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Chapter 316: Those houses and shops will also have Ningning in the future

Chapter 316 Ning Ning will also have a share in those houses and shops in the future.

Soon, Xu Qingqing and other children knew that Aunt Xu, their mother, did not plan to sell the big bungalow.

 “Mom, why?”

They don’t understand why they vowed to sell it during the day and then changed their minds at night.

Of course, they ask this, not because they are worried that their mother will not give them a room. In fact, they can accept whether they are given a room or not.

 After all, these houses are my mother's assets. She can give them to whomever she wants. If she doesn't want to give them to anyone, she can keep them for herself.

 Although they are their mother's children, they cannot take it for granted that their mother's things should be given to them.

 If they really need it, they can earn it with their own hands and hard work.

Aunt Xu’s four children all have this kind of thinking. It can be seen that Aunt Xu’s education for her children is excellent.

Perhaps because her children are so good, Aunt Xu thought of generously giving the house to her children.

 Otherwise, if you encounter some white-eyed wolf or unfilial son, with Aunt Xu’s temper, you would rather give it to others than leave it to them.

 Xu Qingqing and the others asked this question simply out of curiosity.

 Because of their mother’s temper and character, they know that she makes decisions and will not change them easily.

 So what made my mother change her mind.

“This house will be given to you if mom said it would be given to you, but not now, but after the demolition!”


As soon as these two words came out, Xu Qingqing and others were shocked.

 They naturally know what demolition is.


“Mom, where did you get the news that there will be demolition?”

“Which area will be demolished?”

Aunt Xu said confidently: "How do I know? I can't tell you yet, but the news was announced a month later. I don't know exactly where the demolition will take place, but the locations of my mother's large bungalows are within the scope of the demolition."

“I heard that the compensation for this demolition will be very large, so I don’t plan to sell the house for the time being. After the demolition, if there is a house with official subsidies, I will give it to you.”

Xu Qingqing and others are not in a hurry as to when their mother will give them a house.

 But they were still shocked by the demolition.

“If there is really going to be demolition, we definitely can’t sell it now, otherwise it will be very uneconomical.”

“Yes, Mom, let’s wait and see what happens in a month.”

The opinions of Aunt Xu's children are all the same. Although they don't know where Aunt Xu got the news, they don't doubt the authenticity of Aunt Xu's words.

 For them, as long as their mother says it, they will believe it.

 Because my mother has never lied to them since she was a child, and she is very smart and has her own reasons for everything she does.

Of course, they were also very lucky that they could stay with their mother when she got divorced.

 They don’t have much affection for their father.

 They, who have a good outlook on life, disdain people who betray their feelings and marriage.

 So at first, the man tried to kidnap them with family affection and make them do things that would hurt their mother and themselves.

That man is too selfish and only cares about his own interests.

 But they are not stupid, how could they do this?

 Finally, they told their mother about it. When her mother found out, she didn’t know what she did. The man and his family all left Haishi in embarrassment. Their lives have also become pure.

This time, even if Xu Qingqing got married, she did not invite that man.

 Just think that the man is dead.

During dinner, Xu Jinning learned from her younger cousin that her aunt did not plan to sell the big bungalow because it would be demolished.

Xu Jinning breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that her aunt had indeed heard her voice and believed her voice.

She also saw that her aunt became closer to her, as if she was her biological daughter.

Aunt Xu indeed thought so. She also thought that if there was really demolition in a month, then Ningning would be one of her daughters, and Ningning would also have a share in the houses and shops she allocated to her children.

Qingqing, Wenwen, as many as they have, Ningning has as much.

“Mom, can I tell Shuhao about the demolition?” Xu Qingqing asked after dinner.

Chen Shuhao, Xu Qingqing’s marriage partner, also lives in this area. If her mother’s large bungalow can be included in the demolition scope, then the Chen family’s properties are also possible.

 She heard from Shuhao that his parents planned to sell some properties.

 The reason why I sold them was because those houses were too old to live in, so I planned to sell them and then buy new ones.

 At that time, a wedding room will also be prepared for Chen Shuhao and Xu Qingqing.

Xu Qingqing heard Chen Shuhao say that their family has a lot of old and uninhabitable houses. If they can wait until the time to demolish them, it will definitely be better than selling them now.

She felt that Shuhao's family probably didn't know the news yet, so they told her yesterday that they wanted to sell those old houses.

However, although she intended to tell Shuhao the news, she still had to get her mother's permission first.

If mom doesn’t agree, she won’t say anything.

Xu Qingqing dares to say that even if she is married, in her heart, her mother is the most important, and her husband is only second.

 “Of course, just say what you want to say.”

Aunt Xu thought that if Qingqing told Shuhao the news, the Chen family would not sell the property after hearing the news. After a month, the house would be demolished.

 And this news was learned from Qingqing. They will be grateful to Qingqing, and Qingqing can also increase their capital by marrying her.

 That is to say, Xu Qingqing didn't know her mother's thoughts, otherwise she would have been very moved. Her mother really cared about them and her children from beginning to end.

 They are really lucky to have such a mother to protect them in this life.

Because tomorrow is the wedding banquet and the day for the two to get married. According to custom, the two cannot meet each other during this period.

Thinking that it was not too late, and her home was not far from Chen's house, Xu Qingqing asked her younger brother Xu Wentao to drive a car for a trip.

 That's right, the Xu family also owns a car in this era.

Xu Wentao reluctantly agreed and soon drove to Chen’s house.

 Chen Shuhao also came out of the house soon.

“Wen Tao, why are you here so late at night? Is there anything important?” Chen Shuhao was surprised to see his future brother-in-law.

This late at night, my future brother-in-law is here.

 Is it something about getting married tomorrow?

“Brother Wen Tao, my sister asked me to come here. Please come here.”

 “Huh?” Chen Shuhao was a little confused, but he still put his ear closer.

Soon, Xu Wentao mentioned the possible demolition of this area.

“…Brother Shuhao, isn’t your family planning to sell the old house recently? My sister said that you should consider it carefully. Anyway, my mother originally planned to sell our house, but now she no longer plans to sell it.”

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