Holy Fire Palace.

At this time, Xu Ze's bedroom.

Lu Qingqing and Lin Yu'er sat at the table, both silent.

Minutes and seconds passed.

Seeing that the sun is already hanging in the right.

Lu Qingqing was already a little anxious when he was waiting.

And the one who is even more anxious is Lin Yuer.

She didn't expect that this Lu Qingqing really hadn't drunk a sip of water in the morning!

"You...... Aren't you thirsty?".

Lin Yuer was a little like sitting on pins and needles.

If this girl doesn't drink again, when the Holy Son comes back, this pot will be dissipated, but what should I do?

Lu Qingqing held his face and said with a boring face: "I'm not thirsty, I don't have the heart to drink." "

Xu Ze was not there all morning, which made Lu Qingqing have no intention of drinking water.

Brother Xu Ze, shouldn't he go to mess with flowers and grass again?

Lu Qingqing wrinkled her little face and muttered in her heart.

After all, with Lu Qingqing's experience in the first nine lives, she didn't think that Xu Ze, a man who had failed ten girls, would be a peerless good man.

It's really light to say that he's a scumbag.

This is at least a scumbag with the word 'dead'.

Those mistakes of principle that were made.

It's not too much to be hung up by those ten girls to light sky lanterns.

And now, though he is still the Son on the high.

But no one can guarantee that he had no tendency in this regard before he blackened.

"No, I'm going to find Brother Xu Ze!".

Lu Qingqing couldn't sit still when she thought of this, and got up to leave.

Let's go?

I haven't fed you yet, do you want to leave?

Lin Yuer hurriedly grabbed Lu Qingqing.

"Wait a minute, you're leaving like this, don't you want to wait any longer, the Holy Son may be back soon!".

Lu Qingqing frowned and glanced at Lin Yu'er.

Didn't this woman still look like she was going to drive herself away before?

Why are you suddenly so enthusiastic now?

"Ahem, speaking of which, you're hungry too, aren't you? Well, do you have any snacks you like to eat? I'll make you some?" Lin Yu'er blinked.

She is determined to feed this Huagong to this Lu Qingqing today.

You must know that this transformation is worth a lot of money, and if it is wasted like this, even Lin Yuer will feel distressed.

Snacks ......

Speaking of starting points, Lu Qingqing became interested.

"Do you know how to make dim sum? Then I'm going to eat puff pastry. "

Lin Yu'er's forehead was bruised.

Flaky...... Puff pastry chestnut cake?

This thing is not a rare food in the Qiankun Continent.

However, this thing is very cumbersome to make.

No matter how good Lin Yuer's craftsmanship is, just to make this puff pastry, she has to knead the dough for half an hour.

Not to mention the need for other processes.

I'm afraid it's going to be night.

"Can't do it? That's not as good as my cook." Lu Qingqing snorted, pouted and said, "Then reluctantly come to a bowl of rock sugar pears, put more rock sugar, peel the skin of the pears cleanly, remember to pick the pears in Yuhengzhou, where the pears are lush and sweet." "

This eldest lady made a gesture of being a subordinate, and almost blew up Lin Yuer's lungs.

After taking a few deep breaths, Lin Yu'er showed a hideous smile on her face: "Okay, you wait......


After saying that, he walked out with a black face.

watched Lin Yuer leave.

The corners of Lu Qingqing's mouth raised slightly, and her expression was a little proud.

"This Lin Yu'er doesn't seem to be as bad as she imagined, and she is quite honest when she evokes it. "

"If she doesn't rob Brother Xu Ze with me, it's not bad to keep her to serve me and Brother Xu Ze in the future. "

"If I get pregnant in the future, Brother Xu Ze won't have to marry a partial ......."

Kicking his little feet under the table, Lu Qingqing began to think crankily in his head again.


In the kitchen.

Lin Yu'er blushed and poured the entire bottle of Huagong powder into the boiling rock sugar water.

Excessively...... This woman is too much ......

Treat me like a slave!

I actually summoned my dignified southern Xinjiang witchcraft goddess as a person!

In the first nine lives, except for the Holy Son, no one dared to speak to me like this!

The hateful Lu Qingqing !!


Holding the rock sugar pear, Lin Yuer returned to the bedroom expressionlessly.

Putting the rock sugar pear in front of Lu Qingqing, Lin Yuer couldn't wait to open Lu Qingqing's mouth and pour her a whole bowl into it.

However, Lu Qingqing just glanced at it, and then lay aside without interest.

You ......

Lin Yuer suddenly had the urge to shoot this Lu Qingqing to death.

This woman is deliberately playing with me, right?

Lu Qingqing pursed her lips and snorted: "The color of this rock sugar pear is too bad, you don't care to do it at all, right?"


Lin Yuer's eyes seemed to be eating people.

The whole person's face was gloomy.

All right...... If you dare to entertain me like this, don't blame me for being a subordinate in this life!

The body's poison function works.

The black qi spread in Lin Yuer's palm.

looked at this defenseless Lu Qingqing.

Lin Yuer knew that as long as her ten thousand poisonous hands came out, this Lu Qingqing would definitely die!

Southern Xinjiang witchcraft, although the lethality is insufficient in terms of fighting.

But for those with similar realms, once they are poisoned by witchcraft, no matter how much they use Xuan Qi to resist, there is only one way to die.

"Oh, what does it smell like, so fragrant?".

Just when Lin Yuer was about to slap a palm on Lu Qingqing's heart.

Xu Ze's voice came from outside the house.

Lin Yu'er hurriedly withdrew her Xuan Qi and looked at Xu Ze who walked in from outside the house in surprise.

"Brother Xu Ze!" Lu Qingqing, who had always been unable to lift his spirits, suddenly became lively at this moment.

As soon as he entered the room, Xu Ze's eyes were on the bowl of rock sugar pears on the table.

"Rock sugar Sydney, Yu'er actually took the time to do this, it's really rare. "

Xu Ze was full of curiosity, in his impression, Lin Yuer really rarely made this kind of dessert.

"Yu'er doesn't mind if I taste it, right?" Xu Ze just felt a little thirsty, looking at this bowl of rock sugar pears, he couldn't help but move his index finger slightly.

Seeing that Xu Ze stretched out his hand to serve the bowl of rock sugar pears.

Lin Yu'er's head twitched.

emitted the loudest scream in this ten lifetimes of reincarnation.

"Slow down !!!



Xu Ze and Lu Qingqing only felt their ears buzzing, and their heads trembled slightly in this scream.

The two looked at Lin Yuer in surprise.

saw Lin Yuer stubbornly protecting the bowl of rock sugar pears, with an expression of almost crying.

"Holy ...... Holy Son, this bowl of rock sugar pears is almost cold, I ...... I'll give you another bowl of ......."

Xu Ze nodded dumbfoundedly.

Just watched Lin Yuer holding the bowl of rock sugar pears, cleaned up all the teacups and teapots on the tea table in one go, and ran out with a smoke.

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