Lu Bu bowed slightly.

He glanced at Liu Yu with his spare eyes.

That expression......

His brows were slightly twisted, his eyes were wide with anger, and the corners of his lips kept twitching.

It's really angry to the extreme.

Lu Bu regretted that his intestines were blue.

How could I have noticed such a detailed thing.


Improving your IQ is king.

Relying on others will never become a real strong.

In the future, it will be empty again, and the cliff can no longer waste time, so you must study hard.

Of course, studying hard is just an afterthought, and the dilemma in front of you is the most embarrassing.

Lu Buzheng didn't know what to do.

Yuan Ji added fuel to the fire again, and bowed his hand and said: "That's right! Taiwei is the leader of the allies, whether to attack or not, the reason is for Taiwei to make a decision, and I, Yuan Ji, will definitely obey!"

Yuan Ji is like this, and the protégé of the Yuan family is naturally subordinate.

Yuan Shao followed with a salute, and he didn't even bother to talk nonsense: "Please ask the alliance leader to make a decision!"

Yuan Shu naturally understood the mystery: "Please make a decision!"

Shanyang Taishou Yuan Yi followed and bowed his hand: "Please make a decision in time for the alliance leader." "

"Please make a decision!"

"Please decide!"



The protégés and officials of the Yuan family followed one after another, and they were even more active than the relatives of the Han family. "180" Liu Yu's face turned green on the spot!

At this moment, his inner world is broken.

When you want to fight for success, you don't know me, the leader of the alliance;

In particular, when you want to take the blame, you are more positive than the other!


Is it true that Liu Yu is a bully?

Depend on!

This damn Lu Bu is as stupid as a pig.

When this kind of back-to-back man should be doing it, he actually pushed it on labor and management?

Are you still not my son-in-law?

O Uncle!

Facing the appearance of the surrounding princes clenching their fists.

Liu Yu suddenly felt like he was being roasted on the fire.

Ordered to attack Dong Zhuo?

It will inevitably force Taifu and His Majesty to death!

Don't give the order to attack Dong Zhuo!

It will inevitably fall into the embarrassing dilemma of being passively beaten by the army.

No matter which one it is, all of them are something that Liu Yu, the alliance leader, can't afford.

Now he only feels that this alliance leader is like a hot potato, and it is still a hot potato that can't be shaken off!


What should I do?

On the side, Wang Hao secretly had fun, and almost burst out laughing.

Look at Liu Yu's bitter melon face, it's really funny. 】

[This time, Lu Bu was afraid that he wouldn't be able to eat, so he walked away!]

[He is not comparable to Ding Yuan, I really don't know what Lu Bu will do in the future?]

[But it doesn't matter, in case Lu Bu is really going to be defeated, for Qiling's sake, I will also try my best to protect your life. 】

[When I can go out of the mountain in the future, I will help you take revenge!]

This is the only thing I can do as a son-in-law. 】

[You~~~ Ask yourself for more blessings now!]


Lu Bu suddenly had a feeling of being an immortal in his heart.

He didn't even have the courage to look up at Liu Yu now.

It feels ......

It's like getting into trouble when I was a child and being glared at by my father.

The psychology has already panicked to the extreme.

However, he was somewhat comforted to hear Wang Hao's words to save his life.

You must know that Wang Hao in the past wanted to abandon himself at every turn.

And now?

Although the son-in-law is also reluctant to be exposed.

But at least, he was willing to save his life.

That's progress!

It seems that I have to be better with my son-in-law in the future.

If he can hold out until he comes out of the mountain, what else is there that can't be swept away?

As for now?

Let's carry it up thickly!

What a consequence, labor and management are willing to bear it!



Lu Bu was ready to take on everything.

At this moment, a trembling voice sounded not far away:

"Virtuous nephew~~~"

"Virtuous nephew~~~"

Everyone subconsciously looked up.

But see, on the execution table, Yuan Kui, who had fainted in the past, actually woke up.

Yuan Ji subconsciously shouted: "Uncle~~~"

Yuan Shao, Yuan Shu and others roared one after another: "Uncle~~~"

"Master Taifu!"



For a while, the attention of the former officials of the Yuan family was all shifted to Yuan Kui.

Even, even Dong Zhuo, who was enjoying leisurely, was shocked by the awakened Yuan Kui at this moment.


However, Dong Zhuo was not nervous at all, but instead burst into a gloomy smile: "Unexpectedly, you actually woke up at this time, do you want to take one last look at your child?"


Dong Zhuo looked up to the sky and laughed wildly, pointing to the corpse not far away: "Yuan Kui, look, those are your three sons, don't worry, there is your daughter-in-law next, none of them can escape." "



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The laughter of the wild waves rang out again.

Dong Zhuo's ruthlessness and viciousness seemed to be all condensed in this laughter, and it quickly spread all over the world.

At the same time, Yuan Ji took a step forward and shouted loudly: "Uncle, it's my nephew who has no ability and failed to save the lives of Manlai, Yida, and Zhongda!"


It became very embarrassing for a while.

There is nothing more lamentable than a white-haired man sending a black-haired man.

However, Yuan Kui did not have the slightest anger on his face, and even had a faint smile.

He said extremely calmly: "Virtuous nephew, uncle doesn't blame you, because the culprit is Dong thief, you didn't get carried away because of this, but made my uncle very pleased!"

"My Yuan family's unicorn has finally grown up. "

"Uncle can go down and report to the eldest brother with peace of mind, and have an explanation with the ancestors and ancestors!"

"From now on, the Yuan family will be handed over to you!"

Yuan Kui is like a loving old father on his deathbed, and he made a dying speech with affectionate eyes in his eyes, explaining the aftermath: "Remember! My Yuan family is the fourth generation and the third duke, loyal and good in the past generations, even if the door is beheaded, I must resolutely fight against Dong thief to the end!"

"Virtuous nephew!"

Yuan Kui struggled with his last strength, and shouted at the top of his voice: "Don't care about our lives, for the sake of the Han and the world, please attack immediately and kill Dong Zhuo, so it can be regarded as avenging the old man." "


Wang Hao was shocked and couldn't help but sigh.

[Yuan Kui really deserves to be an old fox. 】

[When he was dying, he actually staged such a reversal drama. 】

[Obviously, he is the mastermind behind it, and he is the root cause of Dong Zhuo's troubles in the world. 】

[But it's good now, after this suicidal declaration of loyalty, even if you put the evidence out, it is estimated that no one will believe it. 】

[If my guess is right, the scene in front of me must be in Yuan Kui's expectations. 】

[Because of Liu Yu's uncertain factor, he does not allow himself to become the bane of subverting the image of the Yuan family!]

[The three views of labor and management are all ruined, in the eyes of conspirators, you can still play like this by sacrificing your life for righteousness!]

Lu Bu was still wondering.

What does it mean that this old boy Yuan Kui suddenly played such a hand..........

But after listening to Wang Hao's analysis!

He couldn't help but gasp.


The old fox is indeed the old fox.

Even if he has 10,000 heart eyes, he is definitely not this person's opponent.

Obviously, it was he who secretly pushed the waves, which made the Han world become such a tragic situation today.

But who would have thought that in just a few words, he would become a hero who sacrificed his life for righteousness in an instant!

This operation is really infuriating!

In the future, the protégés of the Yuan family, led by Yuan Ji, are estimated to become synonymous with loyalty.

You don't see, Dong Zhuo at this moment is already thunderous.

He got up, his eyes were so angry that they were like a bell, pointed at Yuan Kui angrily, and shouted: "Come on, plug this old man's stinky mouth for me, and if you dare to say a word, you will stab him!"


"Master Taifu~~~"

At the same time, the anger of Yuan's protégé was ignited in an instant.

Yuan Ji couldn't help it, and immediately did not hesitate, and ordered sonorously: "Brothers, I am ordered to beg for thieves, follow me to kill Dong Zhuo, and do the right thing for heaven!"


Suddenly, a roar shook the sky.

Where does the alliance still care about the alliance leader, with Yuan Ji's order, they rushed over like a tide.

The first more than ten generals, carrying weapons, galloped on horseback, like a howling wolf, with a thunderous domineering momentum, swept like a tide.

Liu Yu's reaction is not fast!

Since someone ordered it, then there was no need for him to wait any longer.

Cang Chang~~~

Liu Yu immediately drew his sword and pointed angrily at the sky, and the mountain shouted: "Ordered to suppress the thief!"

All the soldiers shouted in unison: "Kill ~~~~"

I hope to call ~~~

Lu Bu reacted the fastest, and immediately pulled the reins sharply and slammed the horse's belly.

The red rabbit horse he sat on was a thousand-mile divine horse, and its explosive power was extremely strong.

Although this reaction was slightly worse than that of the former officials of the Yuan family, this speed overtook in an instant and jumped to the first place.

On the other hand, it is Huaxiong, the first fierce general of Xiliang!

At this moment!

Hua Xiong was so frightened that his eyes were about to burst.

He felt like he was alone, facing a huge wave.

Especially when the crimson lightning struck, he was immediately frightened, cold sweat flowed wildly, and his body was as if it was poured with lead water, 3.2 moved a little, and watched that little bit of cold attack head-on, piercing the sky!

"I ......"

"I'm dying~~~"

Hua Xiong roared and fell to the ground with a glare.

The whole process is just a few moments, and it can be said that it is completed in a flash.

Lu Bu made meritorious contributions, and in an instant, he distanced himself from the allied forces, like a humanoid beast, breaking into the Xiliang army formation, and the halberd flew, like chopping melons and vegetables, constantly harvesting the lives of Xiliang soldiers!

Under the leadership of Lu Bu!

The allies were like ordinary swords, easily tearing open a gap, breaking the vanguard defense line of the Xiliang Army on the spot, and rushing towards Dong Zhuo at the execution table desperately.


Dong Zhuo was shocked.

The two holes under the eyebrows almost exploded!

He barely hesitated, opened the palace maid, kicked over the food table, turned around and got on the horse, and fled in a panic.


"Stop Lu Bu!"

"Let's go up together and stop Lu Bu. "

Li Ru was also caught off guard, flew on his horse, and galloped quickly.

Although the Xiliang army desperately protected Dong Zhuo, it faced 400,000 allied troops.

This kind of desperate protection is simply a mayfly shaking the tree, and it is beyond its strength!

Lu Bu took the lead, brave and invincible, and everywhere he passed, such as waves cracking and cracking, God blocked and killed God, and Buddha blocked and destroyed Buddha.

"Dong thief, where to escape~~~"


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