Everyone's expressions clearly fell into Xu Ze's eyes.

Even the triumphant Nalan Qing beside him was looked at by Xu Ze.

He naturally knew that this was Nalan Qing's purpose.

Because Xu Ze slaughtered her ruthlessly, Nalan Qing also fought back mercilessly, wanting to use Xu Ze's identity and his intimacy with Xu Ze to make the Nalan Chamber of Commerce ruthlessly establish a threat in front of everyone.

Let them know who is the boss of the Chamber of Commerce and who has the closest relationship with the Holy Land.

In this way, to seek greater benefits and make up for the losses caused by Xu Ze's arrival.

Of course, Nalan Qing also thought about it.

With Xu Ze's character, if he sticks it upside down like this, he will definitely refuse.

After all, in the first nine generations, Nalan Qing wanted to reverse Xu Ze, but in fact, he wasted a lot of energy.

It wasn't until later, after Nalan Qingzhen liked Xu Ze, that he successfully reversed it.

In this life, Nalan Qing is also ready to fight a protracted war.

In order to make money, there is no way to sacrifice a little hue by yourself!

Anyway, I have done it in the first nine lives, and it doesn't matter if I do it again in this life!

However, what Nalan Qing didn't expect at all was that Xu Ze didn't stop himself with 04 this time.

Even, there is a tacit look!

This made Nalan Qing himself a little scared.

He's not going to be angry, is he?

Wasn't he lukewarm to himself all the time in the ninth life ago?

Why is it ...... now?

Nalan Qing swallowed.

But seeing so many pairs of eyes staring at her, she still endured her fear, cheered up, and walked towards the hall with Xu Ze.

In the hall, Qu Tianhan was sitting on the second seat drinking tea.

The position of the main seat is vacant, and it is reserved for Xu Ze.

At this moment, the sound of noisy shouting sounded.

Qu Tianhan looked outside, and at first glance, he saw Nalan Qing holding Xu Ze's arm and walking in.

In an instant, Qu Tianhan's face turned dark.

Seeing Qu Tianhan, Nalan Qing's body trembled, and his face turned pale: "Ah...... Holy Maiden, you have arrived, have you?"

She hurriedly let go of Xu Ze's arm, cold sweat on her forehead.

Nalan Qing was still very afraid of Qu Tianhan.

Not to mention her status.

Just said that her ruthless methods made Nalan Qing a little creepy.

At that time, the Holy Land was after the loss of the Holy Son and the Holy Lord.

In order to kill the negative Han Xu Ze and stabilize the status of the Holy Land in the Qiankun Continent.

She uses Ye Fan (the original male lead), a white wolf with empty gloves.

While letting Ye Fan strengthen the Holy Land, he also asked Ye Fan to saddle her before and after the horse, and play Ye Fan like a dog.

But the key is that Ye Fan still looks beautiful, completely unaware that he is just a dog licker.

In the end, he was ruthlessly kicked away.

Lost his soul and depressed, Ye Fan also disappeared into the Qiankun Continent without a trace.

Although the other heroines have more or less used Ye Fan, they are really not as powerful as Qu Tianhan.

Nalan Qing saw it in his eyes, and he was also jealous of her methods in his heart.

In this life, after recovering the reincarnation memory of the previous nine lives, if you let Nalan Qing choose the person you don't want to see the most.

If Xu Ze is the first, then Qu Tianhan is undoubtedly the best candidate for the second.

looked at Nalan Qing, who had a stiff body beside him.

Xu Ze couldn't cry or laugh in his heart.

Why are most of these women so powerful by Qu Tianhan.

Walking to the main seat and sitting down, Xu Ze glanced at Qu Tianhan who had a displeased look on his face, pretending not to know anything, and looked at the people who poured into the hall.

"This time I came to the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, I have to entertain you, you don't have to be restrained, please take a seat. "

Xu Ze said a word, and everyone was immediately flattered, and they clasped their fists again and again and said polite words.

Immediately, they were also arranged according to their status, and they were divided into seats one by one.

Seeing that Xu Ze ignored himself, Qu Tianhan's little face puffed up, and he was a little unhappy.

But in front of so many people, she didn't have a good seizure, and she fell into the reputation of the Holy Land. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Next, there is the touting link that Xu Ze is all too familiar with.

The sect master, the city lord, and even some helmsmen came forward one after another to show up and talk, and the entire hall was filled with a happy and lively atmosphere.

It's just that in this atmosphere, Qu Tianhan's cold gaze has been on Nalan Qing.

This sharp gaze made the smirk on Nalan Qing's face a little uncomfortable.

"I also heard about the Divine Dragon Cannon in the Holy Land. "

"This thing is extremely powerful, if it is not used properly, it will bring a devastating blow to the Qiankun Continent. "

"The Holy Maiden and I came from the Upper Realm to investigate the matter of the Divine Dragon Cannon. "

"I hope you will cooperate a lot, the Holy Land, will not treat you badly. "

Xu Ze's voice fell.

The crowd responded, expressing full authority to obey the commands of the Holy Land.

For them, the existence of the Holy Land is like a god, and they can't afford to resist at all.

In front of absolute strength, background.

Only by ensuring that you can survive can you be qualified to think about the interests of the future.

Soon, the feast was set.

Under Nalan Qing's eager Zhang Luo, the delicacies of the mountains and seas, and the delicacies of the jade plates were served one after another.

The crowd drank and talked happily, and it was hot.

Even Qu Tianhan, who rarely drinks alcohol, drank two glasses coldly at the moment.

Xu Ze knew that she was having a temper, so he didn't care about her, just toasted with everyone.

The wine has passed three rounds, and the dishes have passed five flavors.

At this time, a domestic servant of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce walked in quickly from outside the door, came to Nalan Qing's side, and whispered something in her ear.

Nalan Qing, who was drinking, suddenly sobered up.

She glanced at her father Nalan Xing, who understood, nodded, and let Nalan Qing leave first.

Then, he picked up the wine glass, put his round belly on his head, and toasted to Xu Ze: "The Holy Son is so young and talented, I admire it, and the little one will toast you!"

Xu Ze naturally saw Nalan Qing leaving, but he didn't say anything 710, just raised his wine glass, signaled slightly, and then drank it all.

Outside, it was already a little dark.

Nalan Qing and the servants walked quickly out of the hall, their faces full of solemn expressions.

"Are you sure there are traces of evil cultivators in Wanjin Prefecture?"

The servant nodded again and again with a sad face: "Miss, how dare the villain talk nonsense, that evil cultivator killed more than thirty people in a row, but fortunately, the monks of the Chamber of Commerce arrived in time and strangled him." "

"Damn, the Holy Son is still in Wanjin State, how can there be an evil cultivator at such a time. "

Nalan Qing gritted his teeth, anxious.

The Holy Son of the Upper Realm came down to inspect and found that the Nalan Chamber of Commerce was illegally buying and selling arms, which was already a very serious matter.

When it was discovered that there were evil cultivators hidden in Wanjin Prefecture, it still appeared when the Holy Son and Holy Maiden were all there......

When the time comes, the Holy Land will be furious, not to mention that the city lord will judge himself on the spot, and even the Nalan Chamber of Commerce will not escape its responsibility!

"There have been no evil cultivators in Wanjin State for many years, and these evil cultivators must not be from Wanjin Prefecture itself. "

"Which bastard led the evil cultivator to Wanjin State......

Nalan Qing gritted his teeth and cursed.

However, when he turned his head, he saw the servant staring straight at him.

"What do you want to say, the evil cultivator was attracted by Miss Ben?" Nalan Qing was furious in his heart.

But then, Nalan Qing suddenly thought of something.


"Ten Thousand Ways of Sainthood"!

I'll go, these evil cultivators are really attracted by myself!.

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