Inside the empty hall.

Ye Fan and Chen Bin were speechless, silently cleaning the messy ground.

From time to time, the two glanced at each other, and seemed to have a slight feeling of sympathy.

"Ahem, your name is Ye Fan, right?"

"Hmm...... What does Senior Brother Chen have to say? "

Chen Bin patted Ye Fan's shoulder and smiled: "I fought well just now, if the Holy Son hadn't arrived in time, I'm afraid I would have been defeated." "

Ye Fan scratched his head and smiled: "How can there be, Senior Brother Chen's strength is above me, I just caught a flaw by luck." "

"Hahaha, don't be modest, with your strength, it can be said that it is more than enough to become a disciple of the Holy Fire Palace. Chen Bin laughed, and his prejudice against this Ye Fan disappeared in an instant, "Speaking of which, I don't know why Senior Brother Ye wants to worship in the Holy Fire Palace, I see that your Xuanli is soft in the yang, and strong in the yin, which is very suitable for cultivating the Xuanji of the Zixia Palace." "

Ye Fan smiled embarrassedly: "I want to worship the Holy Fire Palace, but in fact, it is just because I admire the Holy Son as a ......."

"Oh, did you also worship here because you admired the Son's personality?" Chen Bin was overjoyed, as if he had found a soulmate.

Ye Fan also looked happy: "Could it be Senior Brother Chen's ......


"At the beginning, the Holy Son had some favors on me, and I chose the Holy Fire Palace because I was willing to serve the Holy Son. Chen Bin's eyes flashed with determination, "I didn't expect Senior Brother Ye to do the same." "

"Senior Brother Chen......".

"Senior Brother Ye......


The two looked at each other, and they hated each other.

"After cleaning the hall, Senior Brother, I will invite Senior Brother Ye to drink. "

"Thank you, Senior Brother Chen!".


Xu Ze didn't know that the male protagonist Ye Fan had established a deep friendship with the cannon fodder male supporting role in the original plot.

For the male protagonist, Ye Fan wants to join the Holy Fire Palace.

At first, Xu Ze actually refused a little in his heart.

However, from the discussion between Ye Fan and Chen Bin just now.

Xu Ze could see at a glance that this Ye Fan had broken through from the Xuan Stage to the Condensation Stage in just one week.

Although compared with the original plot, Ye Fan's progress has been a bit slow.

But I have to say that Ye Fan still has some potential as a leading actor.

Xu Ze decided to keep him under his nose first and supervise his growth.

And then, seeing that the secret realm is about to open.

The news about the secret realm of Hanhai has also spread in the Holy Land.

Every disciple geared up, looking like they wanted to enter the secret realm and show off their skills.

As the Holy Son, Xu Ze needs to be in control of the overall situation during the Holy Lord's retreat.

The candidates who go to the secret realm should also be the same as in previous years.

Among the Seven Great Palaces of the Holy Land.

The Holy Fire Palace and the Heavenly Cold Palace each had twenty disciples.

The other five palaces each have ten disciples.

There are a total of ninety disciples, plus ten accompanying masters and elders.

As the faces of the Holy Land today, the Holy Son Xu Ze and the Holy Maiden Qu Tianhan must also queue up to intimidate the monks of the Qiankun Continent.

"However, since that day, I haven't seen the cold again. "

"She's still angry......

Xu Ze was vaguely worried in his heart.

In order to avoid going to her by myself, I will have trouble with her.

Xu Ze casually called a disciple and asked him to inform Qu Tianhan about the number of disciples.


At this time, the weather is cold in the palace.

Qu is in the cold dormitory.

In the dormitory, it was a mess.

Scraps of shredded paper were everywhere.

Everywhere there are crumpled portraits.

Qu Tianhan stood in front of the desk, holding a pen in his hand, writing and drawing on rice paper with an expressionless face.

After a while, the appearance of a handsome man jumped on the page.

His eyes are soft, and his smile is like a spring breeze.

This is like Xu Ze's portrait.

However, looking at the portrait, Qu Tianhan's eyes were full of love and hate.

She grabbed the portrait and raised it casually, and slapped her right hand in the air.

The smiling face on the portrait suddenly wrinkled into twists.

Immediately afterwards, Qu Tianhan flipped his left hand.

The cold condenses into a sword.

The whole person flashed into the air, and instantly appeared in front of the portrait.

I saw several cold lights flickering.

The portrait was immediately neatly cut into several pieces, scattered among the piles of scraps of paper on the ground, and no trace could be found.

Then, Qu Tianhan returned to the table.

Pick up the pen and paper and redraw the portrait of Xu Ze.


The maids of the Tianhan Palace were all hiding outside the house and shivering.

Listening to the sound of sword qi breaking through the air from time to time in the house, their faces turned pale, and they didn't know what to do.

"The swordsmanship of the Holy Maiden is really getting sharper and sharper......


"The painting skills of the saint are becoming more and more exquisite......

"But... What should I do, do you want to go to the Holy Son?"

"Don't make a fuss, the Holy Son has been in retreat for a week, why don't you disturb him now?".

When the maids were full of helplessness.

The disciple dressed in the white and red costume of the Holy Fire Palace came to the outside of the dormitory and clasped his fists and saluted.

"Senior sisters, junior sisters, are you here? The Holy Son asked his disciples to bring letters. "

My Son?

Several maids seemed to see a savior.

However, they didn't have time to speak.

The closed door of the dormitory was suddenly blasted open by several cold lights.

Scraps of paper flew all over the sky.

Qu Tianhan held the ice sword in his hand and proudly walked out of the flying pieces of paper.

"Greetings, Holy ......


That last word is not finished.

The disciple of the Holy Fire Palace saw the ice sword in Qu Tianhan's hand resting on his neck.

Cold sweat immediately flowed down.

looked coldly at this disciple of the Holy Fire Palace, whose legs trembled like playing a pipa.

Qu Tianhan's thin lips opened lightly, and the cold voice came out of his mouth.

"Say...... What did Xu Ze ask you to do?".

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