the Holy Fire Palace into the secret realm.

Qu Tianhan suddenly walked over and grabbed Xu Ze's arm.

Xu Ze was slightly stunned.

He didn't expect that Qu Tianhan would be so angry that he would take the initiative to talk to him.

Turn your head.

Xu Ze saw it.

Qu Tianhan clutched his sleeve tightly with an almost pleading look.

"Holy Son...... After entering the secret realm, don't come into contact with those people in the demon abyss, okay......


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