After having a baby with my wife in my dream, they all came true

After having a baby with my wife in my dream, they all came true


112 Chapters Ongoing Status


When he was eighteen years old, Lin Chuanxi invented the dream reincarnation system. In the dream reincarnation, you can get a 100% real experience and customize the dream entries.

Enter the terms [Villain Demon Lord], [Swordsman Genius], [Dual Personality], and the dream is the prelude to a practice that turns over and over again.

Enter the terms [childhood sweetheart], [child of aristocratic family], [best friend in the world], and the dream is a soul-stirring journey through the world.

Enter the terms [both good and evil], [foreign customs], [like enemies and like friends], and the dream is a forbidden love of falling in love and killing each other.

Enter the entry [arbitrary for eternity], and in the dream Lin Chuan is the proud emperor who lives a lonely life and cuts off the source of strange things with one person and one sword.

In the dream, there are also close friends who share life and death, a wife who cares for each other, and a lovely daughter who is made of pink and jade.

Lin Chuan said, in reality, I am submissive, but in dreams, I strike hard.

Until one day, the female demon king in his dream came to his door with his baby. Lin Chuan somehow got a fierce and beautiful woman and a lovely daughter.

The dream seems to have mirrored reality.

Recalling so many dreams, Lin Chuan was already sweating profusely. They wouldn’t all come to his door, right?

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