"Such a powerful guy, you can't stop it at all!"

"There are tens of thousands of us, and we can't kill any of them. "

"He's a ruthless man!"

"Fang Tian Painting Halberd?"

"Could it be that he is the legendary Lu Bu?"

"That's right! He's Lu Bu!"

"It's Lu Bu?"

"No wonder it's so hard to kill!"


Although, this batch of Xiliang Xiaoqi was transferred from Liangzhou.

But they still heard about the war in Luoyang.

Lu Bu, the general under the account of Taiwei Liu Yu, was brave and invincible, and he killed Xiliang Xiaoqi without the power to fight back.

They didn't believe it before, but now, they can't believe it anymore!

Where is this man, it's simply a killing god!

Tens of thousands of horsemen shot together, and they couldn't help Lu Bu alone.


It's incredible!

What's even more fucking up is that it didn't take long for the main Allied forces to come out one after another.

400,000 soldiers and horses poured in like a tidal wave.

Xiliang Xiaocai originally wanted to shoot the Allied attack with a bow and arrow.

But who would have thought!

When you need to raise your head to aim at a bow and arrow.

The sun is dazzling, and you can't open your eyes at all.

No way!

Xiliang Xiaoqi can only shoot at will.

However, this kind of shooting method cannot effectively suppress the Allied forces.

Under the powerful charge of the wolf rider, Xiliang Xiaoqi suddenly fell apart and scattered!

Defeat is like a mountain!

This is really a failure.

"Damn it!"

Guo Yan tried to protect Dong Zhuo.

But it made Xiliang Xiaoqi fall into an absolute bitter battle.

Coupled with the terrain restrictions, the sun is dazzling.

For a while, Xiliang Xiaoqi was like a fish on the board, and he could only be slaughtered by others!

"General, we can't hold it!"

"If this continues, the whole army must be wiped out!"

Hu Zhen, a senior general in the army, pulled his throat and reminded Guo Yandao.

"Yes, General!"

Another lieutenant, Zhang Ji, fought desperately and held the opponent's weapon: "We have lost the opportunity, we should retreat immediately, we can't fight anymore, if we continue, we can only annihilate the whole army!"

As a matter of fact.

How could Guo Yan not understand these truths.

However, he is well aware of the current situation.

If they retreat too early, Dong Zhuo will inevitably be entangled by Lu Bu as when he was in Luoyang, and he will always be at risk of being killed.

And in order to save Dong Zhuo, he could only sacrifice the life of Xiliang Xiaoqi to buy time for Dong Zhuo to retreat.


Now Dong Zhuo is safe.

But Guo Yan has no possibility of retreating.

After all, retreating now will only make the wolf riders rush up and chase them frantically.

The other party will really be like a pack of wolves on the grassland, pushing behind you and eating you up little by little!

Therefore, Guo Yan must not retreat like this!

He had to wait for a signal!

A strong signal from the Flying Bears.

If you can't contain the main force of the wolf rider, none of them will be able to leave!

"Hold on a little longer!"

Guo Yan didn't hesitate to go back: "Let's go now, the wolf rider will press with all his strength and pursue frantically, the other party has so many troops, we can't leave at all~!"

"Hold on and hold on!"

Speaking of this, Guo Yan didn't hide it, and shouted loudly: "Zhiran has already led the Flying Bear Army to flank and detour, as long as he can attract the main force of the other party, we will have a glimmer of life!"


Zhang Ji gasped.

Depend on!

It turns out that Li Dao knew that this would be the case?


Zhang Ji comprehended and shouted: "Brothers, hold on, maintain the formation, and focus on defense!"

Hu Zhen also understood Guo Yan's thoughts, and then ordered: "Resist in the front row, attack and kill with bows and arrows in the back row, and you must not mess with your own position!"


The golden sound exploded, and the sparks burst out.

In the middle of the dense forest of Qinghuafu, but the official road of dozens of zhang is actually crowded with soldiers and horses.

Zhao Yun took the lead, and a silver spear continued to reap the lives of Xiliang Xiaoqi.



In the oblique stab, the iron gun blocked the way.

A young general stopped in front of Zhao Yun, with a hint of ruthlessness in his eyebrows: "It's Changshan Zhao Zilong?"

Is it a hundred birds and a phoenix gun?

Zhao Yun is too familiar with this marksmanship.

He looked up, and the young general opposite was none other than his second senior brother Zhang Xiu.

Before Zhao Yun became Tong Yuan's apprentice, Tong Yuan originally wanted to pass on the spear god jade pendant to Zhang Xiu.

However, since Tong Yuan brought Zhao Yun back, Zhang Xiu has completely fallen out of favor, and even if he finally learned to go down the mountain, he failed to get the recognition of Tong Yuan's spear god heirs!

on this.

Zhang Xiu has been entangled so far.

He hates Zhao Yun!

hated the other party for taking away the title of the gun god that should have belonged to him.

"Second Senior Brother?"

Although they have been separated for many years, Zhao Yun still recognized each other at a glance.

Involuntarily, the power of his gun was slightly inferior.

As a newcomer, he successfully captured Tong Yuan's favor with talent alone, and let Zhang Xiu be a sparring partner for three years.

In the depths of his heart, Zhao Yun has always been ashamed of Zhang Xiu!

He felt that he had robbed Zhang Xiu of everything.

"That's right!"

Zhang Xiu's eyes suddenly lit up, and she was murderous: "I didn't expect that we would meet in such a way, it must have been deliberately arranged by God, and he wanted me to take back my own honor." "

"I'll ask you!" (read the violent novel, just go to the Feilu Novel Network!)

Zhang Xiu was so angry that the roots of his teeth itched, and he glared angrily: "Gun God Jade Pendant, have you ever got it?"

Zhao Yun nodded: "Well, I got it." "


Zhang Xiu exhaled heavily: "Master, his old man, after all, he still gave it to you, but you shouldn't have been down the mountain for a long time, you haven't had time to experience it yet, right?"


Zhang Xiu snorted contemptuously: "But I already have the title of the Gun King of the Northland, I couldn't beat you on the mountain before, but now that I'm down the mountain, I will definitely not lose to you again!"

"Today, let's take this opportunity to compete again, the loser will fall to the ground, and the winner will get the jade pendant of the spear god, come on, let me see, is your marksmanship talent great, or the marksmanship I honed on the battlefield!"

Zhao Yun was stunned!

He couldn't believe it.

The appearance of his own, Zhang brought so much damage.

So much so that it's been almost ten years, and the other party still has such a deep obsession!

"Second Senior Brother, I ......"

Zhao Yun was about to speak.

A little cold light has pierced his eyes.

As a last resort, Zhao Yun could only dodge sideways while using the gentian gun to block the opponent's weapon.


The crisp golden sound exploded.

Before Zhao Yun could speak, Zhang Xiu's anger skyrocketed again: "I didn't expect it! The master even gave you the gentian gun, today I want to see if your gentian gun is powerful, or my tiger head Zhan golden gun is powerful!"

One Dragon, One Tiger!

Which is better or worse can be judged from the name.

But Zhang Xiu was really unwilling.

He always felt that everything in Zhao Yun should belong to him.

The past is like a sharp steel needle, piercing people's hearts!

At this moment, a monstrous aura of anger emanated from Zhang Xiu's body, and immediately turned into a stormy wave, killing violently, blending into the Hundred Birds Chaofeng Spear, and heading straight for Zhao Yun.


Zhao Yun never meant to kill Zhang Xiu.

For this second senior brother who was taken away from his favor, Zhao Yun only felt a deep debt in his psychology.


Zhang Xiu flew stabs one after another, and Zhao Yun always blocked and did not fight back.

He grabbed Zhang Xiu's tiger head Zhan golden gun and shouted loudly: "Second senior brother, calm down!"

Zhang Xiu's eyes were shining, and he shouted coldly: "Calm down, I have been practicing hard for so many years, just to regain the title of the god of guns, and now I finally met you, but you let me calm down?"


Zhang Xiu snorted angrily: "Today is either you die or I die!


Zhang Xiu shook the tiger's head and the tail of the golden gun.

Suddenly, a strange force passed down the barrel of the gun to the head of the gun.

The head of the gun trembled, like a pear blossom falling in the sky, and a thousand birds flew away!

It is the most powerful move in the Hundred Birds and Phoenix Spear!

Flowers and phoenixes fly!

Zhao Yun is naturally extremely familiar with this.

But he still felt a strange aura from the other party's moves.

It's killing intent!

Chilling killing intent!

Only in a desperate battle can the killing intent burst out.

This is what is most lacking in Zhao Yun's marksmanship at present, and it is also the most core and deadly thing.

At this moment, he knew that the other party was not joking, but really wanted to take his life.


Zhao Yun raised his gun to block.

If you don't make a move, it's just a flash.

The dense pear blossoms fell, and they were all blocked by Zhao Yun without exception!

"Good guys!"

Zhang Xiu couldn't help but be stunned: "Since going down the mountain, there are not many people who can catch this trick and fly together, the master really didn't mistake you, your marksmanship talent is excellent!"

"But ......"

Zhang Xiu turned around, and shot at Zhao Yun again with a gun: "Gun God Yu Pei, I'm going to make a decision!"

Zhao Yun knew that Zhang Xiu was already crazy and couldn't continue to blindly block, so he shook his spirit and raised his gun to fight: "It depends on whether you have the ability!"


Where the two guns intersect, sparks burst out.

A deafening golden roar, a bang!

Suddenly, Zhang Xiu felt a strange and swift force, which was pouring into his body along the barrel of the gun and along his arms, tearing at his internal organs, and the eight (king's) veins!


Zhang Xiu was instantly shocked, and he was busy turning offense into defense, and retracted the gun: "This is not a hundred birds and a phoenix gun!"

Zhao Yun didn't hide it: "That's right! This is a set of marksmanship created by me on the basis of the Hundred Birds Chaofeng Gun, combined with my own perception, called the Seven Detective Snake Coiling Gun, and the trick just now is called Thunder Detective!"


Zhang Xiu couldn't help but be stunned.

He nodded subconsciously.

The feeling of being the right person really has a feeling of being shaken by thunder.

If it weren't for Zhao Yun's moves, maybe the gun in his hand would have flown out of his hand a long time ago!

In just this moment, he knew that he would not be able to surpass Zhao Yun in this life!

Because, only by practicing a kind of marksmanship to the pinnacle of perfection can it be possible to create a new marksmanship on this basis.

And he himself went down the mountain for seven or eight years, but he never reached the peak of the master's mouth.

Although Zhang Xiu didn't want to admit it, he already realized that he had lost.

Moreover, it was a very bad loss!

With just one move, he was abused by Zhao Yun!

Northland Gun King?


It's just a joke!

Just when Zhang Xiu was momentarily stunned.

Suddenly, on the battlefield, a voice sounded:

"What is the wolf smoke...... Sour jujube camp direction offender?"

"Could it be that someone attacked you?"


"Nephew go quickly, don't want to love the war~~~"



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