Although it is not fatal.

But for the Xuanjie monks, it is the most vicious medicine.

Destroy the Xuanji, disperse the Xuanji, and let a good person become a waste forever.

This can be said to be even more cruel to the monk than to abolish him.

However, Huagongsan is extremely precious and extremely rare on the market.

Moreover, the efficacy of inferior chemical power powder is very poor, and it is easy to be detected.

Only pure southern Xinjiang witchcraft can produce the most authentic Huagong San.

Putting a pinch of tasteless white powder into the teapot, Lin Yu'er sneered gloomily.

"Lu Qingqing, count yourself lucky. "

"If such a pure Huagong Scatter is placed outside, it is a treasure that thousands of high-grade spirit stones can't be exchanged. "

"But here, you can enjoy ...... for free."

"Hmph, although you and I don't have much hatred, but the woman who dares to approach the Holy Son counts as a ......


Buckled the teapot, Lin Yuer gently shook the tea in the teapot, and a trace of viciousness flashed in her eyes.


Back to the bedroom.

Lu Qingqing was looking around at Xu Ze's room with a curious expression.

Although he was brought by Xu Ze in the ninth life ago.

But at that time, Lu Qingqing was very passive in everything he did.

Later, Xu Ze blackened and left, and she didn't have much chance to appreciate Xu Ze's room.

Unexpectedly, if you take a closer look, Xu Ze's room is fresher and more elegant than she imagined.

"Ahem. "

Lin Yu'er stood at the door and coughed a few times.

Lu Qingqing, who originally wanted to see more, immediately stopped and glared at Lin Yuer dissatisfied.

Honestly sat back at the table.

Lu Qingqing held her face and watched Lin Yuer pour herself hot tea.

Hmph, it's pretty good.

Lu Qingqing was proud.

She didn't see that this Lin Yuer seemed to be quite honest.

In this life, Lu Qingqing fought alone, and the biggest enemy was Qu Tianhan first.

Lu Qingqing remembered that this Lin Yuer seemed to be a very powerful character in the future.

If I can join forces with her, I don't know if I can defeat that annoying Qu Tianhan......

"Don't you drink?".

Seeing that Lu Qingqing didn't seem to have the intention of drinking tea, Lin Yuer was a little anxious.

Lu Qingqing glanced at Lin Yu'er: "I'm not thirsty yet." "

Not thirsty?

I'm not thirsty, what tea do you want me to pour?

You're deliberately finding fault, aren't you?

Lin Yu'er was so angry that she almost crushed the handle of the pot.

She endured and endured, so she had to put the teapot down first.

I still don't believe that you can go a day without drinking water today!


Inside the Tianhan Palace.

Qu Tianhan sat on the seat, his face still cold.

Xu Ze sat aside, silently drinking tea, not knowing what to say.

He could tell that Qu Tianhan was a little dissatisfied with his decision yesterday.

But there is no way, in order to maintain the integrity of the plot, he must leave Ye Fan.

After being silent for a long time, Xu Ze couldn't help but speak: "Cold, I'm ......."

"Has the Holy Son ever heard that the Xuanjie Hanhai Prefecture has been born with a different color in recent days, and it seems that a secret realm is about to be opened?" Qu Tianhan interrupted Xu Ze's words mercilessly, and said indifferently.

Xu Ze was stunned.

He naturally knew about the things that the secret realm was about to open.

The first reincarnation of the ninth life, the first secret realm, was opened at this time.

Xu Ze nodded: "Yes, I have heard about this matter." However, compared to the secret realm, it is ...... to chill you."

"Now that the Holy Son has also heard about it, then this secret realm, the Holy Land will naturally have to be prepared. Qu Tianhan took a sip of the teacup, "The Holy Son thinks that this time the secret realm is opened, should this group of new disciples go?"

Can't you just let me finish?

Xu Ze could see that this song was deliberately not giving himself a chance to speak.

That's it, if you don't let me say it, then I won't say it!

Who hasn't had a little temper yet, hasn't he?

Xu Ze turned back into his usual cold holy son, put down the teacup in his hand, and said calmly: "Hanhai Prefecture is the beginning of the aura of heaven and earth, and the secret realms that opened in previous years are mostly some rare secret realms, and the artifact treasures are also extremely rich. "

"This batch of new disciples, there are also some talented good seedlings, this secret realm, just take them to experience. "

Qu Tianhan glanced at Xu Ze and snorted dissatisfiedly in his heart.

Stinky scumbag, I've only tested you twice, and you're impatient.

Sure enough, this kind of scumbag still found a way to cripple him, tied it up and castrated it.

Otherwise, letting it out will also harm other women!

"Well, since the Holy Son has said so, then I have nothing more to say. "

Qu Tianhan's face was blue, and his teeth were in his mouth and he couldn't bite them.

"Nothing to say?".

Xu Ze's face darkened, and he stood up with a thud.

Looking at Qu Tianhan, whose face was obviously a little surprised, Xu Ze had a cold face, grabbed Qu Tianhan's wrist, and turned his face over.

looked at Xu Ze's close face.

Handsome and extraordinary, his eyes are like a galaxy.

Qu Tianhan's mind was blank for a while, and even his breathing was stagnant.

Xu Ze narrowed his eyes and looked down at Qu Tianhan, who was pressed under him.

"Shouldn't you explain why you have to be so angry?".

"Dumpling, don't you know that if you are angry, my heart will not be happy?"

"If I'm at fault, tell me it in my face!"

"Instead of ignoring me like this, it makes me feel very uncomfortable!".

Feel Xu Ze's hot breathing.

The twisted anger in Qu Tianhan's mind seemed to be blocked in an instant.

All that remained were countless pink bubbles, filling her mind.

The love of the ninth reincarnation, at this moment, temporarily suppressed the hatred of the ninth reincarnation.

Pink crawled all over Qu Tianhan's pretty face.

Qu Tianhan felt as if he had returned to the time when he was in love with Xu Ze.

The heart began to beat rapidly.


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