At the point of almost a breakthrough.

Xu Ze found a faint prohibition in his body.

The reincarnation of the ninth generation, Xu Ze naturally saw it at a glance.

This prohibition is a kind of spell in the witchcraft of southern Xinjiang.

The spell was a little stubborn, but it wasn't hostile, and it seemed to have some benefits.

But it's a spell after all.

Xu Ze didn't dare to let the spell stay on him for too long.

After easily breaking the spell.

In Xu Ze's mind, the first figure that appeared to use spells was Lin Yu'er.

"According to the original plot, Lin Yuer is indeed the only one who has mastered witchcraft in southern Xinjiang. "

"However, this plot will not unfold until five years later, why ......".

Xu Ze was surprised.

Although the plot of the tenth life has developed here, there has been a lot of confusion in the characters and plot branches during the period.

However, the approximate time shift is still very small.

But now, the witchcraft of Southern Xinjiang, which was supposed to appear five years later, has appeared now!


"Holy, Holy Son!".

Xu Ze's voice was heard.

Lin Yu'er's face turned pale and she stumbled out of the corner.

Xu Ze looked at Lin Yuer.

Seeing her strange expression, I felt a little sure in my heart.

He stretched out his hand and pinched Lin Yu'er's wrist.

A wisp of holy fire and mysterious qi flowed into his body.

Lin Yuer only felt a heat in her body.

Look at Xu Ze's calm eyes again.

Everything about himself seems to be completely seen through by Xu Ze, and the whole person has a feeling that there is nothing to hide.

Xu Ze's brows furrowed without a trace.

He glanced at the waiting elders.

The elders also immediately understood.

"In that case, I will take my leave. "

The old man at the head took the lead and left.

As the elders departed.


In the courtyard, only Xu Ze and Lin Yuer were left.

Lin Yu'er lowered her head, her heart beating wildly.

"Yu'er, where did you learn your pure poison skills?"

Xu Ze's eyes flashed with a cold light, and although his voice was calm, there was an invisible pressure.

Doubts had risen in his heart.

Could it be that Lin Yuer still has memories of previous lives?

Otherwise, how could she learn southern Xinjiang witchcraft at such a time.

Lin Yu'er's eyes rolled.

Anxious, she quickly came up with a solution.

"I, if I say, there is an unknown senior who said that I was destined for him and gave me a book of exercises, will the Holy Son believe it?"


Xu Ze was stunned.

He looked into Lin Yu'er's eyes, trying to find a flaw.

However, Lin Yuer's eyes were clear, and she couldn't see that there was a lie at all.

"Really?" Xu Ze frowned.

Lin Yu'er pursed her lips: "The Holy Son can't believe in Yu'er?"


Xu Ze was choked up by Lin Yuer's rhetorical question.

Indeed, in her memory, even if it was the reincarnation of the Ninth Generation, Lin Yuer had never said panic to Xu Ze.

It can be said that Xu Ze still believes in Lin Yuer very much in his heart.

"No, of course I believe in Yu'er. "

Xu Ze's eyes immediately softened, and he reached out and pinched Lin Yu'er's soft face.

But in my heart, I always felt that something was strange.

Unknown seniors?

Could it be those old immortals in southern Xinjiang?

But now, aren't those old immortals still in retreat?

Or is it that the plot of the tenth life is completely different from the previous ninth life.

The timeline has also changed dramatically.

"It's worthy of the tenth life, system, system, you really made me a hell of difficulty. "

Xu Ze sighed in his heart.

Looking at Lin Yu'er, Xu Ze smiled lightly: "It seems that Yu'er is also a person with great opportunities. "

"Although this southern Xinjiang witchcraft is quite complicated to practice, it is also a top-notch practice when practiced to the Mahayana, which is extremely wonderful. "

"It's just that these witchcraft spells are not toys, so you must not use them on others. "

Lin Yuer immediately nodded like a chicken pecking rice, looking extremely well-behaved and obedient.

Xu Ze nodded with satisfaction.

I was about to say something more.

Suddenly, outside the gate of the courtyard, a disciple of the Holy Fire Palace rushed over, knelt down on one knee, and hugged his fists.

"Holy Son, there is a miscellaneous disciple today who said that he wants to conduct a formal disciple assessment and worship in the Holy Fire Palace. "

"Miscellaneous disciple?".

Xu Ze put down the hand that pinched Lin Yu'er's face and turned his head to look at the man.

Although the Holy Land is said to be one.

But it is divided into seven palace gates.

The seven palace gates do not interfere with each other, and are unified by the Holy Lord, assisted by the Holy Son and Holy Maiden.

Among them, the Holy Son is mainly in charge of the Holy Fire Palace, and the Holy Maiden is mainly in charge of the Tianhan Palace.

The remaining five palace gates correspond to the rest of the previous generations of masters who have long since stopped asking about the affairs of the Holy Land.

Each of the seven palace gates has several different teaching elders, who teach different Xuangong and Xuanji.

After the new disciples worship in the Holy Land, they are either divided into miscellaneous disciples or become official disciples.

Most of the formal disciples are selected by the teaching elders of each palace gate, and the disciples who choose the center ceremony will be included under a certain palace gate.

Of course, formal disciples can also choose the palace gate independently, but they must meet the palace gate standards.

For example, Lu Qingqing very much wanted to worship the Holy Fire Palace.

However, the disciples of the Holy Fire Palace required that they must be men, so Lu Qingqing could only be forced to follow the Frost Elder and worship the Heavenly Cold Palace, which was managed by the Holy Maiden.

And miscellaneous disciples, if they want to worship a certain palace gate, in addition to being assessed to become a formal disciple, they must also meet the requirements.

However, most of the miscellaneous disciples are people with mediocre talents, and the Holy Fire Palace has extremely high requirements for talent, and the miscellaneous disciples are basically unqualified.

Xu Ze has been reincarnated in the ninth world this time, and he really hasn't seen any miscellaneous disciples pass the assessment and worship in his Holy Fire Palace.

"Which miscellaneous disciple wants to worship in the Holy Fire Palace?"

Xu Ze asked casually.

The disciple said respectfully: "Hui Holy Son, that miscellaneous disciple is named Ye Fan!"



Ye Fan?

Xu Ze almost choked himself with a mouthful of saliva.


Ye Fan wants to worship under my door?

You're a male protagonist.,What's going on?

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