East China Sea Domain.

Hanhai Prefecture.

Above the vast sea.

The archipelago is long and foggy.

With a circle of Xuan Qi ripples, it spread from one of the islands.

The surrounding fog gradually dissipated.

The few monks who were hovering outside the fog and watching the movements of the secret realm immediately showed joy.

"The secret realm is open!".

"The secret realm of Hanhai has opened!".

To their surprise, some of the monks couldn't bear it anymore and rushed into the island first.

One of the monks frowned, and said loudly: "Hey, this Hanhai Prefecture is the beginning of the spiritual energy of the Qiankun Continent, and in the secret realm that has been opened, there may be some monsters, don't be impulsive!"

"Fool, it's because it's the beginning of the aura that there are so many treasures in this secret realm. "

"That is, when those people from the sect forces come, the treasures here and what do we have to do with our scattered cultivation. "

Several people landed in an open field.

Immediately and eagerly search for the secret treasures of the island.


Not much.

A scream came from the island.

The monks who were floating in the air and did not dare to act rashly suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.


The heavy sound seemed to resound through the heavens and the earth.

The whole island seemed to tremble.

Screams rang out one after another.

Soon, the monks who fell into the island first, their breath was gone.

"Dead ...... Dead?".

"Won't it, Zhang Daoyou, he has the ...... of Ning Xuan's late stage cultivation."


Suddenly, there was a strange sound on the island.

Several monks floating in the air suddenly woke up like a dream.

One by one, they fled in terror, scattering as birds and beasts.

I'm afraid that the next person to die here will be myself.


"The secret realm has opened?".

In the study.

Seeing the news in the secret letter, a hint of joy flashed in Xu Ze's eyes.

"Very good, this secret realm is very important, not only the male protagonist Ye Fan, even me, will gain a lot here. "

Xu Ze looked at Lin Yu'er, who was waiting obediently on the side, and said, "Yu'er, pass the order, all the palace gates of the Holy Land will gather disciples and go to Hanhai Prefecture to gather!"

"Yes, Son. Lin Yuer nodded in response, but had no intention of leaving.

Xu Ze glanced at Lin Yu'er suspiciously.

saw Lin Yu'er pointing her fingers on her chest, and looked at Xu Ze with some embarrassment.

"Holy Son, is there no ...... for me on the list of trips this time


Xu Ze said calmly: "The trip to the secret realm is extremely dangerous, your strength is still shallow, so you should stay in the holy land." "

It's not just because Lin Yuer's strength is weak.

What's more, in the plot of the reincarnation of the first nine lives, the trip to the secret realm does not have Lin Yuer's role at all.

Let her go, Xu Ze is worried that there will be unnecessary trouble.

However, Lin Yuer seemed to be a little unhappy.

Her eyes sank, she lowered her head, and complained: "The Holy Son went to the secret realm this time, at least half a month, or at most half a year, how can there be no one to take care of food, clothing, housing and transportation?"

Xu Ze was stunned for a moment.

This Lin Yu'er, when will she say such a thing......

When she was reincarnated in the first ninth life, although she also wanted to go to the secret realm with her, but after a little persuasion by herself, didn't Lin Yuer honestly agree?

"Or is it that the Holy Son already dislikes Yu'er and thinks Yu'er is annoying, so he deliberately doesn't bring Yu'er?"

Lin Yu'er raised her head, her eyes were empty, and the corners of her mouth seemed to have a sneer.

"I've heard that the Holy Son has even brought a new disciple with him. "

"In the heart of the Holy Son, Yu'er shouldn't even be able to compare to those newcomers, right?"


Xu Ze was a little confused.

But Lin Yuer didn't give Xu Ze a chance to speak, but approached Xu Ze and stared at Xu Ze with those empty and godless eyes.

Obviously just a maid.

The momentum that can be brought made Xu Ze, who is the Holy Son, subconsciously take a step back.

"In order not to hold back the Holy Son, I have been working hard to practice witchcraft these days, can you find out the Holy Son? "

"For the sake of the Holy Son, Yu'er can do anything, and she can do anything......".

"But if the Son doesn't need me anymore, then what's the point of a woman like me still alive......? Hehehe......


A series of gloomy smiles made Xu Ze's eyelids jump wildly.

To be honest, he's not the kind of person who can be moved by a casual sentence or two.

But looking at the depressed girl in front of her.

Xu Ze inexplicably remembered the reincarnation of the previous ninth life, and when she abandoned Lin Yu'er, her eyes seemed to be broken.

Abandoned her nine times.

No matter how it is, Xu Ze has a lot of guilt in his heart towards Lin Yuer.

"I ...... I know. "

"However, if you want to enter the secret realm, you must follow me, not run around. "

Xu Ze had no choice but to agree to Lin Yuer.

Lin Yu'er's empty eyes suddenly flickered like starlight.

"Long live the Holy Son!" happily hugged Xu Ze's neck, and under Xu Ze's surprised gaze, Lin Yuer kissed Xu Ze on the face.

"I'm going to inform the other palace gates~".

Lin Yu'er grinned and retreated with a red face.

Without waiting for Xu Ze to come back to his senses, he ran out happily.

I touched the wetness on my face.

Xu Ze shook his head helplessly.

"In this life, Yu'er seems to have taken the initiative to ...... more than the previous nine lives."

Xu Ze rubbed his fingertips, reminiscing about the soft and glutinous touch on his face just now.


The disciples of the Holy Fire Palace quickly gathered.

Ye Fan sat in the red-patterned and white-bottomed robe of the disciples of the Holy Fire Palace, and together with Chen Bin, stood in the team of twenty people, with high morale.

During this time, he also passed the assessment of the disciples of the Holy Fire Palace and became an official disciple.

In addition, he obtained the qualification to go to the secret realm.

[Ding, new mission released].

[Go to the secret realm and obtain the mysterious treasure of the secret realm].

[Based on the score, you will receive a large number of system rewards].

The sound of the system rings in my ears.

A trace of joy flashed in Ye Fan's eyes.

"Hopefully, this dog system will be a little more reliable this time. "

Just thinking about it.

Xu Ze had already walked out of the dormitory.

Come to the disciples.

Lin Yuer followed behind, carrying large bags and small bags, looking like she was about to move.

Disciple of the Holy Fire Palace: "......


"Ahem, everyone's here. "

"This secret realm is full of dangers, all the disciples of the Holy Fire Palace, remember to support each other and avoid acting alone and being used by people with intentions. "

Xu Ze paused slightly, trying not to let himself look at the extremely funny Lin Yu'er beside him.

Taking a deep breath, Xu Ze waved his arms and said in a loud voice: "Holy Fire Palace, all disciples listen to orders!"

The twenty people immediately became serious, stood up straight, and waited for Xu Ze to give an order.

"Let's go!".


A group of disciples used their flying magic weapons together, turned into rainbow lights, and flew towards Hanhai Prefecture.

Xu Ze's feet floated in the air, just about to use his magical powers to leave.

saw Lin Yu'er carrying a package on her back, jumping around anxiously below, staring at Xu Ze with blank eyes.

"Saint, Holy Son, Yu'er, Yu'er can't fly......


Xu Ze: "......


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