Take the next Qi Gathering Pill.

Xu Ze hugged Yuan Shouyi, his eyes closed slightly, and began to settle down.

The Pure Yang Holy Body began to produce a scorching breath from the inside out, and Xu Ze was wrapped in the holy flame, his skin turned red.

The temperature in the room begins to rise.

Some of the flowers and plants in the room, the soil has even dried up, and the flowers and leaves have begun to curl up.

Xu Ze's practice is the highest mastery in the Holy Land, and it is also the most suitable for him, "Holy Fire Burning Heaven Decision".

The ninth reincarnation, this exercise Xu Ze has already memorized backwards.

The realm of cultivation is even more shackled.

In the third reincarnation, Xu Ze had a new understanding of the original exercises, almost breaking through the realm of honoring words and stepping into a new realm.

That is, in that life, during the Armageddon, the protagonist group almost overturned.

Fortunately, Xu Ze released the water at the critical moment, otherwise the plot of the third reincarnation would have failed.

Reincarnation in the following lifetimes.

In Xu Ze's spare time, he secretly changed the "Holy Flame Burning Heaven Decision" and optimized it on the original basis.

By now, this exercise has been perfected.

Every stage of cultivation is almost imprinted in the depths of Xu Ze's soul.

As long as one thought is at will, the Xuan Qi in the body will be like a wave, pouring into every inch of the Xuan Vein.


On Xu Ze's body, a white mist began to emerge.

If there is a monk by his side at this moment.

Look inside.

You'll be amazed at how he is at this point.

At this time, Xu Ze's body was like a scorching vortex.

It continued to devour the qi of heaven and earth.

The most terrifying thing is that these devoured heaven and earth qi not only did not make up for the deficit of the vortex, but made the vortex even larger.

Xu Ze's body greedily sucked all the aura around him.

In the entire room, even a terrifying spiritual pressure was formed, twisted together.

And the temperature around Xu Ze is getting higher and higher.

It even began to spread outside the house.

The temperature of the Holy Fire Palace was suddenly much higher than the rest of the Holy Land.

The disciples of the Holy Fire Palace only felt that the heat could not stand it, and they were sweating profusely, desperately fanning the wind with their sleeves.

The weather was as hot as midsummer.

"The Son is practicing again......


"Alas, the Holy Fire Palace is good anywhere, but it is difficult for the Holy Son to practice it. "

The disciples were full of bitterness.

They knew that once the Son was in the state.

I'm afraid this terrifying heat will last for a while.


Time passes day by day.

At this time, the heat wave in the Holy Fire Palace continued.

Flowers and trees curled up listlessly.

The entire Holy Fire Palace, except for a few bugs who didn't have time to escape.

I couldn't even find an animal.


Every disciple of the Holy Fire Palace desperately hoped that the Holy Son would get out of the customs as soon as possible.

In order to be able to end this tormented life as soon as possible.

And the most anxious person is Lin Yuer.

"My Decameron Mantra...... Holy Son, please hurry up and get out of the customs, woo woo woo ......


Lin Yuer walked around outside the bedroom every day, anxious with a sad face and uneasy.

If you want to make a spell, you need Xu Ze to have enough hair.

Although Lin Yuer also collected some a little before.

But the Son had been in retreat for a whole week.

The hair has long since run out.


He sighed with a wailing voice.

Suddenly, Lin Yu'er felt a burst of heat in her wrist.

She was startled and lifted her sleeves to take a look.

I found that the bracelet I made with the Ten Days Concentric Mantra actually began to burn!

"Oh no! The spell was discovered by the Holy Son!".

Lin Yu'er's face turned pale and looked at the bedroom in horror.

Just listen to the boom.

A terrifying heat wave poured out of the bedroom.

Lin Yuer, who was the closest, only felt an impact, and the whole person screamed, and was actually swept away by the heat wave.


The flames are blazing.

In the entire Holy Land, everyone saw a flame that burst out of the sky from the Holy Fire Palace.

"This, this is the breath of the distraction period!".

"The Holy Son has broken through! The Holy Son has broken through!".

"The Son has entered the period of distraction!".

Exclamations came and went in the holy place.

In the holy land, a group of elders looked at this vision on the horizon and nodded with satisfaction.

"He is worthy of being a holy son, and when he is more than twenty years old, he will set foot in distraction!".

"The Holy Son is really the youngest distraction genius in the world, hahahaha. "

"With this talent, why worry about the Holy Land and no one to inherit it?"

For a while, all the elders of the Holy Land gathered in the Holy Fire Palace.

In the courtyard, more than a dozen peerless masters dressed in elder robes appeared in an instant.

They clasped their fists one after another and shouted in unison: "Congratulations to the Holy Son for stepping into the distraction period! "

The door opened.

An amazing red heat wave swept in.

In the impact of the heat wave, the elders did not move, clenched their fists and bowed their heads, extremely respectful.

As the heat wave gradually dissipates.

Xu Ze stood with his hands in his hands.

The robe is hunting with the heat wave, and the black hair is scattered, but it has an indescribable extraordinary temperament, chic and freehand.

"Thank you, Elders, for coming to congratulate you. "

Xu Ze smiled indifferently, and his eyes swept through the crowd one by one.

"Before I do, though, I'm looking for someone. "

"Is Yu'er there?".


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