Although I don't know the plot of "Qiankun Immortal Emperor".

But as a traverser, Ye Fan had read so many cool novels before crossing over, so he naturally knew how the protagonist wanted to win the favor of beautiful women.

Although Ye Fan is not a handsome guy, his facial features are quite good.

He himself is also relying on the identity of a traverser, full of confidence.

Like this Nine Shadows Holy Maiden, she looks so cold and glamorous.

But the more such a woman, the thinner and easier it is to attack in terms of feelings.

As long as you show enough talent, you will definitely be able to impress.

After that, if you can take another opportunity to talk to her about Fenghua, Xueyue, and then hug your shoulders when you look at the moon, wouldn't it be a matter ......of course

Ye Fan's face was salivating, and he had even started all kinds of YY in his mind.

With that greasy look, Qu Tianhan was full of disgust, and the killing intent gradually rose.

I really don't understand why such a person can force Xu Ze to that point in the future.

It's really a god's eye.


The aptitude test was quickly ready.

Qu Tianhan sat upright on top of the throne and watched indifferently at the twenty people lining up for the test.

One of the monks was the first to put his hands on the test stone, and soon, with the influx of Xuan Qi little by little, the test stone gradually emitted a pale blue light.

"Light blue, C and so on. "

The Holy Land disciple glanced at it and wrote it down on the assessment form.

The monk's face suddenly turned ugly.

This test stone is divided into four classes: A, B, C, D, and so on.

His own talent can only be regarded as below average among geniuses.

It is basically difficult to worship the holy land where there are so many masters.

The tests continued sequentially.

This group of monks, either blue or purple, hovered between excellent and medium.

When it was Lu Qingqing's turn, she walked silently and casually put her hand on the test stone.

With the influx of Xuan Qi, the pink light suddenly shone brightly.

"Pink, A, etc. "

The named disciple's eyes lit up and he said in a loud voice.

"First class?".

"This, doesn't this mean that this little girl is a genius among geniuses?"

"It's amazing, it doesn't look very old, ......


A small discussion erupted among the monks.

However, Lu Qingqing turned a deaf ear to these exclamations, she just raised her head and stubbornly looked at Qu Tianhan who was sitting on a high seat.

Qu Tianhan held his face, and his eyes flashed with playfulness.

This girl is not far from the silly and sweet character in her memory.

And her eyes were also full of anger and murderous intent...... Interesting.

Qu Tianhan's eyes narrowed slightly, and a thought flashed in his heart.

Could it be that she, like herself, has also awakened the memories of her previous life?

Hehe, interesting...... It's funny.

In that case, he should not have driven her out of the holy land.

Instead, she should be in the Holy Land, get rid of her!

A gloomy chill suddenly filled the entire pilgrimage hall.

All the monks shuddered, and looked around in horror.

"This, what's going on. "

"It's cold, it's cold!".

"Is this part of the test?".

Lu Qingqing couldn't help but shudder.

Knowing the difference in strength between the two sides, she knew that she should not do anything to provoke Qu Qianhan.

Lu Qingqing hurriedly lowered his head and walked quickly to the side.


The chill gradually dissipated.

The monks with cold faces and pale faces suddenly felt warmth coming.

It felt like winter suddenly turning into midsummer.

Let everyone look at each other.

"Last one!".

The disciple of the Holy Land secretly glanced at Qu Tianhan, and when he saw that Qu Tianhan closed his eyes and was silent, looking like it was none of her business, he immediately shouted loudly.

"It's my turn!".

Ye Fan's face was overjoyed, and he immediately ran over with his frozen numb arms.

I went, and finally it was my turn to pretend.

Look at Lao Tzu's top talent, and you group of indigenous monks are all seconded.

Ye Fan rubbed his hands and put his hand on the test stone with an expectant expression.

"Alright, that's the end of the test. "

However, before he could release the Xuan Qi, Qu Tianhan's cold voice sounded from a high position.

Ye Fan shook his hands and looked at Qu Tianhan with a confused expression.

But when he saw Qu Tianhan standing up from his seat, his eyes didn't stop at Ye Fan at all.

"Wait, Holy Maiden, I haven't started yet!".

Ye Fan was dumbfounded and shouted anxiously.

However, Qu Tianhan didn't seem to hear it, he just stretched out his hand and passed by the group of monks.

In the end, including Lu Qingqing, a total of ten people were ordered.

"Just now I released the cold ice and mystical qi, and the one who can be as stable as Mount Tai and stand still is my disciple of the Holy Land. "

"For the rest, go out on your own. "

Qu Tianhan's words made everyone look at each other.

The disciple of the Holy Land who was in charge of the assessment was even more embarrassed, trotted over, and said to Qu Tianhan in a low voice: "Holy Maiden, the content of this assessment is determined by the Holy Son, if you modify it at will, then it will ......."

Qu Tianhan glanced at him, and the Holy Land disciple only felt a tremor in his heart, and his whole person seemed to have fallen into the cold abyss.

He didn't dare to say anything more, so he could only step aside.

Ye Fan opened his mouth and looked sluggish.

Wait, what's the situation?

I'm ...... Knocked out?

My Supreme Package...... I ...... the road to pretending to be a slap in the face in the future

No! It can't be like that

Thinking of this, Ye Fan hurriedly raised his head, looked at Qu Tianhan, who turned around and was about to leave, and shouted loudly: "Slow! I don't accept this result!"

Qu Tianhan paused, glanced at Ye Fan, and said coldly: "Are you sure you don't accept it?"

At that glance, the killing intent rolling in his eyes couldn't be concealed no matter what.

Ye Fan's legs trembled, and cold sweat flowed down his forehead at once.

At a time when the situation seems to be at an impasse.

A voice like a spring breeze sounded from inside the hall.

"I'm not convinced by this result. "

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