After Being Read By the Cannon Fodder Group, the Idiot Beauty Won

After Being Read By the Cannon Fodder Group, the Idiot Beauty Won


353 Chapters Ongoing Status


Xu Jinning traveled through time and entered the fictional world of the 1980s that was a mixture of several novels, and she was a fake daughter who would die of depression three years later. Knowing that this was an unchangeable world, Xu Jinning chose to live in ruins and survive as long as he could.

And the cannon fodder of these novels suddenly discovered that they could hear Xu Jinning’s heart!

[Sister, your plastic best friend will only lie to you, and will also plan to marry you to a domestic violence man, take away your college admission letter, and cause you to be miscarried and died by the domestic violence man. 】

Xu Fanghua: …I completely broke up with my best friend of more than ten years, pushed my best friend to a domestic violence man, and went to college with a college admission notice.

[Auntie, your house is going to be demolished. It is large in area and will subsidize several houses. Don’t sell it. 】

Aunt Xu: … gritted her teeth and refused to sell the house. Three months later, they moved into a new house and started living a life of collecting rent.

[You can’t raise pigs this year because there will be swine fever. If you raise pigs this year, you will lose money until you cry. 】

The director of a meat joint factory that changed to raising chickens and ducks: … all other people’s pigs died, and only the chickens, ducks and geese raised in his factory made a lot of money.

Xu Jinning discovered that she was just complaining, but why did the people around her change one by one and still treat her so well.

The eldest sister who hated her wanted to help her get into college. The second brother contracted a large piece of land for her. The director of the meat factory actually wanted to accept her as his goddaughter so that she could eat meat every day. What was even more shocking was that Aunt Xu actually wanted to demolish the house. Write her name on one of the houses she got and give it to her…

Unknowingly, Xu Jinning discovered that she seemed to win without doing anything!

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