"That's right!"

Looking at the black smoke rolling not far away, Wang Hao nodded slowly: "It is indeed the direction of the sour jujube camp, it seems that Xiliang Xiaoqi knew that it was impossible to escape, so he deliberately sent a group of soldiers and horses to make a detour to sneak attack, wanting to attract the allies to come back." "

"I really don't know who is left behind in the camp?"

"Such dereliction of duty, it really deserves to be done!"

Speaking of this, the anger in Wang Hao's heart was already monstrous: "Once the allies run out of food and grass, they will inevitably be restrained in a short time, and Li Ru will definitely use this time to do something!"

"Damn it!"

Liu Ying'e frowned, and the anger in her heart also burned: "In this way, it will inevitably delay the plan of the allies to attack Luoyang, in case Dong Zhuo does something that is angry and resentful." "

"The big man may really want to ......"

Speaking of this, Liu Ying was a little speechless.

No matter who is the emperor now, the one sitting in the Luoyang Palace is also his younger brother.

How could Liu Ying not be worried!

She had long wanted to follow the allies to kill Luoyang and kill the traitors.

I thought that this time was already a sure victory.

But I didn't expect it!

Dong Zhuo's methods are endless, which is really dizzying.

first took Yuan Kui and Liu Wei to delay time, and then burned the grain and grass of the allies?

Liu Ying subconsciously clenched her fists, hating the root of her teeth!


She felt a sense of frustration!

It's a frustration tormented by fate.

It's a fate that no matter how hard you try, you can't always break free!

At this moment, Liu Ying couldn't hold back any longer, and two lines of tears couldn't help but burst out of her eyes!

"Princess, don't worry, I'll order all the soldiers and horses and kill the sour jujube camp. "

"We can save as much grain and grass as we can!"

Lu Qiling knew the princess's feelings for the two royal brothers, and hurriedly relieved.

"No way!"

But such a proposal was directly rejected by Wang Hao: "Absolutely not!"

Lu Qiling frowned: "Why, 447, didn't you see the princess crying?"

"It's not okay to cry!"

Wang Hao interrupted without hesitation, and said loudly: "There is a big camp of the allied army, not only Liu Yu, Yuezhang, but also Yuan Ji, as well as Yuan's protégés, if they know the existence of this army of soldiers and horses." "


Lu Qiling didn't care so much: "How is his Yuan family, what about my Lu Qiling bird?" sister, quickly gather your weapons and rush to the sour jujube camp with me!"

"From the current position!"

Lu Qiling took a deep breath and exhaled slowly: "I'm afraid there is no one in the allied forces who is better than me Lu Qiling! Princess, don't worry, sister, I will definitely help you take revenge!"


Wang Hao was simply convinced.

Where do you want to help the princess avenge, it's clear that your hands are itchy!

From the beginning, I didn't let you go to war, and you were unhappy.

Seize your chance now?

Finally want to let go of your hands and feet and fight a good fight?


Lu Bu's combat genes, you have inherited a lot!

Do you really think you're a goddess of war?

"No way!"

Wang Hao directly blocked in front of him: "How many soldiers and horses do you have? How many soldiers and horses does Xiliang Xiao ride? The fire has already burned, what is the use of you going now?"

"What's more!"

"There are hundreds of thousands of soldiers and horses of the Allied army in return, do you have to pay all the soldiers and horses in your hands?

Lu Qiling's little temper has never been stopped: "There are not many soldiers, but they are fine; they will no longer be brave and they are scheming! Have you forgotten? This is what you said." "

"Although I have few female soldiers, they are all elite!"

Lu Qiling patted her chest and said sonorously: "Some rats who sneak attacked the camp, how can they be the opponents of my female soldiers, you can put a hundred hearts, I guarantee that the flag will be victorious and successful!"

After speaking.

Lu Qiling swept past Wang Hao, rushed straight to the camp gate, and turned over on the horse: "Husband, you accompany the princess in the camp, by the way, prepare the celebration banquet, wait for me to triumph!"

"Girls, let's go!"

"Kill the enemy and make a contribution!"




The horses galloped and left the small camp.

Wang Hao was so angry that he almost rolled his eyes.

Lu Qiling's war-loving problem is even more exaggerated than that of Meng Zhang Fei.

There's no military analysis in my head at all.

Now that I don't know about it, I dare to take less than a hundred people to rescue the jujube camp?

You're not trying to make a contribution, you're digging your own grave!

No way!

One day husband and wife hundred days.

100 days of husband and wife are like the depth of the sea!

I, Wang Hao, must not watch this girl jump into the fire pit!

"That...... Princess......"

"I ......."

Before Wang Hao finished speaking, he saw Liu Ying nodding: "Don't explain, hurry up, my sister is too impulsive, with the female soldiers, it is impossible to help the allies!"


Wang Hao nodded quickly.


He flew on his horse and chased after him.

But it was too bad for him to sit down on this warhorse.

couldn't catch up with Lu Qiling's troops at all.

By the time he arrived at the battlefield, Lu Qiling, the little girl, had already fought with Xiliang Xiaoqi.

Not to mention, Lu Qiling did have two shots, she was ruthless, she didn't drag the mud and water at all, and one move will kill you.

It was just a cup of tea, and there were as many as twelve or three Xiliang soldiers who died in her hands, which was extremely terrifying!

Wang Hao subconsciously called up her attribute layout.

Amazing discovery.

Lu Qiling's force value actually reached a terrifying 92 points.

Such strength, in the Three Kingdoms era at the end of the Han Dynasty, can definitely be ranked.

Of course, that's not the most shocking.

The most shocking thing is.

These female soldiers have really made great strides since the last battle.

They make full use of the psychology of male soldiers who want to be captured alive and refuse to die.

If you don't make a move, it's just a killer move!

In a short period of time, tons of damage were actually hit.

Xiliang Xiaoqi, who has always been fierce, really suffered a big loss, and was killed one after another, and he complained bitterly.

Wang Hao saw it very clearly, Lu Qiling was responsible for charging into battle, and Zhao Yu was responsible for commanding in the center and observing the battle situation.

These two sisters cooperated seamlessly, so much so that Wang Hao couldn't help but want to shout 666 for them.

But alas......

It seems that the good times are not long-lasting.

Lu Qiling's furious output suddenly made Xiliang Xiaoqi a little jealous.

More and more cavalry, coming from the flanks (cifa).

However, Wang Hao only saw it clearly at this time.

On the fluttering flag, it is not written Dong, let alone the surnames of Li, Guo, Zhang, Fan, etc.

Instead, it depicts a bear with wings!

What is this Nima?

Wang Hao's eyes hurriedly swept over the thief general, and the wisdom skill was instantly activated. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

[Character]: Li Dao

[Level]: Second-rate general

[Attributes]: Force: 86, Intelligence: 73, Politics: 68, Commander 88;

[Skill]: Raid


Wang Hao couldn't help but gasp, his scalp suddenly went numb, and his back spine was cold.

This Xiliang Xiao cavalry is actually the most elite flying bear army?

No wonder!

The other party actually attacked the sour jujube camp with such a small number of troops.

not only burned the grain and grass of the Allied army, but even defeated the sour jujube defenders.

It turned out to be Li Dao's Flying Bear Army!

Not to mention that the Flying Bear Army is the elite of the elite.

Let's talk about this Li Dao alone.

In history, he defeated the famous general Zhu Jun, defeated Lu Bu, killed Xu Rong, and defeated the combined forces of Ma Teng and Han Sui.

It can be seen that this person is also a well-deserved fierce general.

In the historical evaluation, the fierce generals under Dong Zhuo:

The first is Lu Bu;

the second is Li Dao;

the third is Guo Yan;

The fourth is Huaxiong!

But in this era, Dong Zhuo has no Lu Bu.

This number one fierce general, naturally it is none other than Li Dao!

In an instant, Wang Hao seemed to fully understand.

It must be Li Dao!

When he realized Dong Zhuo's defeat, he immediately made a decision and adjusted his strategy, wanting to rescue Dong Zhuo and buy time for the army to retreat.

Only then did he lead the most elite soldiers and horses, flanks and detours, and directly killed in the sour jujube camp, fighting all the time.

Now he is probably looking forward to the return of the main army of the allies, and then take this opportunity to fight back again!

But I never thought about it......

didn't wait for the main force of the allies, but waited for Lu Qiling, the girl.

Although the number of troops is not large, the combat effectiveness is good.

As soon as he made a move, it caused such a big commotion.

What's even worse is that the main general is still a woman!

It turned out well!

Li Wei personally led troops back to help.

I am afraid that this is not only a curiosity hunt, but also an attempt to eradicate these unstable factors at the lowest cost.

Lu Qiling, this girl, can she hold on?

No way!

You have to help in secret.

Wang Hao subconsciously wiped it from the cloth bag in the saddle.

His cloth bag is specially made.

There are two parts.

First: it is fried beans prepared for war horses, that is, dry food for war horses;

Second, it is one marble-sized stone after another.

With Wang Hao's current strength, although he is not a land immortal, he is better than a land immortal.

Plants, trees, flying stones, all can be weapons!

Considering that Feishi is highly secretive, he prepared in advance to prevent accidents.


It's really useful.

"Qiling, be careful~~~"

Wang Hao hid in the army, kept shouting, and pretended to be a novice on the battlefield.

But actually!

He had already secretly picked up the stone, and his eyes flickered left and right, grasping all the enemies around him.


Lu Qiling knocked the opponent's weapon with a halberd.

On the left and right sides, the long knives were raised at the same time!

Wang Hao judged from Lu Qiling's movements that he wanted to kill the left side and dodge the right side.

But the speed of the man on the right is not slow either!

Without hesitation!


The flying stone strikes, right in the middle of the soldier on the right.

The force was not great, just enough to slow him down.


Lu Qiling killed a soldier with a halberd.

While dodging sideways, his backhand is another halberd, killing the soldier on the right on the spot!

This little girl is addicted to killing!

Rushing forward, regardless of it!

Wang Hao followed behind him and continued to be a flower messenger!


The flying stone strikes, right in the arm.

The long knife deviated from an arc, just grazing the top of Lu Qiling's head.


Lu Qiling's backhand is a halberd.

Fang Tian's halberd swept by, blood soared, and human heads were thrown away.

Although, those Flying Bear Army must have been able to detect the abnormality, but they didn't have time to say anything before they were beheaded by Lu Qiling.

Wang Hao only understood today what it means to match men and women, and they are not tired of working!


This is called the matching of men and women, and they are not tired of working.

Li Dao was also confused!

He couldn't believe his eyes.

is obviously just a little girl, but she can actually kill twenty or thirty people in a row.

"That girl!"

Li Dao pointed at his long knife and shouted: "There is a kind of report to the name, I, Li Dao, will not kill the nameless rats!"

Lu Qiling immediately crossed the halberd, and shook her spirit: "Listen to your pig ears, sister, I am Lu Qiling!"


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