Stand in the crowd.

Ye Fan, who was beaten with a blue nose and swollen face, looked at the senior brothers and sisters who were clapping and coaxing around him, and the corners of his mouth twitched unconsciously.

This group of people, how can they have half admiration and admiration.

It's clear that I'm watching a monkey!


Worshipping into the Holy Land, mixed with a miscellaneous disciple, even the rewards given by the system are the lowest.

Ye Fan was not discouraged by this.

As a traverser, Ye Fan believed in his identity as a child of destiny.

In his previous life, he had read too many cool articles like this.

What pretending to slap the face, what kind of luck is extraordinary, and what kind of beauty throws herself into her arms.

plus his own male protagonist's full name.

Ye Fan believes that he is the child of destiny in this world, and he is the only designated male protagonist in this world!

So, when I met a few senior brothers who said that the miscellaneous disciples could not enter the main hall.

Ye Fan didn't think about it at all, and directly scolded him.

And, when the brothers were angry and proposed a competition.

Ye Fan didn't consider his own strength, and directly let them go together.

In other words, Ye Fan considered his own strength.

But he believes that the Son of Destiny is the Son of Destiny, and it is no problem to casually skip the level and challenge.

Then, he was beaten up very easily.

Fortunately, the physique of the system's opening reward is really powerful.

Ye Fan was beaten by several senior brothers for half an hour, but he was not beaten to death.

I just drained the Xuan Qi of a few senior brothers, and when I was tired, I found an opportunity to fight back.

However, I watched a few senior brothers flee with a few bruises on their bodies.

Ye Fan, whose face was full of bags, not only did not have the pleasure of pretending to be slapped in the face.

On the contrary, there is an incomparable grievance.

You call this a pretending slap in the face?

Why do I think this is more like a swollen face and a fat man?

Does Nima have such an aggrieved child of destiny?

"The Son is coming!".

Suddenly, there was a burst of exclamations from the crowd.

Ye Fan looked over with swollen eyes, but saw that the onlookers had consciously moved out of the way.

In the back, a man in white who was like a fairy was standing with his hands in his hands.

That masculinity is outstanding.

A handsome and extraordinary face, with an indisputable indifference.

This is prohibitive, and the incomparably noble figure is embarrassed by Ye Fan's blue nose and swollen face.

It was as if there was a stark contrast.

This...... It's the real child of destiny, right?

In Ye Fan's mind, such words flashed unconsciously.

"Holy ...... Holy Son ......" The corners of Ye Fan's mouth twitched, and he saluted with a fist in embarrassment.

Xu Ze looked at Ye Fan, calm on the surface.

However, my heart has long been speechless.

You...... Are you really the male lead?

What's going on? In the first nine lives, weren't you quite chic and awesome?

Why is this life like this?

Xu Ze's brows couldn't help but frown slightly.

Xu Ze, as a holy son, was blackened in the original plot.

It's because the talent and strength shown by the male protagonist in the Holy Land are too amazing and terrifying.

Completely covered the light of the Holy Son Xu Ze.

Out of jealousy and unwillingness, Xu Ze would stumble on Ye Fan everywhere, but he was dodged by this son of destiny with his plug-in, and even went to the next level.

After that, Xu Ze's heart turned black, practiced evil arts, and killed many innocent people for this.

In the end, he was defeated by Ye Fan on Dabi, his evil heart was exposed, and he was forced to flee the holy land and became a lost dog.

Can ...... now The talent shown by this male protagonist, Xu Ze has no reason to be jealous at all.

Jealous of what?

Jealous that he was beaten into a pig's head?

Xu Ze held his forehead.

The plot of the tenth life.

If the heroines don't act well, forget it.

Why did you pull your crotch like this?

You're determined that you can't finish the plot of this life, right?

When I met your group, I really fell into eight lifetimes of blood mold!

Xu Ze sighed, took out a bottle of healing pill from the storage ring, and put it in Ye Fan's hand.

This Ye Fan seems to be injured a lot.

If he can't hold on to death, then Xu Ze's mission will really not be saved.

took the healing pill handed over by Xu Ze.

Feel the heaviness of this healing pill.

Ye Fan suddenly felt that his eyes were wet.

I have been in this world for so long.

is full of relying on the system, pretending to be forced to slap his face, and walking to the peak of life.

But in addition to these, he has never seen the kindness of others to himself.

Now, Xu Ze's bottle of elixir is the kindness that Ye Fan has felt for the first time since he crossed over.

He raised his head and just wanted to thank him, but found that Xu Ze had already turned around and left silently.

And with Xu Ze gone.

The surrounding disciples who were watching the excitement discussed in surprise one by one.

"It can't be the Nine Flowers Jasper Pill, right?"

"Look at the bottle statue, it's a high-grade elixir rewarded by the Holy Lord, and only the Holy Son and the Holy Maiden have a chance to get it. "

"Wouldn't it? The Holy Son actually came up with such a good thing for a little miscellaneous disciple?"

"And I heard that this Ye Fan was also left by the Holy Son himself, and he also had a conflict with the Holy Maiden for this reason. "

Listen to the muttering in your ear.

Ye Fan felt that his heart was hot for a while.

He looked at Xu Ze's back, and at that moment, it was as if he saw an incomparably dazzling dawn.

"Holy Son, the grace of knowing the encounter, there is no way to repay ......".

Ye Fan gritted his teeth, clutched the pill in his hand, and a new fighting spirit surged out of his eyes again.

"If Ye can rise in the future, he will definitely serve the Holy Son!!

Xu Ze didn't know.

His unintentional move will make the original male protagonist Ye Fan become his loyal fan brother.

If Xu Ze knew that Ye Fan actually thought so in his heart, he would definitely have to go back to his anger.


You're a bad thing.

Let you be the male protagonist well, why are you a lackey of my villain?

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