At this time, Xu Ze was anxiously walking in the dormitory, waiting for news.

The number of disciples in the Holy Fire Palace, Xu Ze has already decided.

The other five palace gates only need a small assessment to be selected.

But it's the Heavenly Cold Palace.

Because it is the palace gate managed by the Holy Maiden Qu Tianhan, Xu Ze, as the Holy Son, has no room to meddle at all.

In the past, whenever there was a secret realm, Xu Ze and Qu Tianhan discussed it.

But now, Qu Tianhan obviously has some opinions about Xu Ze.

Xu Ze didn't want to hit the muzzle.

So he sent an innocent disciple to explore the way for him.

With the character of Qu Dumping Cold.

No matter how she is, she can't be angry with an ordinary disciple, right?

Just as he was thinking, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door.

"Holy Son! The disciple who delivered the letter has returned. Lin Yu'er ran in from outside in a hurry.

Xu Ze perked up and hurriedly looked at Lin Yu'er: "How is it, what did the holy woman say?"

"This ......


Lin Yu'er's eyes staggered from Xu Ze, and she scratched her face a little embarrassed: "Holy Son, you better go out and have a look......


Xu Ze had an ominous premonition in his heart.

He walked out quickly.

Come to the front hall of the Holy Fire Palace.

I saw that many disciples of the Holy Fire Palace gathered there.

When they saw Xu Ze, they immediately dispersed.

I saw it in the middle of the front hall.

The disciples who were sent by Xu Ze to deliver the letter before were sealed in a piece of hard ice.

There was still a look of fear on his face.

Xu Ze's cold sweat flowed down all of a sudden.

"It's too much!How could a saint do this!".

"Holy Maiden, is this looking down on our Holy Fire Palace!".

"It's so pitiful, look at his expression, how desperate he must be before he is frozen. "

The disciples of the surrounding Holy Fire Palace showed resentful expressions one by one.

Although I have never seen the stunt of the Holy Maiden.

But everybody knows that.

If it is said that the fire of the Holy Son Xu Ze is not extinguished.

The cold ice of the Holy Maiden is the ice that does not melt.

Even with ordinary monks, they couldn't escape from Qu Tianhan's cold ice mystical technique.

Xu Ze frowned and walked over, with a holy fire burning in his hand, covering the solid ice.

Soon, the ice gradually dissipated as the flame warmed.

The disciple who was frozen inside also fell stiffly to the ground, struggling to hug Xu Ze's leg and crying bitterly.

"Woo woo, Holy Son, Holy Maiden, she is so terrible, woo woo, she's crazy, ......


"She also said that in the future, if the people of the Holy Fire Palace dare to step into the Tianhan Palace again, they will all be the same as me, woo woo..."

Xu Ze: "......



I really provoked Qu Tianhan.

However, the only thing he did was not to listen to Qu Tianhan's advice and leave Ye Fan?

Is she angry to this extent?

Xu Ze naturally didn't know why Qu Tianhan hated himself so much.

In other words, he didn't think about the emotional side at all.


In the Tianhan Palace.

Qu Tianhan sat at his desk and looked at the letter sent by the disciples of the Holy Fire Palace.

This is Xu Ze's handwritten letter.

The content of the description is very simple, that is, to ask Qu Tianhan how to arrange for the twenty disciples of the Tianhan Palace to go to the secret realm.

"Hmph, for such a trivial matter, I have to send someone to send a letter to me..."

"Is it so difficult to come to the Tianhan Palace by yourself?"

"Or is it that you just got out of the customs and you can't help but want to be tired of being with those two damn women?".

Qu was cold and angry.

Looking at this letter, it was as if I saw Xu Ze's damn stinky face.

The hand holding the letter tightened suddenly.

Hold the letter in your hand.

Qu Tianhan originally wanted to shatter the letter with a mysterious qi.

However, there was a moment of hesitation.

But he gently spread out the letter, carefully smoothing out the wrinkles.



Turning around, he took a book from the bookshelf behind him.

Qu Tianhan sandwiched the letter into the pages of the book and put it back in its original position.

"The list of the Heavenly Cold Palace?".

Qu Tianhan pondered for a moment, then pushed open the door of the dormitory and walked out.

At the door, several maids looked at Qu Tianhan in fear.

Qu Tianhan stopped and said calmly: "Clean the room, and don't touch my bookshelf." "

"Yes......" The maids did not dare to disobey and immediately responded.

Wait for Qu to leave in the cold.

Several maids glanced at each other and walked into the dormitory.

Look at the broken paper on the ground and the sword marks on the wall.

The maids suddenly looked bitter, and they couldn't tell if they were bitter.


Qu Tianhan soon came to the Tianhan Palace's Sixue Palace.

This is where the elders are taught on weekdays.

It is also the location where the list of all the disciples of the Tianhan Palace is stored.

"Holy Maiden, the list of all the potential disciples of the Heavenly Cold Palace is all placed here. "

Elder Frost found a list of disciples and respectfully placed them in front of Qu Tianhan.

She naturally knew why the Holy Maiden had come to her.

She had also heard about the secret realm this time.

Therefore, a list of the most potential disciples of the Tianhan Palace in recent years had been prepared in advance for Qu Tianhan to choose.

After turning a few pages, Qu Tianhan picked up the pen and checked a few potential disciples who were very young but had a good realm.


Qu Tianhan frowned slightly, and saw a familiar name in the list.

Lu Qingqing, late Tongxuan.

"Lu Qingqing?" Qu Tianhan frowned slightly.

She knew that when she was in the first ninth life, this Lu Qingqing was a disciple of her Heavenly Cold Palace.

But in this life, she has already intimidated this girl slightly.

Unexpectedly, she actually returned to her Tianhan Palace.

Are you so not afraid of yourself?

Elder Frost was immediately full of praise: "Holy Maiden, this Lu Qingqing can really be described as a top genius, I have taught female disciples of the Holy Land for more than thirty years, and it is the first time I have met such a spiritual girl. "

Qu Tianhan glanced at the frost.

Hanshuang's face froze, and he immediately changed his words with a smile: "Of course, you still can't compare with the Holy Maiden, ......."

"However, this girl is extremely talented, I taught her Xuan Gong, Xuan Gong, she knows it at a glance, and she is very skilled, the most important thing is that this girl is only fifteen years old this year, and she has already passed the middle stage of Xuan, the future can be expected, the future can be expected. "

The future is ......


A coldness flashed in Qu Tianhan's eyes.

I'm afraid that in this secret realm, she will have no future.

Lifting the pen, Qu Tianhan put a tick behind Lu Qingqing's name.

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