Qu Tianhan's face gradually calmed down.

She raised her head and looked at Xu Ze, who was a little confused, with a sneer on the corner of her mouth.

"The Son has come to me, but what is the matter?"

Xu Ze came back to his senses suddenly.

Wait a minute.

What do you want me to do with you?

Didn't you call me here in the plot?

What's going on? After acting in the ninth world, have you changed your actors or lines?

Xu Ze was puzzled, but he still said in a good voice: "I haven't forgotten that you invited me here today to discuss the assessment of the Holy Land in a few days. "

"My holy land is open to the Xuan Realm every ten years to accept disciples, this time it happens to be a ten-year period, and it coincides with the Holy Lord's retreat, and the assessment will be discussed by you and me. "

An imperceptible color flashed in Qu Tianhan's eyes, and then he got up and said, "I see, however, I have other important matters to deal with recently, and I ask the Holy Son to take full responsibility for the assessment." "

Xu Ze: ???


I'm responsible?

No, that's not what the plot says, right?

And your line is a little familiar.

Isn't that my line?

In the first nine lives, because Xu Ze was too lazy to get involved in the assessment of the Holy Land, he didn't want to destroy the original plot.

So whenever I discussed with Qu Tianhan, I would prevaricate with the excuse of 'I have something important to do recently'.

The phrase "the first nine reincarnations" can be said to be one use and one accurate.

Why this time, I haven't said it yet, you just give me a preemptive strike?

Xu Ze just wanted to say something, but Qu Tianhan was already ready to leave.

The moment he walked past Xu Ze.

Qu Tianhan seemed to have something to say, and his steps paused.

But in the end, it turned into a faint laugh.

Xu Ze turned his head to look.

Looking at the back of Qu Tianhan's departure, a creep surged in his heart.


It's so wrong.

Qu Tianhan looked at his eyes, it was simply gloomy and distorted to the point of sickness.

She can't be possessed by a traverser, right?

This ridiculous idea popped into my mind.

Xu Ze suddenly felt bad in his heart.

If that's really the case, how can your own plot be good?

If this traverser knew the direction of the future plot, would he have slaughtered himself in advance?

slaughtered himself in advance, so is this reincarnation a success or a failure?

Xu Ze really encountered this kind of thing for the first time.

reincarnated in nine lives, and each life progressed smoothly according to his ideas.

This made him a little flustered, thinking that the reincarnation of the last life would definitely be as simple as before.

But now it seems that what I think is really too young.

How could the system not increase the difficulty at all, and directly let yourself get the reward of the tenth reincarnation?

No way.

Reincarnated in this life, it seems that I must be serious.

In any case, the plot must be smoothly promoted!

Otherwise, wouldn't I be reincarnated in the ninth life in vain!

Thinking in his heart, Xu Ze left in a hurry, ready to prepare for the assessment in a few days.

And he didn't pay attention.

In a dead end not far away.

Qu Tianhan stood there, silently staring at Xu Ze in the distance.

"Hehehe...... Xu Ze, Xu Ze, I didn't expect that I would be able to live a ...... again."

"You betrayed me for a whole nine lifetimes and deceived me for nine lifetimes...... I don't blame you, though. "

"Because I know I was too cold to you at first...... And when you are down, you can't be by your side well......


"So, this life...... I'm going to lock you to my side...... Whether it's your body, your heart, or your will, I'm going to lock it up!".

"That way, you won't betray me, ......will you?" Hehehehehe. "

The eerie sneer seemed to chill the air around him.

The hatred and love of the ninth generation made her heart gradually distort.

In my heart, countless vicious thoughts emerged.


When Xu Ze was preparing for the assessment.

Qiankun Continent, in a forest.

Ye Fan scratched his head and walked on the path.

"System, is this the way to the Holy Land?".

[Ding, back to the host, this is exactly the direction].

[The host will meet one of your future Destiny Daughters on the way, and she will worship with you in the Holy Land, which is an indispensable help for your future path].

[After completing the Holy Land assessment, the system will issue a supreme newbie gift package to help the host go to the next level].

"That's so cool!".

Ye Fan looked happy.

As a time-traveler, he had read countless time-traveling novels in his previous life, and naturally knew that if there was a system, it would be equivalent to having a stable meal ticket.

And what kind of novice gift package, after using it, it will definitely crush the indigenous monks of this world by a few hundred, and become a genius among geniuses.

There is also a harem to collect at the beginning.

Hehe, he will inevitably be flat in the future, pretending to be forced to slap his face and accept the harem, and reach the peak of life!

is YY with his colorful life.

Suddenly, there was a rush of sirens from the system.

[Danger detected!Please be careful with the host!].

A sound of breaking the air sounded.

Ye Fan subconsciously dodged.

I saw a green leaf brushing past the side of my face, and it was nailed to the trees next to me with a 'bang'.

This strength, if the system didn't prompt it just now, Ye Fan was afraid that he would die with a headshot on the spot!

"What, what's going on!" Ye Fan touched the scratches on his face, almost frightened.

"Hmph...... Didn't you even kill...... It's a shame ......


A gloomy voice rang out from not far away.

I saw a girl with a double ponytail in a green shirt who looked to be fifteen or sixteen years old, holding a bamboo knife, slowly walking out from behind the tree.

Although the appearance is incomparably pure and cute.

But those gloomy eyes were filled with monstrous hatred.

"It's because of you that Brother Xu Ze is disgusted with my ......."

"It's because of you that Brother Xu Ze will abandon my ......


"Dead ......


"You give me !! death".

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