In the original work of "Qiankun Immortal Emperor".

The male protagonist Ye Fan is assessed after entering the Holy Land.

Because of his admiration for the Holy Maiden's song, he thought about worshipping the Tianhan Palace.

It's a pity that Tianhan Palace only accepts women, so Ye Fan can only give up.

At the same time, Xu Ze, who is the son of the Holy Son, also threw an olive branch to him.

But because Ye Fan had a little friction with the disciples of the Holy Fire Palace.

So he rejected Xu Ze mercilessly, turned around and bowed to Zixia Palace.

It was a small slap in the face to Xu Ze.

It was also this plot that made the Holy Son begin to notice this Ye Fan.

But this tenth reincarnation.

The plot is already a bit messy.

Even the male protagonist has been reduced to a miscellaneous disciple.

Xu Ze didn't care about this plot, thinking that if Ye Fan's strength was enough, he might re-enter Zixia Palace.

Unexpectedly, this Ye Fan actually took the initiative to ask to join the Holy Fire Palace

It's crazy!

Big brother, you're the male lead.

How can you join the palace gate of the villain?

Xu Ze had a headache.

But as a Holy Son, you can't just open your mouth and drive away those who want to worship in your Holy Fire Palace.

What do you make the other disciples of the Holy Fire Palace think?

Helpless, Xu Ze had to let his disciple lead the way and decided to go and see for himself.


The front hall of the Holy Fire Palace.

Ye Fan stood in the hall with a fearless face.

Seeing that the senior brothers of the Holy Fire Palace were talking about themselves, they still did not move, as steady as Mount Tai.

Between his eyebrows, the childishness that he had just crossed over faded.

With a bit of the charm of a master.

"Really, a little miscellaneous disciple wants to worship in our Holy Fire Palace?"

"Crazy, don't you know that this is the palace gate managed by the Holy Son himself?"

"Senior brother, why don't you try his catties first. "

Several Sacred Fire Palace disciples discussed.

At this time, a burly man walked out from a group of Holy Fire Palace disciples and came to Ye Fan.

looked at this Ye Fan, whose head was only on his chest.

The man crossed his arms and looked down at Ye Fan and said, "Boy, it's not a small guts, a little miscellaneous disciple actually wants to worship in the Holy Fire Palace?"

Ye Fan's face did not change, and he said: "Which palace gate do I want to worship, I don't need my senior brother to open his mouth to teach me, right?"

The man sneered and moved his arm.

"The kid is arrogant enough, come, before the assessment, let me try your catties. "

Ye Fan hugged his fists and said, "Dare to ask the name of the senior brother." "

"Chen Bin!".

Two words come out.

Chen Bin swung his punch at Ye Fan.

This punch is amazing.

With the sound of a gale wind breaking through the air, it smashed towards Ye Fan.

The early stage of condensation!

Ye Fan's eyes sank, and he immediately saw the strength of this person.

He immediately took a step to dodge the punch.

But he saw that this punch passed by the side of his face, and an invisible mysterious qi smashed on the wall of the main hall, imprinting a deep fist mark.

"Yin Feng Step, boy, you are quite familiar with it. "

At a glance, seeing that Ye Fan was performing a mid-grade mystical technique Yin Feng step, Chen Bin immediately followed closely, and his fists were like phantoms, smashing towards Ye Fan quickly.

"This move is a shadowless hundred hand fist, it is a high-grade mystical technique on the human level, can you catch it, boy?"

Ye Fan gritted his teeth, and the Xuan Qi in his body instantly solidified on his hands.

Bang bang.

The crowd only saw the two of them waving fists at each other in the main hall.

The fists are facing each other, creating a wave of qi.

"That kid turned out to be in the early stage of Ning Xuan, amazing. "

"I didn't expect him to be able to fight a draw with Senior Brother Chen Bin, Senior Brother Chen Bin's 100-handed fist is notoriously strong. "

"I'll go, that kid is a little fierce, and he will take Senior Brother Chen Bin's fist hard. "

Looking at the countless fists in front of him that were coming back towards him.

Ye Fan retreated again and again, his expression solemn.

Although he can barely resist it.

However, the worst of the Shadowless Hundred Hand Fist is also the high-grade mystical technique of the human level.

Ye Fan gathered his strength to resist for so long, and he already felt a little powerless.

[Ding, it has been detected that the host is in a bitter battle, does it need system assistance].

"Shut up, you uncompetitive system, I'm going to rely on my own strength to fight..."

Ye Fan gritted his teeth, and suddenly took a step back.

Watching Chen Bin's fist speed pause slightly.

A hint of joy flashed in Ye Fan's eyes.

There are flaws!

Tian Chong Fist!

Ye Fan's right arm was wrapped in cyan Xuan Qi.

This punch, aimed at the moment when Chen Bin paused, slammed into his chest.

Chen Bin was shocked, and hurriedly punched, trying to block this punch.


A slender and white hand suddenly appeared between the two.

Just a slight stop.

Ye Fan and Chen Bin's punch, which seemed to be able to penetrate mountains and rivers, suddenly lost their stamina as if they were hitting a sponge.

The fists of the two of them were blocked on the left and right sides by this hand, and they did not move at all.

Ye Fan and Chen Bin were stunned at the same time.

Turn your head and look.

saw that Xu Ze had appeared beside them at some point.

With an indifferent look, he looked at these two people.

"Holy, Holy Son!".

Chen Bin's face changed, and he hurriedly knelt down on one knee and clenched his fists.

Ye Fan also took a few steps back and scratched his head awkwardly.

"It's okay to learn from the same door. "

Xu Ze glanced at the fist prints on the wall, as well as the staggered furnishings in the hall that were blown by the fist wind.

"However, destroying the facilities of the Holy Fire Palace and fighting indoors at will violates the rules of the Holy Fire Palace. "

Xu Ze said indifferently: "Chen Bin, punish you for cleaning the front hall for three days." "


Chen Bin's face was full of bitterness, and he could only consider himself unlucky.

Ye Fan glanced at Chen Bin and said with some embarrassment: "That, Holy Son...... I was also wrong in this fight, so I ......."

"Compete with the same door, and it is forbidden to shoot too hard. Xu Ze glanced at Ye Fan, "Your punch, although it is the early stage of Ning Xuan, has already begun to have the strength of the late stage of Ning Xuan, if it hits, it will be seriously injured." "

"Don't you want to worship in the Holy Fire Palace? Then punish you to clean the entire temple in the Holy Fire Palace for three days to see the aftermath. "


Ye Fan was stunned.

watched Xu Ze leave.

Ye Fan wanted to cry without tears.

Holy Son, I want to come to the Holy Fire Palace as a full disciple.

I didn't come to the Holy Fire Palace to continue to be a handyman.

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