"Lu Qiling?"

Li Wei frowned.

He had never heard the name.

However, from the other party's surname, weapons, and the ability to show~.

Li Dao still guessed her identity: "But-Wuyuan Lu Bu's daughter?"

The corners of Lu Qiling's lips raised slightly, and a faint smile bloomed: "That's right! It's Miss Ben, you and other Xiliang rats, who dare to sneak attack my allied camp, it's just beyond their means!"

"Come on!"

Lu Qiling immediately shook her halberd, shaking her spirit: "Fight with Miss Ben for three lilies!"


Without waiting for the other party to answer, Lu Qiling rode wildly and took Li Dao directly.

At the same time, the Heavenly Painting Halberd in her palm flew out of the oblique thorns, like a divine dragon going to sea, with a thunderous momentum, and went straight to Li Dao's door!

"There are two hits!"

Li Wei's eyes widened angrily, and when he dodged sideways, the golden-backed big knife in his palm picked up without hesitation, and slashed at the oncoming Lu Qiling: "Give me death!"


The blade rises, and the cold shines.

Li Dao thought that he could kill Lu Qiling with a knife.

But Lu Qiling's reaction was even faster, she grabbed the stirrup with her jade feet, her waist like a water snake, and twisted sharply on the horse, avoiding Li Dao's attack at the same time, she volleyed the halberd.


Fang Tian's halberd drew a perfect arc in the air, like a dragon that was lifted up by Lu Qiling with one hand, opening his claws, staring wide-eyed, looking down at Li Dao directly below!

"Give me death~~~"

Lu Qiling's roar.

Suddenly, like spring thunder bursting out of his mouth, the tip of his tongue shook with thunderbolts.

Her body twisted slightly, and her right hand swung with all her strength over the point of inertia, completely bursting out all the accumulated strength.


The halberd tip hangs in the wind.

There was a high-pitched whistling sound.

At an extremely strange angle, he slashed at Li Daodou's head.


Li Dao was surprised.

He clearly felt a cold murderous aura, which surged up from his spine, and instantly flowed all over his body, and streams of cold sweat surged out like a reflex, actually soaking his underwear and armor.


Look down on this girl.

However, Li Dao is also a fierce general with a hundred battles.

He quickly made a response strategy, holding his sword in both hands, horizontal above his head, and putting on a defensive posture of an overlord.

In the next second, I only heard the crisp sound of the bell.

Li Wei clearly felt a huge force, like a surging wave, along the knife bar, along his arms, a steady stream of wild surges, looking up and glancing, the knife bar in his hand in an instant, bent out of a visible deflection with the naked eye!

What a Lu Qiling!

is worthy of being Lu Bu's daughter.

Li Dao felt lucky, fortunately the other party was a daughter.

This set of violent power was accumulated by her with the help of waist and abdominal strength, impact force, and rapid speed, and it was indeed awesome to explode instantly, but because of her own lack of strength, she did not have enough stamina.


Li Wei supported his body, supported it for a while, and then knocked Lu Qiling's Fang Tian painting halberd open on the spot.

Da! Da! Da!

The horses on both sides are staggered and outdated.

Only then was Li Wei able to take a breath, and he no longer dared to underestimate Lu Qiling: "Tiger father has no dog girl!" I admit it, you are very powerful, and your halberd moves are so deep that Ling Zun Zhenchuan, even if it is me, I may not be your opponent. "

"But ......"

With a divine turn, a touch of gloom bloomed at the corner of Li Wei's lips: "This is the battlefield, the battlefield was originally an unscrupulous place, I don't have time to waste with you, let alone show mercy to your subordinates just because you are a woman!"

Lu Qiling's willow eyebrows were upside down, and her apricot eyes were wide: "What do you mean?"

Li Dao sneered and ordered: "Brothers, go up together and kill this thief!"

The Flying Bear soldiers shouted, "Woo!"

In a flash!

More than ten strong men of the Flying Bear Army immediately surrounded them.

At this moment, they have completely reversed their view of Lu Qiling.

Even Li Dao is planted in her hands, if she doesn't go all out, she will die at her hands!


Zhao Yu shouted, and immediately killed a flying bear army with one shot, and swooped over on his horse.

It's a pity that she hasn't gone far yet, and the three Flying Bear Army soldiers in front of her blocked her way on the spot.

Wang Hao was so angry that he almost wanted to scold his mother!

Depend on!

A large group of old men actually bullied two women.


It's just pushing yourself to do it.

He held the stone in his left and right hands, looking forward to it, always on guard.

"Sister hold on, sister will go over to save you!"

Zhao Yu rode his horse, with a gun in his hand, and forcibly broke into the several flying bear soldiers in front of him.


Flying stone hits.

Zhao Yu first picked the thief on the left, and then stabbed the thief on the right.

In an instant, the thieves on the left and right were killed.


She took advantage of the situation to dance for nine days with a move, and the agile spear blade actually stabbed out from bottom to top, and rushed straight to the thief general who roared in front of her.

"Haha! It's too late......"

The thief was excited, and he only felt a blow in the waist and abdomen.

Although the strength was not great, it made his body tremble.

The attack that could have been stabbed with a knife was about a foot away, not only failed to kill Zhao Yu, but was even pierced by Zhao Yu and killed on the spot!


Zhao Yu also seemed a little confused.

She obviously couldn't believe that Fang Cai's blow would make the other party deviate so much.

Is it the other party's mistake?

Or is it your luck?

Zhao Yu couldn't think about it.

She rode wildly, and her mind was all on Lu Qiling.

At this moment, Lu Qiling's pressure was obviously greater, and while Li Dao was attacking with all his might, there was also the Flying Bear Army attacking beside him.

Two fists are hard to beat four hands!

Although Lu Qiling is powerful, most of them are heads-up experience and killing experience.

Faced with this kind of scene that is similar to heads-up but is obviously a group attack, she is a little powerless.

If it weren't for Wang Haofei's rescue, Lu Qiling might not have been able to hold out for three rounds.

But now......

She was actually able to kill four Flying Bear Army in succession under Li Dao's strong entanglement!

Li Dao was so shocked that his eyes were about to pop out.

He knew that if he continued like this, if he hadn't been able to kill Lu Qiling, the Flying Bear Army he brought would be consumed by the other party. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

No way!

You have to look for opportunities and hit them with one shot.

Li Dao calmed down and carefully observed Lu Qiling's offensive.

Suddenly, when Lu Qiling killed a flying bear army, he was about to turn around and be on guard.

A huge flaw was presented in front of Li Dao.

Li Dao rarely didn't have a knife to cut!

After all, long knives are too big, and the chopping action is time-consuming and laborious.

Lu Qiling obviously calculated the time, so she dared to defend herself and take the opportunity to kill two small soldiers.

That being the case, then......

Li Wei held a knife in his right hand, and his left hand touched the sword in his waist.

Cang Chang~~~

The cold light flashed, and it hit Lu Qiling's neck.

"Give me death!"

Li Wei's eyes widened.

This time, he is bound to settle the battle with a sword.

But how!

His movements had already been noticed by Wang Hao.

The moment he drew his sword from its sheath, a flying stone struck him in a volley, shooting directly at his elbow.

Li Wei's sudden change of tactics made Wang Hao have to follow suit.

In the past, he tried his best to hit those targets that were not easy to find, but now, he could only use his hands on Li Dao.

And the incident happened suddenly, Wang Hao's strength was really not well controlled.


A crisp sound.

The flying stone actually smashed directly into the sound of bone cracking.


Li Dao was in severe pain and exclaimed in surprise.

But he didn't have time to think about it, let alone look back.

can only avoid Lu Qiling's attack first, and at the same time make a false sword, turn the horse, and retreat.


Li Dao's gaze swept across the battlefield.

But after all, it was not the first time, Wang Hao had already made sufficient preparations and escaped from the location where the flying stone was launched.


Li Wei snorted his steel teeth: "Come out, don't pretend to be a ghost!"

His left hand was actually dislocated, and there was no movement for a moment.

Wang Hao was also stunned.


Are you so awesome now?

It's just a flying stone attack, and it's so powerful?

At the same time, Lu Qiling was also confused.

Because, she obviously saw Li Dao's movements, which was to draw her sword and kill herself.

I don't know why, the other party's movements were suddenly stunned, and before I knew it, the bones were broken.

Even now, his left arm is still hanging down, and he can't even lift his sword!

How is this?

Lu Qiling was completely stunned.

She didn't know what had happened in a split second.

Who the hell saved himself!

Lu Qiling looked along the direction of the other party's left elbow joint.

Except for some female soldiers who were fighting, there was no one at all!

As for those female soldiers, they were all trained by her, how could she not know a few pounds and a few taels?

It's not them!

But who are they if they are not?

Lu Qiling didn't have time to think about it, Fang Tian's halberd immediately danced, and swept through the thousands of troops in a super wide range with one move, directly sweeping the flying bear army that surrounded him and swept it out on the spot!

That's when she was able to scan the audience!

Amazing discovery.

In an unknown corner, the husband was staring at him and beckoned to her: "Qiling be careful!"

Lu Qiling frowned, would she be her husband?

No way!

It's absolutely impossible!

Although he has made some progress, he is at best better than the average soldier.

How could he have broken Li Dao's bones with a single blow, or even dislocated him!

With such strength, I'm afraid that even my father can't do it!


It must be a fairy!

It's the gods who are protecting themselves!

Thinking of this, Lu Qiling was overjoyed: "Haha! Li Daopifu, let me tell you, it must be the gods who are secretly protecting me, you surrender quickly and give it up, if not, I want your life!"


Li Wei was furious and snorted his steel teeth: "Don't think!"

Lu Qiling was furious: "Miscellaneous, take it!"

Li Wei was not Lu Qiling's opponent in the first place, but now his left arm is dislocated, and his strength is even weaker.

was actually pressed and beaten by Lu Qiling all the way, not to mention killing Lu Qiling with a backhand, whether he can hold it or not is another matter!

Li Dao was so annoyed that he didn't know what to do.

Suddenly, a rich shout of killing sounded from the front camp.

"Damn it!"

Li Wei secretly said badly: "It must be that the main army of the Kwantung rats is back, I actually wasted so much time here, this Lu Qiling is really difficult to deal with!"


At this moment, the Flying Bear Army of the front battalion came to report: "General, we can't hold it anymore." "

Li Wei's eyes widened: "! It's only been a long time, and you won't be able to hold it anymore?"

The soldier said bitterly: "The other party's offensive is very fierce, a red-faced and long-haired general, a black-faced short-haired general, the two of them killed the military Sima as soon as they made a move, and you are not in the front camp, the formation is suddenly chaotic!"

"Damn it!"

Li Dao was so angry that his eyes were about to burst: "Go, order the withdrawal of the troops, let them come out to chase, after Hu Che'er leads the troops to break, the rest of the people are ready to bow and crossbow!"

Soldier: "Wow!"

Seek to die by yourself!.

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