"The Library of the Holy Land is an important place. "

"On weekdays, it is only open to official disciples. "

"However, for the sake of the Holy Son's great importance to you, this time the Library Pavilion will make an exception for you for half an hour. "

"Remember, your strength is limited, and you're only in the late stage of the Xuan Dynasty, so you can only browse the first layer of books at most. "

"If you go up to the limit, don't move around at will. "

Push open the door of the library.

Elder Tianxu, who managed the library pavilion, looked at the young man standing at the door with a determined gaze.

Ye Fan clenched his fists and thanked, "Thank you Elder Tianxu." "

Tianxu stroked his beard and smiled, shaking his head slightly: "Don't thank the old man, if you want to thank the Holy Son." "

The Son ......

A hint of gratitude flashed in Ye Fan's eyes.

"I will definitely not live up to the expectations of the Holy Son for me......" With a clenched fist, Ye Fan stepped into the library with a firm face.

watched Ye Fan enter the Library Pavilion.

Tianxu stroked his beard and nodded with a smile: "The son can be taught." "

He had seen this group of disciples who had newly entered the Holy Land before.

I have also heard that the Holy Son Xu Ze seems to be very optimistic about this young man named Ye Fan.

In order to keep him, he also had a conflict with the saint Qu Tianhan in public.

However, when I met the first few times, Tianxu always felt that although Ye Fan had a good talent, he always gave people a feeling of impatience.

Now that it has only been a short day, this Ye Fan seems to have made a breakthrough in his state of mind.

It looks like a real monk.


Step into the library.

Looking at the first floor, there are many bookshelves and books that hover and float in the air like mountains and seas.

Ye Fan swallowed his saliva with difficulty.

"This ...... With so many mystical skills and mystical skills, I, which one should I choose to learn?".

Under a bottle of healing pill from Xu Ze yesterday.

Ye Fan threw himself on the Holy Son Xu Ze on the spot, bowed to the wind, and came up with the idea of following.

However, if you want to catch up with the Son, you have no chance by relying on this useless system alone.

So, Ye Fan decided to work his own.

Although it was only half an hour, Ye Fan still decided to choose the exercises that suited him to study.

"Hmm...... Where the level of exercises, gravel exercises ......".

"All the steps of the exercises, the ...... of the physical exercises".

"Human-level mystical skills, gathering strength and decisiveness, this seems to be good. "

Pick up a book of occult techniques that you like.

Ye Fan flipped through the mystical techniques, and his mind was like copying, and dense words suddenly appeared.

"I see, I just need to practice hard again......


Ye Fan's eyes showed joy.

Although their own system is not very powerful.

But the first gifted physique given to me, the Emperor Glass Body, is still very good.

It's just that since he obtained this physique, Ye Fanguang thought about slapping his face and pretending to be forced, but he didn't pay much attention to what kind of mystical skills he had learned.

So this terrifying talent has never had a chance to be used.

Now Ye Fan has calmed down and decided to grow up with his own efforts.

However, the advantages of this emperor's glazed body have been fully brought into play.

Subsequently, Ye Fan quickly searched for a few more level mystical techniques.

Although they are not very strong, they can have a solid foundation.

"Okay, now lay a good foundation first, and when you break through the Xuan Period, you will be eligible to apply for the assessment of formal disciples. "

"Only when you become a formal disciple can you be qualified to say what you say about the ...... of the Holy Son."

After studying one by one, Ye Fan didn't waste any more time, and immediately left the library and went back to his residence to cultivate.


Not to mention Ye Fan's change of heart.

The other side.

In the Tianhan Palace.

Qu Tianhan leaned back in his chair, recalling what Xu Ze said to him yesterday.

and the strong manly aura when he leaned forward.

Every time he thought of this, Qu Tianhan felt that his Dao heart was unstable, and a trace of blush inevitably flashed on his iceberg-like indifferent face.

"Perhaps, I shouldn't look at Xu Ze's ...... today with the eyes of the former ninth generation."

Qu Tianhan covered his fast-beating heart, with a complicated look in his eyes.

She really hated Xu Ze.

But she hated Xu Ze, who abandoned her.

Today's Xu Ze, although it is difficult to say whether the past will be repeated in the future.

But at least now he is the man he loves the most in his memory.

Why don't you give him a chance to love himself again?

But if I was wrong, wouldn't it be embarrassing.

And the first nine lives were all he chasing himself.

I've never taken the initiative to chase him......

The fingers stirred together unconsciously, and Qu Tianhan was now like a young girl in spring, a little anxious.

Several maids cleaning the main hall on the side looked at the holy maiden who was walking in the room at this time, sometimes sitting on the chair and sighing for a long time.

After serving the saint for so many years, they really have never seen the saint behave like this.

"What's the matter, Holy Maiden?".

"I don't know, she's been like this since the Son came yesterday. "

"I heard that the Holy Son and the Holy Maiden had a quarrel some time ago because of the matter of the new disciple, the Holy Maiden should not be thinking about how to take revenge on the Holy Son, right?"

"Actually, I think the Holy Son did the right thing, and the Holy Son has come to apologize in person, can't the Holy Maiden go and apologize to the Holy Son in person?"

"Be quiet, be careful to be heard by the Holy Maiden. "

No, it's all heard.

Qu Tianhan is also a monk in the Concentration Period, and he has long exceeded the limits of mortals.

Just the words muttered by these little girls are basically equivalent to saying it loudly in front of Qu Tianhan in front of her.

Qu Tianhan's pink fist tightened and loosened.

Although a little annoyed.

But I have to say that these maids are right.

I should indeed take the initiative to find Xu Ze and have a good talk with him.

If the relationship between the two can go further......

The sweet words of Xu Zeqian IX and the scene of affection with him came to mind.

Qu Tianhan's eyes suddenly softened.

Thinking of this, she could no longer resist the impulse in her heart.

Hurry towards the Holy Fire Palace.

She was suddenly very eager to see Xu Ze.

I want to stand by his side, I want to look at his face......


At this time.

Holy Fire Palace.

"Brother Xu Ze, Brother Xu Ze, how to cultivate this exercise!".

"Brother Xu Ze, Brother Xu Ze, should this swordsmanship be practiced like this~ Brother Xu Ze teaches others by hand. "

"Brother Xu Ze ......".

looked at Lu Qingqing, who was holding his arm and not letting go.

Although Xu Ze tried his best to maintain the coldness and calmness of the Holy Son, he taught Lu Qingqing to practice.

But I felt the surprising softness coming from my arm.

Xu Ze still felt that his Dao heart was shaky.

Especially the experience of the fallen villains of the former ninth generation.

Xu Ze felt that his current great and righteous character as a holy son could collapse at any time...

Could it be that God is forcing himself to take the road of the villain in advance.

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