Chapter 501

Lu Qingye was surprised to see Meng Chuyuan playing eighteen holes.

He said he had a chance to teach her, but he didn't expect Meng Chuyuan to be so eager to play without saying a word.

 After a while, Lu Quanyu said: "Let's go over and have a look."

 “Aren’t you going to fight?”

Lu Quanyu looked up at Lu Qingye and said bluntly: "How can you fight if you are not paying attention?"

 Lu Qingye: “…”

The father and son came from a distance and soon reached where Meng Chuyuan was.

Lu Quanyu put the club under his arm and deliberately freed his hand to applaud Meng Chuyuan.

Hearing a burst of applause from the side, Meng Chuyuan tilted his head and found that both Lu Quanyu and Lu Qingye were attracted to her.

Lu Quanyu clapped his hands and said, "It's a good fight."

"Really?" After receiving Lu Quanyu's praise, Meng Chuyuan's eyes flashed with a hint of secret joy, "This is my first time. Dad, please don't lie to me."

"It's really good," Lu Quanyu nodded with satisfaction, not forgetting to transfer the words to Lu Qingye, "Aye, you think so, right?"

 【Dad Lu is the king of support, hahaha】

 【Wuhu, I, Sister Meng, am self-taught~】

 【Sister Meng: I have been practicing here for a long time, and you finally noticed me】

Lu Qingye's eyes fell on the club in Meng Chuyuan's hand and noticed that she had replaced the original putter with a seven-iron. He hummed softly and approved of Meng Chuyuan's performance, "Not bad, she also knows how to change clubs. ."

Meng Chuyuan raised the club in his hand and looked at it carefully, "It turns out this club is really exquisite..."

Previously, the club Meng Chuyuan was holding was changed by Lu Qingye. Just because she noticed this detail, she changed the club by the way. Meng Chuyuan didn't know whether the club she held was used properly.

Thinking of Meng Chuyuan's shaky way of serving just now, Lu Qingye pointed out the problem to her: "But your way of exerting force is wrong, so it is easy to lose your footing at the end. It should be fine if you adjust it and practice it a few times."

  【Oh, let me boast, why are you still a coach? Can you learn from your dad?]

  【Brother, I'm not telling you, how did you get your wife? ? 】

  【He deserves a beating. Hearing that makes me want to beat him. Can't you be more direct when you praise someone? What do you mean by "you still know how to change poles"? It makes Sister Meng look stupid...]

  【I think what he said is quite pertinent. Maybe Sister Meng likes to hear the truth instead of mindless flattery】

Meng Chuyuan wanted to correct the problem, so she asked Lu Qingye to guide her on how to use her strength correctly.

After Meng Chuyuan took control, they completed the first eighteen holes of the day.

 It was almost eleven o'clock when they finished playing golf, and then went home to rest and wait for dinner.

After playing on the court all morning, their base clothes were soaked with sweat, sticky and not particularly comfortable against the skin. They took a shower and changed clothes when they got home.

Meng Chuyuan thought that the clothes she bought for Lu Qingye yesterday had not been unpacked yet, so she wanted to take them apart for a while and wash them.

Before washing, Meng Chuyuan gave the clothes to Lu Qingye and asked him to try them on, "Here are two clothes. Try them on to see if they fit."

Lu Qingye reached into the bag, took out the clothes, and asked, "Did you buy it?"

Meng Chuyuan: "Nonsense, could it be a gift?"

 He took out a white loose vest from his clothes bag.

Lu Qingye stared deeply at the piece of cloth in his hand, showing an indescribable expression.

 After a moment, he held up the vest and said slowly: "Did you buy this for me too?"

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