Qu Tianhan sometimes asks himself.

Do you really hate Xu Ze?

The final answer is.


She hated Xu Ze, she loved him so much at the beginning, but why did he abandon herself!

She hates Xu Ze, why is she so resolute when she abandons herself, she can't even see a trace of reluctance!

Did your love for me be fake?

Could it be that your oath to me was false?

But after calming down, Qu Tianhan was helpless in his heart.

Especially in the ninth reincarnation, every time he looked at Xu Ze's dead body, Qu Tianhan would feel pain.

Xu Ze died, and so did her heart.

Now he lives again with the memories of the previous nine lives.

The love and hate in Qu Tianhan's heart.

The more she loved Xu Ze, the more she hated him.

However, this hatred is a bitter chocolate crust wrapped in love.

Xu Ze's casual words can knock it to pieces.

Feel the warmth of Xu Ze's close proximity.

Qu Tianhan suddenly withered.

She kept her head down, like a child, and couldn't say a word.

The best way to deal with illness is pure love.

It's just that, obviously, Xu Ze didn't understand this.

He didn't even know Qu Tianhan's morbid love.

He only knows that he is now standing on the verge of the collapse of the plot, and he is desperate.

Xu Ze could see that Qu Tianhan seemed to have a very big opinion of himself.

But if you can't have a good relationship with Qu Tianhan, then the plot of the tenth reincarnation will be equivalent to GG.

In the end, even if Xu Ze was killed ten times or eight times by the protagonist's group, I am afraid that this plot will be difficult to continue.

The reincarnation of the first nine lives is also equivalent to doing it in vain.

Therefore, Xu Ze decided that he would take the initiative to go up!

would rather push the plot forward a while, and he also has to ensure that Qu Tianhan's favorability towards him is enough to complete the plot later!

However, Xu Ze also knew.

The Qu Tianhan in the early stage of the plot is extremely difficult to attack.

As a saintess of the Nine Shadows, Qu Tianhan has been pure in heart and has few desires since she practiced secrets, completely sealing off her emotions.

Even if it is Xu Ze's first nine lives, every life is racking his brains, using all the methods of picking up girls in modern society, and finally cooperating with the despicable way to conquer Qu Tianhan.

But now that he is living again, Xu Ze is desperate, and he doesn't know how effective this trick he uses in a hurry.

With such a few foolish words, I'm afraid I can't even deceive a little girl in junior high school, right?

Looking at Qu Tianhan under him, his eyes were stunned for a moment, and gradually became calm.

Xu Ze chuckled in his heart.

It's over, and sure enough, it's still too superficial!

Letting go of Qu Qianhan's hand, Xu Ze pursed his lips, pretended to be calm and turned around and said, "Tianhan, if you don't want to see me, I'll leave!"

Saying that, Xu Ze pulled out his legs and left, for fear that Qu Tianhan would be angry and fight with him.

Watching Xu Ze flee, he seemed to leave here.

Qu Tianhan sat up straight with an expressionless face and nodded his red lips lightly.

In his eyes, there seemed to be a trace of resentment.

"Badass ......


"I thought you'd continue like you ......



Xu Ze naturally didn't know that Qu Tianhan was ready to dedicate himself.

If he knew, he would definitely give himself a few slaps in the face.

Of course, now Xu Ze is still relaxed in his heart.

I've worked hard, and I've worked hard.

As for whether it is useful or not, it is all up to providence.

Xu Ze is also ready to collapse the plot.

It's a big deal, the ninth reincarnation will be treated as if it was in vain, and it will be done again.

"Good! good fight!".

"This kid is amazing, he can beat a senior brother who is one level higher than him like this. "

"Hey, the surname Ye, it's awesome. "

When Xu Ze was passing by the front hall, he suddenly saw a group of holy land disciples gathered at the door of the front hall.

One by one, they shouted as if they were shouting, waving their fists, and their faces were full of excitement.

Xu Ze was puzzled for a moment, and immediately remembered something.

By the way, after the male protagonist Ye Fan joined the Holy Land, there were some plots that pretended to be forced to slap his face.

At the beginning, a few senior brothers were dissatisfied with Ye Fan, so they troubled Ye Fan and wanted to bully him.

However, because he completed the system task and obtained the add-on novice gift package, Ye Fan's strength was already close to the condensation period, and he easily beat those disciples who were looking for trouble, and gained prestige among the disciples.

Although the female protagonists are not competitive, but fortunately, the male protagonist is quite competitive.

Xu Ze nodded and walked over with his hands behind his back, wanting to see the excitement.

However, as soon as he got closer, Xu Ze saw that Ye Fan had a blue nose and swollen face, like a pig's head, and he was stupidly clenching his fists among the onlookers.

However, let this Ye Fan pretend to be chic.

His pig-like head still vividly describes his embarrassment.

Hiss ......

What's going on?

In the plot, isn't it easy for Ye Fan to deal with these senior brothers who are looking for trouble?

You are a monk in the condensation period, and you have a lot of plug-ins sent by the system, how can you make it like this when you hit a few disciples who are through the mysteries?

Xu Ze fixed his eyes.

His eyes widened suddenly.

How can this Ye Fan have any condensation period cultivation.

This, at most, is in the late stage of the Xuan!

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