In the chorus of congratulations.

Xu Ze led a group of disciples of the Holy Fire Palace and landed on the island.

saw Xu Ze landing.

The rest of the sect leaders immediately greeted him.

Nearly 10,000 monks spread all over the sky, and then they followed the disciples of the Holy Fire Palace and landed in the open space of the island.

"Alright, it's landed. "

looked at Lin Yu'er, who was still holding her waist.

Xu Ze patted her little hand and said helplessly.

I don't know if Lin Yuer is really afraid of heights or has other plans.

He invited her to ride the flying sword.

As soon as she left the ground, she looked overly frightened, holding herself and refusing to let go.

asked her not to hug it too tightly, and Lin Yuer was also reluctant.

Helpless, Xu Ze also went with her.

Hear Xu Ze's words.

Lin Yu'er's little face buried on Xu Ze's back showed a look of dissatisfaction.

has the memory of the ninth generation, and it is impossible to say that Lin Yuer is afraid of heights.

Her only purpose, of course, is to take advantage of it.

However, looking at the countless pairs of eyes around that were staring at Xu Ze.

She also knew that she couldn't be willful, so she had to let go of Xu Ze's waist and step aside.

"Congratulations to the Holy Son coming to the lower realm, I don't want the Holy Son to come in person this time when the secret realm is opened, I am waiting for a long time, and I hope that the Holy Son will forgive my sins. "

Seeing Xu Ze put away his flying sword, Li Daosheng, the sect leader of Taixuan Sect, immediately stepped forward with a look of humility.

For the monks of the Qiankun Continent.

The Holy Land is a being on high.

The Holy Lord has been in the Zunxuan Realm for hundreds of years, and he is only one step away from breaking through the void, and he is really the first person in Qiankun.

And the Holy Son of the Holy Land, whose status is second only to the Holy Lord, is also extremely noble.

As a disciple of the Holy Lord.

If he is dissatisfied, not to mention that the few people present can't afford it.

I'm afraid that the entire Qiankun Continent will be difficult to bear.

Seeing Li Daosheng, he was the first to step forward to flatter.

Not to be outdone, the rest of the sect masters, city lords, or figures with heads and faces bowed down one after another, wanting to say a few words to the Holy Son.

"This secret realm, the Holy Son has overseen it. "

"With the presence of the Holy Son, presumably those who have a heart will not dare to act recklessly. "

"It is really an honor to see the Holy Son, and I wonder if the Holy Son will have time to come to the Humble House to sit ...... after this trip to the secret realm."

Xu Ze looked indifferent and calmly responded.

Reincarnated in the ninth generation, Xu Ze has long been accustomed to being a holy son.

is obviously flattering to these people, and he also knows how to deal with it.

As he spoke.

Suddenly, there was a chill in the sky.

The crowd looked up.

But I saw that the Tianhan Palace led by Qu Tianhan had already appeared in everyone's field of vision.

"Saint, Saint?".

"I didn't expect even the Holy Maiden to come. "

Everyone was amazed.

Qu poured cold to the ground.

and Xu Ze's eyes met.

It was the first time the two had met since that day.

Xu Ze frowned slightly.

I haven't had time to say anything yet.

Qu Tianhan's eyes were on Lin Yu'er behind Xu Ze.

The anger that could have been suppressed was instantly uncontrollable.

"Hmph!" shook his head, and Qu Tianhan no longer looked at Xu Ze.

Xu Ze: "?".

Soon, Zixia Palace, Nine Star Palace, Thousand Blade Palace, Jade Toad Palace, and Jade Yao Palace all arrived.

The group of Holy Land disciples, with unparalleled confidence and pride on their faces, immediately overshadowed the rest of the monks.

"Is this the disciple of the Holy Land?"

"It seems that the youngest is only in his teens, but the lowest has a Tongxuan period cultivation. "

"Look at the magic weapons they carry with them, the worst is also the best quality..."

The other sect disciples looked at it with envy.

Although they can also be called geniuses in their own sect.

But compared to these real top geniuses.

It was as if he had lost his light all of a sudden.

The other sect masters were also shocked when they saw it.

These disciples, one of them at random, are also the objects of their full cultivation under their own disciples.

In the Xuan Realm, it has a bright future.

And the Holy Land is located on the Qiankun Continent, how can it be more than 10,000 years?

It is still unknown how many masters and geniuses there are in the door.

Thinking of this, everyone's attitude towards Xu Ze became more respectful and flattering.

If you can make peace with the Holy Land, even if it is only a verbal promise from the Son.

Then in the future, wouldn't the sect be able to walk sideways in the Qiankun Continent?

"Hahaha, this Hanhai Islands is really lively today, I didn't expect even the holy land to be alarmed. "

While everyone was talking.

A loud laugh rang out.

A sky-high evil aura surged in, and everyone was shocked to look at it.

Xu Ze frowned slightly, he already knew who was coming.

He turned his head to look.

I saw more than a dozen people dressed in black robes and covering their faces with black hoods, falling from the sky.

The man at the head even showed an evil smile, and his body was full of evil energy.

Under the hood, the eyes flashing with red light were completely condensed on Xu Ze.

"Holy Son, don't come unharmed, in the Lower Demon Abyss, the young master, Gu Lechuan. "

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